What are the Step-By-Step Processes of Odoo 17 Customization in 2024

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Requirement Assessment

Understand your business needs, defining the features and functionalities required for a successful Odoo 17 customization.

Odoo 17 Customization

2. GAP Analysis

Identify the gaps between your current system and desired outcomes. This analysis sets the stage for a targeted customization strategy.

Odoo 17 Customization

3. Feasibility Study

Evaluate the feasibility of the customization plan. Consider technical, financial, and operational aspects to ensure a seamless integration.

Odoo 17 Customization

4. Estimate Preparation

Prepare a detailed estimate outlining the costs involved in the customization process. Transparency is key to successful collaborations.

Odoo 17 Customization

5. Getting Customer Approval

Present the customization plan to the customer. Gain approval, ensuring alignment with expectations for a smooth journey ahead.

Odoo 17 Customization

6. Customization Process

Enter the heart of customization. Develop and implement changes, ensuring they align perfectly with the assessed requirements.

Odoo 17 Customization

7. ERP Testing & Delivery

Thoroughly test the customized ERP to ensure it meets quality standards. Once validated, deliver the tailored solution to the client.

Odoo 17 Customization