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Subscription Module in Odoo 13 Odoo comes savvy to all kinds of business communication platforms and the business models such as subscription are no exception with Odoo. Often the subscription model comes into play when a customer has to pay a certain subscription price so as to have the right access to the product or service. View slide
Odoo 13 Document Management With Odoo Documents, the end-users can easily share, transfer, filter, or archive the scanned business documents. Using Odoo documents one can easily establish a paperless company in their end. Odoo Documents immensely saves your time spent on producing record bills, scanning varied contracts, and getting them approved by officials. View slide
Margin on Sales on Percentage Basis One of the methods that odoo providing to monitor the sales margin is the margin on sale orders. In Odoo 14 we get a new feature for Margin on sales which is also computed on a percentage basis. View slide
Odoo 14 BOM In Manufacturing BOM is a document defining the quantity of each component required to manufacture a finished product. It also includes the routing and individual steps of the manufacturing process. View slide
Odoo 14 POS Inventory Management In Odoo 14, a new feature is been added under PoS settings for Inventory Management that helps to understand how the stock is being updated. Now Stock is updated in 2 ways such as at the session closing and in real-time. View slide
Odoo 14 Lock Quantities to Consume in Manufacturing Odoo 14 Introduce a new feature Lock Quantities To Consume in Manufacturing. This feature enables to prevent manufacturing users from modifying quantities to consume. View slide
Odoo 14 Sorting in Graph View Odoo 14 introduces a new feature sorting in the graph view. With this feature, we can easily sort the graph either in Ascending or Descending. View slide
Odoo 14 Badge Widget Odoo 14 introduces a new widget called badge widget. It is used to indicate the status of the sale order, purchase order, quotations, manufacture order in an attractive way. View slide
Odoo 14 Remaining Days Widget The remaining day's widget is used in odoo 14 to notify users about the remaining days for the deadlines. Deadlines include order deadline in the purchase order, activity planned dates in CRM, etc. View slide
Many2One Avatar widget in Odoo 14 Odoo 14 introduces a new widget called many2one_avatar_user widget. The avatar widget is added to the list view. View slide
Smart Date Input in Odoo 14 Odoo 14 Introduce a new feature smart date input. With this feature, users can easily input the date. Users can set the date very quickly by providing some shortcuts. View slide
Dropshipping in Odoo 14 Dropshipping is the method of selling products directly from vendors to customers without any intermediate storage. In Odoo 14, added a new purchase button inside sale order to easily navigate the purchase order of dropshipping as a new feature. View slide
Chart Snippet In Odoo 14 Odoo 14 Introduce a Chart Snippet as a new feature. Snippets is a programming term for a small area of reusable code. Chart snippet can be used to organize and represent a set of numerical and quantitative data in chart format on the website. View slide
Membership Management in Odoo 13 In odoo membership management is done by Member Module. Odoo Membership Management supports different types of members that are free members, paid member, associate, and special member. View slide
How to Close a Fiscal Year in Odoo 13 A fiscal year (FY) is a period that an organization or government utilizes for bookkeeping purposes and preparing budget summaries. The fiscal year changes among nations and is basically utilized for financial reporting by business and different associations. View slide

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