By: Niyas Raphy

Flectra Open source ERP

Flectra is an ERP and CRM software which is not released yet. Flectra is Singapore based Company.  Flectra is completely an Open source software. Actually, the Flectra is the fork of Odoo version 11.

The main goal of the flectra is that to create a more technically and functionally strong product than Odoo. The reason stated for forking the Odoo by the people behind flectra says that

“They have been following Odoo for quite long time. During the time we found many technical shortcomings in current Odoo structure which should be taken care to achieve a technically and functionally strong product”.

Flectra is expected to release by coming Christmas.

The main feature of the flectra is,

* Intuitive User Interface

* Flectra App Builder

* Multi Business Branch Support

* Gantt View

* Payment Followup

* Contract Management

* Project Scrum

* Lead Scoring

* Quality Control

* Helpdesk

* Timesheet Invoice

* Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

 In the above list, look the second feature, the flectra App builder. It is similar to the studio feature available in the Odoo Enterprise Edition. The End user can customize his system without any technical knowledge, simply drag and drop.

The many of the above features is not available in the Odoo community edition. The other good feature of the flectra is the multi-website. BY using flectra we can  Run Multiple Websites with Different Domain Names.

Now let us have look on the some of the screenshots from the Flectra.


This is the login screen shown for the flectra app. It looks nice and bit different from the One Odoo having.

The homepage right after the login is also modified, it looks like the one in the Odoo enterprise.


By using the flectra app creator, the user can easily customize without any help from techies.


In the above screenshot we can see the flectra app creator, by using this we can easily customize the user interface.


Also, Flectra team says that 80 % of the Odoo modules will be installable in the Flectra.

Reason to start the flectra:

Flectra team says “OCA is doing great work by bringing all great brains and ideas together and providing them with a platform. The real problem is end customers and integrators with a limited resources who do not have money to spend on development, bug fixes and going to various developers for doing most out of box features.

People do contribute in OCA, but they do not continue. We do not blame them for that. It is the financial aspect wherein things go out of hands. After inception Odoo's app store and paid apps, developers started "price tagging" their efforts instead of giving out under OCA umbrella. Don't believe us, see the numbers. “


Right now the Flectra is in the Alpha edition.


The license of the flectra will be based on LGPLv3, and they will accept all contributions in LGPLv3 or similar commercially permissive license.

The team behind the flectra are a bunch of technology people with good hands on experience on ERP, Python, Web, and related technologies.

Even though the flectra is Singapore based, the team says that they will start operations in Europe, USA, UK, Middle East and North Asia.

Features :


To the view the coming features of the flectra you can refer this video available on the youtube,
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnyG4iUZ2sQ

Right now the alpha edition is available on the Github, you can access it from this link: https://github.com/flectrahq/flectra

To know more about the Flectra have a visit to this page: https://flectrahq.com/

Countdown timer in the Flectra page says that it will be released in 77 Days as of now.



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