What are the 5 Types of Hooks in Odoo 17

Cybrosys Technologies


1. useAutofocus

Ensure seamless user interaction by leveraging the useAutofocus hook to automatically focus on essential input fields.

Hooks in Odoo 17

2. useBus

Facilitate real-time communication between different components of your Odoo application with the useBus hook, enabling efficient data exchange.

Hooks in Odoo 17

3. usePager

Effortlessly manage large datasets and improve navigation within your Odoo application using the usePager hook for pagination.

Hooks in Odoo 17

4. usePosition

Take control of element positioning within your application interface with the usePosition hook, ensuring optimal layout and visual presentation.

Hooks in Odoo 17

5. useSpellCheck

Enhance user experience and accuracy by integrating spell-checking capabilities into your Odoo application using the useSpellCheck hook.

Hooks in Odoo 17