Top 7 Custom Visuals in Power BI in 2024

Cybrosys Technologies


1. R & Python Visuals

Unlock the potential of advanced analytics. Leverage the flexibility of R & Python scripts to create dynamic and specialized visualizations.

Visuals in Power BI

2. Table & Matrix Visuals

Effortlessly organize and display data with Table & Matrix Visuals. Dive deep into structured information for enhanced insights.

Visuals in Power BI

3. Map Visualizations

Visualize spatial data effortlessly. Transform geographical information into powerful insights with Map Visualizations.

Visuals in Power BI

4. Timeline Visuals

Track trends and patterns over time. Utilize Timeline Visuals to illustrate temporal data with precision.

Visuals in Power BI

5. Gauge & KPI Visuals

Monitor key metrics at a glance. Gauge & KPI Visuals offer a quick, comprehensive view of performance.

Visuals in Power BI

6. Kpi Visuals

Focus on key performance indicators with specialized visuals. Elevate your data storytelling with dedicated KPI Visuals.

Visuals in Power BI

7. Hierarchical Visuals

Delve into complex relationships effortlessly. Hierarchical Visuals offer a structured view of interconnected data.

Visuals in Power BI