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POS Orderline Remove in Odoo 12 This module helps you to remove each order from the POS order line. We can simply clicking the X button which appears on the right side of each order. It also provides an option to clear all the selected orders in one click. View slide
Balance in Register Payment Odoo 12 The module Balance in Register Payment displays the current general ledger balance of the selected payment method in the register payment window. This will help accountants to choose wisely the payment method. Balance in register payment shows the current general ledger balance of the selected payment method in the register payment window. View slide
Project Task Timer in Odoo 12 You have a smart button to start & stop your task. When you start your task, it will automatically process a timesheet entry for that particular task with the starting time. When you toggle it to pause, the task end date will be updated and the duration gets automatically calculated View slide
Customer Credit Limit Exceed Report in Odoo 12 The module helps you to handle customer credit limits in an efficient manner. Using the application, one can get the details of customers who has reached their warning stage, also their due amount. View slide
Deduct Down Payments in Odoo 13 Odoo 13 adds a new feature Deduct Down Payment. This option makes it easier to invoice the sale order. we can deduct the down payment if needed. View slide
Partner Map View in Odoo 13 Odoo13 introduced a new feature called partner map view. This feature locates the partner's locations in the map. Hence we can easily identify the location of each partner. To enable this feature in odoo13 we have to install Google Map from apps. View slide
Odoo 12 Accounting Reports Excel Using the module generated XLSX accounting reports, businesses can now seamlessly examine each transaction. The user can also print and download the excel reports, making the accounting process simpler and hassle-free. View slide
Optional Field Visibility in Odoo 13 Optional field visibility in Odoo13. This is a new feature added to odoo13. By this option, we can select or de-select the fields to be displayed in the quotations, sale orders, invoices and purchase orders, etc. View slide
Add Multiple Products to Quotation Pro in Odoo 12 The module will assist the salesperson in adding products to the quotation/sale order without navigating back to the quotations salesman can simply add multiple products to the opened quotation. It also shows the previous sales history of the selected product via choosing the from date of the sale history and sequence limit. The module thus helps in saving the time of your sales team and the customer. View slide
My Profile in Odoo 13 Odoo 13 provides a new shortcut for access the user profile. The user can easily manage their profile from any page. To get the MY Profile option one should install the Employees Module. View slide
Odoo 12 Tax Report This module also allows the end-user to print the report to Excel and PDF Format. Generates tax reports based on the Start Date and End date. View slide
Odoo 12 CRM Document Management System Many require documents or details to be attached for the identified leads. This module allows you to attach any number of documents in the CRM leads. The attachment can be a file or any URL. The uploaded documents can be viewed and downloaded later. View slide
Dynamic Cash Book Reports in Odoo 12 Cashbook acts as a subsidiary book that helps in checking the cash balances at any point of time. It keeps the record of every cash transaction happening. This module facilitates the dynamic cashbook report. We can drill down from the main report to the journal entries associated with the cash account. One can open the form view of each journal entries and view complete details here. This module also allows the end-user to export the cash book to Excel and PDF Format. View slide
Chatter on Journal and Journal Entry in Odoo 13 In odoo 13 introduced a Chatter in Journal & Journal Entry. With the help of chatter, the user can easily track any change in a journal entry. View slide
Credit Notes in Odoo 13 A Credit Note is a document issued by a vendor to a customer when goods are returned to the vendor after a sale. A credit note is also known as a credit memo. View slide

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