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Odoo integration the solution moves ahead with your Odoo platform as well as the unique tools which support your business operations. However, Odoo ERP Integration should be done with the right expertise Cybrosys Technologies is your trustful expert Odoo Gold partner with 15+ years of service. Today Cybrosys leads the top of the charts among Odoo partners offering impeccable solutions and Odoo services.

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Why the need for Odoo ERP integration?

Odoo the completely open-source business management solution operating as the single solution for all your business functions will transform the aspects of the company from good to better. Odoo supports in the complete transformation of business in operations of all parts of your business from product procurement to sales, recruitment to payroll management, manufacturing to repairs, Inventory management to logistic operation, Invoicing to accounting management Odoo acts like the one in all solution for your business.

Integrating your Odoo platform with distinctive Odoo modules or Odoo apps and with other third-party applications is vital as it ;

erp integration Supports the use of day to day applications

erp integration Easiness in business operation

erp integration Complete control of your business

erp integration Various dignified tools supporting your business

erp integration Widespread reachability and larger customer basis


What do we mean by Odoo API Integration?

Odoo integration will help you to implement Odoo in your company operations supporting you to run your business in the way it's meant to be. As Odoo is an open-source ERP you will be able to bring in custom modules of operations that will support your business. With Odoo you can add as well as remove any modules as the business changes this will be helpful for an organization to have a distinctive platform that can be changed based on the business needs and preferences.

Odoo Integration solutions by Cybrosys

We believe that running Odoo along with other applications tools of operations will pave the way for effective management and control over the business. Therefore we offer ultimate integration solutions with various prominent solutions such as Payment Gateways, Social media platforms, eCommerce platforms, Text message service providers, Docparser, advanced biometric devices, Shipping integrators, and Pyamnt Aquirerscatering for the needs of the business operations in a company.

Odoo integration with different Payment Gateway Integration

We are capable of providing you with Odoo Integration with various prominent Payment gateways which are used in your regions. This will be helpful for you to reach out to a wide range of customers thereby improving your customer base. Cybrosys Technologies is capable of integrating Odoo with the payment gateway with the currency of your operations.

Odoo ERP supports the Integration with multiple applications with the help of a defined Odoo API which will be integrated with the API of the application for the running of your business. These applications can not only be Odoo Apps but also 3rd party solutions that will support the operations in your business.

payment erp integration


The leading universal bank CIMB bank gateway for payment can be integrated with Odoo for easier payment operations and management directly from the platform.

payment erp integration


Ipay88 is a payment gateway offering e-commerce, retail, online banking, e-wallets solutions, and more to its merchants in Malaysia and its integration with the Odoo platform will be helpful for your business in the region.

payment erp integration


Helps you to provide as well as receive payments through immediate bank transfers through a distinctive payment gateway and with Odoo ERP Integration you will be able to generate and receive payments easily.

payment erp integration


An American multinational Financial technology company offering payment terminologies for operations used worldwide for both personal as well as business operations. Odoo Integration with PayPal helps your business to reach a newer customer base and ease in accepting as well as receiving payments.

payment erp integration


Paytrek, a financial technology solution that is the subsidiary of MetGlobal offering you payment gateways for eCommerce operations useful for international as well as local businesses. Odoo ERP integration with Paytrek will help you to accept and send payments globally.

payment erp integration

Peach Payments

With Odoo Peach Payments Integration you will be able to access payment from Visa, Mastercard, Debit Orders, EFT payments, and subscriptions.

payment erp integration


Redsys falls as the payment gateway for the smooth functioning of online card payments and its integration to Odoo ERP will be beneficial for generating and receiving payments.

payment erp integration

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is the prominent secure online payment service provider in Europe and with its Odoo integration, you will be able to accept payments online as well as from card machines.

payment erp integration

We Pay

Odoo integration with WePay will help you to define online payments from the United States through integrated and Customizable payment solutions.

payment erp integration


Odoo Integration with MultiSafepay will give webshop owners a platform to easily and securely collect payment for the sale made online.

payment erp integration


Odoo Paytm integration will provide a suitable digital payment system for business owners in accepting as well as providing for e-commerce and finances.

payment erp integration


WIth Odoo integration with PayTabs, you can run the payments operations on your start-up, web store, e-commerce website, or online enterprise business effectively and securely.

payment erp integration


QPay is an online payment gateway for accepting payment for Merchant Accounts, Mobile POS Apps, mPOS Machines, Credit Card Processing, and many more both globally as well as nationally. Odoo Integration with QPya will be especially beneficial for educational institutions.

payment erp integration

Wallet Doc

With Odoo Wallet Doc integration you will be able to run Automate & secure recurring card payments which will be especially beneficial for the subscription product and service sales of your company.

