How to Install Odoo 17 on Windows in 2024

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1. Download Odoo

Begin your journey by downloading the latest version of Odoo. Visit the official website and choose the Windows version compatible with your system.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

2. Fill Out the Form

Provide the necessary information in the installation form. Accurate details ensure a smooth setup process, creating a personalized experience tailored to your needs.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

3. Download File

Click on the download button to acquire the Odoo installation file. Ensure a stable internet connection for a swift and hassle-free download.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

4. Language Selection

Choose your preferred language for the Odoo installation. This step ensures that the interface aligns with your language preference, enhancing user experience.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

5. Agree to Terms

Carefully read and accept the terms and conditions. Acknowledging the terms is crucial before proceeding with the installation to ensure compliance and security.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

6. Configure PostgreSQL Connection

Establish a connection to PostgreSQL, a powerful open-source database system. Configure the settings to seamlessly integrate Odoo with PostgreSQL for efficient data management.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

7. Select Installation Location

Choose the destination folder for Odoo installation. Select a location that aligns with your storage preferences and offers ample space for seamless operation.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

8. Install Odoo

Initiate the installation process by clicking the install button. Sit back and relax as Odoo gets installed on your Windows system, bringing a world of possibilities to your fingertips.

Install Odoo 17 on Window

9. Login & Explore

Once the installation is complete, log in to your Odoo account. Dive into the intuitive interface and explore the features that Odoo 17 has to offer.

Install Odoo 17 on Window