Top 9 Predictive Analytics Models in 2024

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1. Forecast Models

In aviation, they estimate how long an engine part will last based on usage and maintenance.

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2. Classification Models

These models are good at sorting and answering yes/no questions.

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3. Outlier Models

These act as an early warning system, flagging data points that don't follow expected patterns.

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4. Time Series Models

These models consider changing conditions over time.

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5. Clustering Models

These categorize data into groups for targeted actions.

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6. Retail & Marketing

Embedding pertinent intelligence into both back-office and front-line user workflows facilitates informed decision-making.

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7. Manufacturing, Supply Chains, & Logistics

Predictive analytics play a crucial role in helping manufacturers determine optimal production quantities, assess the timing for supplier or material changes, and identify suitable transportation lines or providers.

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8. Human Resources

In the realm of HR, predictive analytics provides valuable insights beyond mere intuition. It assists in maintaining employee satisfaction amid tightening profit margins.

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9. Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the invaluable role of predictive analytics in modeling the spread of diseases.

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