What are the New Features in the Project Management App in Odoo 17

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Additional Task Statuses

Mark tasks as done, canceled, in progress, changes requested, or approved.

Project Management App

2. Create Project from Sale Order (SO)

Manually create projects from sales orders.

Project Management App

3. Down Payments

Get an accurate assessment of your projects' profitability with the inclusion of down payments.

Project Management App

4. Task Configuration Shortcuts

When creating a new task from the kanban view, configure it instantly using text shortcuts: set tags, assign users, allocate hours, and set it to high priority directly without opening the form view.

Project Management App

5. Sale Order (SO) Generation from Projects

Generate sales orders on the fly from projects and tasks.

Project Management App

6. Project Access in Multi-Company Environments

Projects and tasks can be made accessible to all companies.

Project Management App

7. Recurring Tasks: Generate New on Completion

Get ahead of the planning of your recurring tasks: a new task is immediately generated once the previous one is marked as done.

Project Management App

8. Sub-tasks & Dependency Warning on Kanban Cards

From a task's kanban card, view its sub-tasks and check if it's blocked by another task.

Project Management App

9. Task Scheduling with No Allocated Time

Schedule tasks with no allocated time in batches from the Gantt view to schedule them one after the other.

Project Management App