How to Add Breadcrumbs in the Customer Portal in Odoo 17

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Create an XML Template

The first step is to create an XML template that will display the breadcrumbs in the custom menu.

Breadcrumbs in Odoo 17

2. Include Breadcrumbs in the Template

Next, we need to include the breadcrumbs in the template.

Breadcrumbs in Odoo 17

3. Pass Page Name through the Controller

To specify the breadcrumbs for each page, we need to pass the page name through a controller.

Breadcrumbs in Odoo 17

4. Create Breadcrumbs Template

The final step is to create a template for the breadcrumbs and inherit the portal.portal_breadcrumbs template.

Breadcrumbs in Odoo 17