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How Customers can Enter Shipping Address in Odoo 14 Website With odoo sale users can configure different addresses for delivery and shipping. For some customers, it will be very practical to define specific billing and shipping addresses. View slide
How to Configure Shipping in Odoo 14 Website Odoo can handle various delivery methods, but it is not activated by default. The delivery method can be used for your sale orders, your deliveries, and also on your eCommerce. View slide
How to Suggest Alternative Products to Customers in Odoo 14 Website Numerous techniques are available on the Odoo website to maximize company sales. Use Alternative Product feature in Odoo website to entice customers to spend more on our website. View slide
Multi Language Support in Odoo 14 Website Using Odoo it is possible to handle multiple languages on a single website. Multi-language in Odoo is a useful feature for all language users. The Odoo eCommerce comes with a language translation feature allowing us to translate languages automatically with a click View slide
Refunding Invoice in Odoo 14 In real-time company operations, there may be instances where the invoices or products may have to be sent back and refunded. The odoo platform understands the necessities and provides you with the option to refund the invoices. View slide
Sales Pricelist in Odoo 14 Pricing of products is very important for a successful business. For some reason, we need to change the price of products. So, in that case, pricelists are really helpful. View slide
How to Optimize SEO in Odoo 14 Website Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of good practices to optimize your website so that you get a better ranking in search engines like Google. In short, a good SEO allows you to get more visitors. View slide
Payment Methods in Odoo 14 POS The Point of Sale (POS) has gained wide popularity in the market replacing the conventional cash registers. The POS software for supermarkets offers great flexibility and transparency to business owners via speedy payment services and real-time access to information about inventory and customers. View slide
Validate Closing and Post Entries in Odoo 14 POS Odoo Point of Sale helps one to effectively track the flow happening within the sales counter during a session/shift. Once a product is purchased or billed in a POS session you need to validate it before closing the session. In Odoo POS while you are closing the session a button is shown named ‘VALIDATE CLOSING & POSTING ENTRIES’ for this function. You need to click this button before closing the session & automatically post the entries into the journal. View slide
How We Can Apply Customer Tips In Odoo 14 POS Tips are a gesture of gratitude and customer satisfaction. We can manage the tips given by customers effectively in Odoo POS. In Odoo the tips are managed as a separate consumable type product View slide
How to Split Bills in Odoo 14 POS If one person in that table ordered a product and another person ordered another product, we can use bill splitting in the order window to split the bill. By clicking the Split button a new window is opened here we can see the complete products in that order. View slide
How to Manage Tables in Bar or Restaurant of Odoo 14 POS A restaurant POS software helps with customizing floor layout and thereby managing the individual tables. It helps in tracking the orders, ensuring they are accurately placed and delivered to the right person. View slide
Odoo 14 Project Profitability In any kind of business firm, it is necessary to know the profitability of a project. Profitability decides the existence of a project service or not. Timesheets provide the time spent hours by the employee on the project. So that they can measure the planned project over the actual project in progress. Profitability = Invoiced + To invoice - Timesheet costs. View slide
Fiscal Positions and Tax Mapping in Odoo 14 Fiscal Positions allow you to create a set of rules to automatically adapt the taxes and the accounts used for a transaction. The mapping of taxes and accounts is based on the default taxes and accounts defined in the products’ form. View slide
How we can Add Notes in Odoo 14 POS Odoo PoS Order 'Notes' feature helps users to add order notes to individual order lines. It can be printed on receipt if desired. Available only in bars or restaurants in PoS. View slide


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