What are the New Features in Odoo 17 CRM & Dashboards App

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Quotation Templates, Catalogs, & Optional Products

Quotation templates, product catalogs, and optional products are now also available for rental products.

Odoo 17 App

2. Stock Rental

Deliver and return your rental products using multi-steps with delivery and return transfers.

Odoo 17 App

3. Single Rental Period

The rental period of all products on a single order is now the same to simplify the flow. This does not prevent the pickup or return of products at different moments.

Odoo 17 App

4. Repair

Manage component reservation and replenishment from the repair module, create repair orders from sale orders and vice versa, and use the 'Recycle' type repair line to easily return previously consumed components into stock.

Odoo 17 App