Top 9 Odoo 17 Industries Management Apps in 2024

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1. Beauty Spa Management

Explore how Odoo's Beauty Spa Management app revolutionizes salon operations, from appointment scheduling to inventory management.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

2. Educational ERP Core

Enhance your educational institution's efficiency with Odoo's Educational ERP Core, designed to simplify administrative tasks and improve communication.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

3. GYM Management System

Optimize gym operations with Odoo's GYM Management System, featuring member management, class scheduling, and performance tracking.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

4. Mobile Service Management

Take control of your mobile service business with Odoo's Mobile Service Management app, ensuring seamless communication and efficient task management.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

5. Vehicle Inspection Management in Fleet

Ensure the safety and reliability of your fleet with Odoo's Vehicle Inspection Management app, facilitating comprehensive inspections and maintenance schedules.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

6. Parking Management

Simplify parking operations and improve customer experience with Odoo's Parking Management solution, offering efficient space allocation and payment processing.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

7. Legal Case Management

Manage legal cases effectively with Odoo's Legal Case Management app, featuring case tracking, document management, and collaboration tools.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

8. Legal Case Management Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into your legal cases with Odoo's Legal Case Management Dashboard, providing analytics and reporting for informed decision-making.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps

9. Mobile Service Management Pro

Elevate your mobile service business to new heights with Odoo's Mobile Service Management Pro, offering advanced features for enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Odoo 17 Industries Apps