Top 6 New Features in Odoo 17 Expenses App

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Accounting Flow Revamp

The accounting flow of expense report posting has been modified. An expense report paid by an employee generates a vendor bill, and an expense report paid by a company generates a payment instead of a purchase receipt.

Odoo 17 Expenses App

2. Expense Report: Payments

Expense reports paid by the company now generate as many payments as there are expenses to ease the reconciliation process.

Odoo 17 Expenses App

3. Forced Amount in Company Currency

For expenses made in foreign currencies, employees can manually enter the amount they spent in company currency independently of Odoo exchange rates to match their real spending perfectly.

Odoo 17 Expenses App

4. Default Category

Specify a default category for automatically generated expenses.

Odoo 17 Expenses App

5. Expense Report: Improved PDF

The expense report PDF has been improved, and receipts are now attached.

Odoo 17 Expenses App

6. Improve Status Consistency

Improved the pipeline stages of expenses and expense reports with consistent terminology. Clarified "to submit" versus "to report" and added tooltips to the expense dashboard.

Odoo 17 Expenses App