What are the Step-by-Step Process of Odoo 17 Migration in 2024

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1. Back up of database

Ensure the safety of your data by initiating a comprehensive backup. Safeguarding your information is the first crucial step in smooth migration.

Odoo 17 Migration

2. Install Odoo 17

Experience the latest features and improvements by installing Odoo 17. Our step-by-step instructions will make the installation process a breeze.

Odoo 17 Migration

3. Export Data

Efficiently export your existing data from the current system. This step ensures a seamless transfer of your information to the upgraded Odoo 17 platform.

Odoo 17 Migration

4. Import Data

Learn the art of importing data into Odoo 17 effortlessly. Follow our guide to maintain data integrity during the migration process.

Odoo 17 Migration

5. Testing

Thoroughly test your newly migrated system to identify any glitches or inconsistencies. Our guide will help you conduct a comprehensive test, ensuring a flawless transition.

Odoo 17 Migration