How to Integrate Odoo with Looker Studio in 2024

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Data Extraction

Extracting data from Odoo is the initial step. Configure connectors to seamlessly retrieve relevant data for analysis.

Integrate Odoo ERP

2. Data Transformation

Transform the extracted data into a format compatible with Looker Studio. Cleanse, manipulate, and structure data for enhanced analysis.

Integrate Odoo ERP

3. Data Loading

Load the transformed data into Looker Studio. Set up pipelines to ensure a smooth flow of data for visualization and analysis.

Integrate Odoo ERP

4. Dashboard Creation

Utilize Looker Studio's intuitive interface to create insightful dashboards. Customize visuals and metrics to meet your specific business needs.

Integrate Odoo ERP

5. Testing & Optimization

Thoroughly test the integration to identify any discrepancies or errors. Optimize the setup for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Integrate Odoo ERP