payment erp integration


WiPay is a Caribbean-based online payment gateway provider upon integration with Odoo ERP you will be able to run peer-to-peer transfers and click-to-pay invoicing for Caribbean e-commerce websites for a fee.

payment erp integration


The Integration of Odoo ERP with Wallee will provide a gateway for accepting online payments as well as Point of sale payment of your retail satire effectively and securely.

payment erp integration


Paytrail is a payment gateway that offer online payment service for finnish customers. Upon integration with odoo erp you can offer variety of online payment methods to your finnish customers.

payment erp integration

Benefit Pay

Odoo BenefitPay integration ensures secure and real-time transactions as all payments go through three-step security process. The BENEFIT Gateway accepts all locally issued debit cards in Bahrain. Even more, the Gateway can be customized to accommodate and fit the payment process requirements according to your business model.

payment erp integration


Credimax payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses and online retailers. With Odoo integration you can accept credit card payments directly from your website.

payment erp integration

Razor Pay

Odoo Razor pay integartion gives you access to all payment modes including credit card, debit card, netbanking, UPI and popular wallets including JioMoney, Mobikwik, Airtel Money, FreeCharge, Ola Money and PayZapp.

payment erp integration

Openpay Payment Gateway

Odoo Openpay integration provide multiple payment options to customers during checkoout. Payment options incluse credit and debit card and interbank transfers.

payment erp integration

Hyperpay Payment Acquirer

Hyperpay is a leading payment gateway in MENA Region. with Odoo Hyperpay integration you accept and manage payments online, with more flexibility, security and ease.

payment erp integration

Braintree Payment Acquirer

Braintree is a payments gateway platform connecting eCommerce companies to different payment networks to process payments using the web or mobile devices. Odoo Braintree integration lets customers pay merchants using credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo. It offers more fraud protection and security features.

payment erp integration

Payfort Payment Acquirer

Payfort payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses and Merchants with payment-enabled websites. odoo integration nables your customers to make easy, quick, and secure payments throgh Payfort.

payment erp integration


GoCardless is a leading Direct Debit provider, Odoo Gocardless integration makes it easy to collect recurring, one-off and variable payments from customers worldwide. Customers can make online payments with direct debit.

payment erp integration


Payroc is a merchant account provider that offers payment processing solutions for merchants of all sizes and types. With Odoo Payroc integration ypu can process customer payments using Payroc.

payment erp integration


Odoo Heartland payment gateway integration offers secure payment transaction which supports several different methods for encryption and tokenization of card data, including E3 End-to-End Encryption, and SecureSubmit tokenization.

payment erp integration


Odoo Payeezy integration allows third to process payment transactions through the Payeezy Gateway system. Payeezy is a dynamic eCommerce solution that goes beyond accepting payments, giving you easy access to everything needed to establish or improve your customers' online shopping experience. Payeezy is the quickest way to accept payments in your mobile app or website.

payment erp integration


CyberSource is a payment gateway solution that allows merchants to safely accept payments across multiple sales channels, worldwide. With Odoo CyberSource, you can offer your customers the option to pay with credit cards, eChecks, and/or digital wallets like Visa Checkout and Google Pay directly from your website with automated fraud protection.

Odoo integration with your Social Media accounts

Connect with a larger customer base with the Odoo Integration with your organization's social media accounts. This integration will help you to run the followers of your business on social media into valuable clients. Moreover, this Integration will serve you with the Social media marketing tool which costs low and has a wider customer reach irresp[ecstive of the physical barrier. With the Odoo integration with your social media accounts, you can craft and optimize marketing campaigns and promotional events to attract more customers to your business all from the same Odoo platform that you hold.

Social Media integration


Odoo Facebook Integration served as the marketing and promotional tool for your company allowing you to post advertisements and promotions on your companies Facebook page directly from Odoo.

Social Media integration


Odoo Whatsapp integration will let you send out notification messages to your client's phones about the various aspects of the business. It can be used among employee management operations as well.

Social Media integration

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger will serve as an effective public relationship management platform of the company and with direct Odoo Integration, it will be easier for your business to reach your customers.

Social Media integration


Odoo Instagram Integration will help you with the promotion of your business with Instagram-worthy pictures of your products and services helping you to your business first in the competition.

Social Media integration

Linked In

With Odoo Linked In integration, you will be able to connect with all the job seekers helping you choose the best form of the talents available based on your need. Further, the LinkedIn integration will also help with the marketing and promotional operations of the company.

Social Media integration


Tweet your marketing aspects straight away from your Odoo platform with the Odoo Twitter Integration helping you to stay ahead in the trends of the business.

