How to Create a Voice Chatbot Using Openai API in 2024

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1. Receive Voice Messages on UI

Learn how to set up a user-friendly interface to receive voice messages effortlessly. Enhance user engagement through the simplicity of voice interactions.

Create a Voice Chatbot

2. Fast API

Explore the benefits of Fast API for a swift and efficient development process. Fast API ensures seamless communication between your application and the chatbot.

Create a Voice Chatbot

3. Whisper AI to Convert Voice to Text

Uncover the wonders of Whisper AI, your go-to tool for converting voice to text. Dive into the magic behind accurate and reliable transcription.

Create a Voice Chatbot

4. Generate a Response using OpenAI’s GPT API

Harness the power of OpenAI's GPT API to generate intelligent and context-aware responses. Elevate your chatbot's conversational abilities to new heights.

Create a Voice Chatbot

5. Google Text to Speech (gTTS) Library to Convert the Response's Text to Speech

Experience the transformation of textual responses into lifelike speech. Utilize the Google Text to Speech (gTTS) library for a natural and human-like voice.

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