What are the Features & Benefits of Odoo Intrastat in 2024

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Intrastat Data Entry & Recording

User input for intra-community trade transactions.

Odoo 17 Intrastat

2. Data Validation

Validation checks for data compliance with Intrastat regulations.

Odoo 17 Intrastat

3. Automatic Generation

Odoo automates Intrastat reporting, reducing errors and saving time.

Odoo 17 Intrastat

4. Classification Codes

The Odoo 17 Accounting module includes a comprehensive product classification system for easy assignment of specific classification codes.

Odoo 17 Intrastat

5. Submission to Authorities

Once generated, data can be electronically submitted to authorities for legal compliance.

Odoo 17 Intrastat

6. Reporting & Analytics

For well-informed decision-making, businesses can provide comprehensive reports and analytics.

Odoo 17 Intrastat