Social Media integration


Telegram has always been a business tool used by companies to reach their customers with Odoo Integration with Telegram.

Social Media integration


Odoo Integration with Twilio will strengthen customer relationships for marketing and sales to customer service and operations.

Odoo integration with your text message service providers

Text messages have always been the tool that supports the process of instant information sharing and notification. Although the impact of text messages and messaging services have been depreciated over the years due to the development of various social media tools and solutions, it is still being used as instant messaging solutions by companies across the world. Odoo ERP integration with different text messaging services will pave the way for the alerts as well as notifications to customers as well as employees of the company in regards to the business operation.

SMS Gateway integration


Msg91 is a Cloud Communication platform that is Secure and Robust sending out text messages instantly and its integration with the Odoo ERP will be helpful in instant messaging.

SMS Gateway integration

Mobily SMS

The Odoo ERP integration with Mobily SMS will help your business to send out bulk SMS to customers, this will be helpful in the conduction of SMS marketing campaigns of your company.

SMS Gateway integration

Twilio SMS

Odoo Integration services by us will help you with the integration of Twilio SMS solutions with the Odoo platform helping to send text messages, MMS, and WhatsApp messages directly from the platform.

SMS Gateway integration


The Way2SMS is India's leading SMS service tool used by businesses to send out bulk as well as individual text messages to customers and its Integration with Odoo ERP will pave the way for sending out SMS directly from the platform for your business needs.

SMS Gateway integration

Bulk SMS

With Odoo integration with Bulk SMS, you will be able to send text messages in bulk and receive them using a dignified web portal helpful in sending out Offers, OTPs, Files, links, and much more directly from your Odoo platform.

SMS Gateway integration


The leading SMS Gateway & MMS Software Gateway developer for mobile messaging prominently in the African region will be helpful for business operation in the continent.

SMS Gateway integration


With Odoo Ooredoo integration you will be able to send out Bulk SMS From Easy To Use Interface, APIs & Plugins helpful for your business.

SMS Gateway integration


Nalo solutions operational prominently in Ghana will help the business to send out bulk SMS messages in the aspects of business promotion, marketing, and alerting the customers.

SMS Gateway integration


Send text messages from any device which will support your business operations both in promotion as well as marketing. The Odoo integration with ClickSend will let you send text messages directly from the platform.

Docparser integration

Odoo Integration with Docparser

Docparser is the tool that helps in the retrieval of data in PDF reports, image-based documents, and word documents helping you to extract fields such as purchased order details, sale order number, Invoice number, and many more concerning a business. Moreover, Docparser is a web-based document processing software tool that is available for the business on a subscription basis and a free version is available with basic functions.

Biometric devices integration

Biometric devices integration with Odoo ERP

Biometric devices simplify the functioning of certain routine activities in a company such as attendance registering, security authorization to a particular room or device, and many more. The Odoo ERP sports the Integration services with biometric devices which helps in the simplification process of a business.

Odoo eCommerce Integration

Running your eCommerce website with Odoo is more than enough for effective management as there is a dedicated eCommerce management module that will help with your online business. Hoverer, before the implementation of Odoo as your business management solution you might be running your eCommerce website in a different person and you need to continue it that way then you need Odoo integration with eCommerce solutions is necessary.

Odoo eCommerce Integration


Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform and with the Odoo Magento, 2.3 connectors both your Magento and Odoo platform will be integrated at the click of a button. In addition, the Magento connector 2.3 helps you to transfer the data between Odoo and Magento. Some of the main features of the Odoo Magento Integration are:

Odoo eCommerce Integration


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin that is provided by WordPress which can be used for free to run your eCommerce website operations. Moreover, the Woocommerce instance is used as the product selling platform where a simple user can sell the products to customers, and the integration simply connects the WooCommerce instance in Odoo, where your Odoo platform serves as the backend for the WooCommerce operations. Additionally, the products and customers can be completely imported and exported to both sides however, the orders can only be exported from WooCommerce to Odoo. Furthermore, these records can be sync using the syncing option.

Odoo eCommerce Integration


The Odoo ShipStation integration will pave the way for the effectiveness in operations of order processing, and shipping across popular marketplaces and shopping carts to run your eCommerce operations and business effectively. The Odoo ShipStation connector will help to integrate and manage your shipStation orders with Odoo. Furthermore, It Synchronizes Orders, Products, and Customers. You can easily integrate with various shipping companies. In addition, the connector will automatically transfer order details such as Order Tracking number and Shipping Cost from Odoo to the shipStation.

