What are the 5 New Features in Odoo 17 Sign App

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Email Reminders

If you require customers to pay in advance or leave a guarantee, you can now capture part of the transaction amount and void the rest with the Adyen payment provider.

Odoo 17 Sign App

2. Mass Download of Signed Documents

The Express checkout feature is now supported for the Demo provider.

Odoo 17 Sign App

3. Tag Management

Define payment fees with a currency to guarantee the amount by converting it into the currency of the payment.

Odoo 17 Sign App

4. Expiration Dates

Introduced the concept of payment methods in Odoo. Each payment provider is linked to a list of payment methods, which are displayed on payment forms.

Odoo 17 Sign App

5. Signed Documents Tags

Allow users to pay with their saved payment methods without logging in.

Odoo 17 Sign App