Top 6 Features of Odoo Community Vs Enterprise

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Advanced Inventory Management:

Odoo Enterprise provides advanced inventory management features such as multi-warehouse management, cross-docking, automated order routing, & real-time inventory valuation methods like FIFO & LIFO

Enterprise vs Community

Manufacturing Module:

Manufacturing module in Odoo Enterprise offers comprehensive features for production planning, work center management, and advanced manufacturing operations

Enterprise vs Community

Service Management:

Odoo Enterprise includes a Service Management that facilitates project management, forecasting, timesheets, and resource planning for service-based businesses. This feature is not available in the Community version.

Enterprise vs Community

Customer Portal:

Odoo Enterprise offers a customer portal that allows customers to access order history, invoices & track order status. This feature enhances the customer experience & self-service capabilities, which are not available in the Community version.

Enterprise vs Community

Integration with Third-Party Applications:

Odoo Enterprise provides enhanced integration capabilities with third-party applications and systems, allowing seamless integration with popular services & tools. This facilitates better interoperability and a more connected business environment.

Enterprise vs Community

Support and Upgrades:

Odoo Enterprise comes with official support from Odoo S.A., including access to bug fixes, updates, security patches & new features. In contrast, the Community version relies on community-driven support

Enterprise vs Community