Odoo eCommerce Integration


Cybrosys introduces the Shopify Connector for Odoo 14 helping in connecting Odoo with Shopify. With this integration, the Sale Orders, Customers, and Products can be imported as well as exported between Odoo and Shopify. Furthermore, you can Confirm the Shopify orders from Odoo itself.

Shipping Integration

The operations of logistics in regards to the product shipments operations of your company can be efficiently run with the Odoo platform integration with various dignified shipping connectors of operations which have been defined by default in Odoo. There are dignified applications of all the prominent shipping connectors operations across the world.

Odoo Shipping Integration

UPS Shipping

UPS Shipping will help you to deliver your pancakes safely and at the same time providing your customer with ultimate satisfaction.

Odoo Shipping Integration

DHL Express Shipping

DHL connects people in over 220 countries and territories worldwide offering exceptional package delivery services for you.

Odoo Shipping Integration

FedEx Shipping

Simple, Reliable & Affordable Shipping over220 countries with FedEx Shipping directly from your Odoo platform.

Odoo Shipping Integration

(USPS) Shipping

Most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services with the United States Postal Services Shipping directly from your Odoo sales menu.

Odoo Shipping Integration

EasyPost Shipping

EasyPost is the most powerful shipping solution on the market and its integration with your Odoo platform will help you to send out your product shipments with ease.

Odoo Shipping Integration

bpost Shipping

Direct shipment and quick delivery the way you want and you can send your parcel in 4 easy steps with the Odoo bpost integration

Payment Acquirers

In the case of online business and transaction operations, you will need a separate platform that will help you to accept as well as send payments. The Odoo platform has integrated various Payment Acquirers solutions which have been defined in Odoo enterprise edition helping you to run the cash payment and receive operations to run with ease.

Payment Acquirers

Adyen Payment Acquirer

You can easily connect businesses directly to all major card schemes and local payment methods with the Odoo Adyen Payment Acquirer integration.

Payment Acquirers

Alipay Payment Acquirer

With Odoo Alipay Payment Acquirer integration you can perform cross-border payment with domestic individuals or institutions effectively.

Payment Acquirers

Authorize.Net Payment Acquirer

The Authorize.net and Odoo integration helps payment processing for small businesses to accept credit card and eCheck payments online, in person, and via mobile and smart devices.

Payment Acquirers

Buckaroo Payment Acquirer

Buckaroo is the largest non-banking processor of iDEAL transactions and with Odoo integration you can perform effective and secure transactions for your business.

Payment Acquirers

Ingenico Payment Acquirer

Functioning with the card network the Ingenico Payment Acquirer integration with Odoo will pave the way for smoother and efficient transactions.

Payment Acquirers

Paypal Payment Acquirer

Accept payment for your business aspects such as sales orders, invoices, or online orders. Through Paypal with the Paypal Payment Acquirer integration with Odoo.

Payment Acquirers

PayuMoney Payment Acquirer

With the integration of your Odoo with PayuMoney Payment Acquirer, you will be able to run payment transactions with Zero Maintenance Fees, Easy to Integrate, No coding required, Secure & 24x7 Support.

Payment Acquirers

Stripe Payment Acquirer

Stripe Payment Acquirer, acceptable for business sellers of 34+ countries and offering the ability to accept payment from all around the world is one of the best integration tools available in Odoo.

Payment Acquirers

Worldline SIPS

With the Worldline SIPSs one-click payment methodology you can increase your sales and the Odoo platform paves the way for it to be done with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team would help you in finding out the technical problem you facing.

Why should I choose cybrosys for odoo integration?

Cybrosys is an Odoo official partner and provides extensive services in customization and integration. Expertise in Payment Gateway Integrations, Social Media Integrations, SMS Gateway Integrations, Docparser Integrations and Biometric Device Integrations.

What types of integrations does cybrosys provide?

Cybrosys provides with Payment Gateway Integrations, Social Media Integrations, SMS Gateway Integrations, Docparser Integrations and Biometric Device Integrations.

Does cybrosys provides payment gateway integration?

Yes. Cybrosys provides with the service of payment gateway integration in Odoo. We provide payment gateway integration service in CIMB, Ipay88, My bank, PayPal, Paytrek, Peach Payment, Redsys, Payment Sagepay, and We Pay.

What are the benefits of integrating E-commerce with an Odoo ERP?

Integrating E-commerce in Odoo ERP gets you with real-time data, allowing customers to view and access information on available inventory, latest order status, tracking shipments using lot/serial numbers. Integrating E-commerce in Odoo reduces operational costs and improves customer experience.

Benefits of social media integrations in odoo?

Social Media Integration in Odoo allows sharing documents, files, and media with people across globe. It makes easier contacting partners via Skype, email, and other instant messagings.Odoo integration withTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks simply boost business and trigger better results.

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