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How to Create and Manage Stages in Odoo 13 Project The dashboard gives you a glimpse of every project that currently the company has in its store. From here, one can get a complete overview of the project also the tasks underneath every project. View slide
How to Enter Opening Stock in Odoo 13 Inventory Adjustments act as an important feature in a warehouse management system to keep the inventory right. Once your products are defined, it is time to make your initial inventory. View slide
Lot and Serial Number Configuration Odoo 13 In Odoo, Serial & lot numbers are used to easily track product serial & lot numbers. A serial number is a unique number assigned to identify a specific item. View slide
How to Publish a Product in Odoo 13 Website Nowadays selling products online is growing Day by day and becoming more popular than before. For that Odoo is Introduced an interesting application called Odoo e-commerce to boost your business. The Odoo e-commerce application allows you to sell your products through beautiful Online Shop pages and also can make a purchase within a few clicks. View slide
Bill of Materials in Odoo 13 Manufacturing a product requires a lot of components or raw materials. For the production of any product, it may require multiple components or with the same components, different products or product variants can be manufactured. Such a list of raw materials is commonly known as the Bill Of Materials (BoM). View slide
How to Manage Currencies in Odoo 13 Odoo is a universal ERP package that accommodates the global as well as most of the domestic standards. In Odoo, the user can configure multiple currencies for the transaction, set its exchange rate, and assign different currencies for individual partners and book of accounts. View slide
How we can add Notes in POS Odoo 13 Odoo 13 have the option to add order note with a pos order to make it more convenient. The order note feature can be activated/deactivated by the seller. View slide
How to Activate Developer Mode in Odoo 13 We all are familiar with the developer mode of odoo. We get many additional options when we activate the developer mode Mostly odoo developers and administrators who were using odoo ERP are using developer mode. View slide
Appraisal Management in Odoo 13 Human Resource Nowadays, ERP software is used broadly to automate and simplify the employee appraisal process. Odoo 13 ERP has a separate module even for the employee appraisal. View slide
How to Configure Expiration Date on Product in Odoo 13 Odoo provides features of expiry products management. You can easily track the products based on their expiry date. In Odoo you can set an alert date by which users can set alert dates for a specific tracked product in stock. View slide
Odoo 13 Sign In Module Odoo 13 introduced a new Sign module to manage document signing, sending, and approve online. The sign module is a fast and convenient mode of document handling. View slide
How to Set a New Company in Odoo 13 By providing basic details like Address, Email, Logo, Parent company details, etc... of the company under the General Information Tab., We can create companies from settings. View slide
Odoo Pricing Odoo Pricing of the platform includes the Odoo Enterprise License cost and the Hosting cost along with the Implementation and Integration cost. Additionally, the Odoo pricing also includes the support and Maintenance costs done while subscribing to the platform. Please note that the pricing may vary according to regions and countries. View slide
Subcontracting in Odoo 13 Manufacturing Some businesses subcontract the production of some finished products through subcontractors. This can be easily managed through Odoo. View slide
Odoo 13 Notes Odoo Development Tutorial The notes module allows the project team to keep notes for projects and tasks. Odoo notes make it easier to organize the notes. And it supports different tools to customize the note. View slide

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