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What is Odoo ERP?

Odoo is a complete business management Enterprise and resource planning software that was developed in the first decade of the century. Odoo is an open-source business management software that can be customized and configured to be flexible in your business operations. Today the platform has over 12 million users all across the world and it's still counting ahead, all thanks to its efficiency as well as effectiveness in operation which has resulted for it.

Odoo is available in two editions, one being the community edition which is free of charge, equipped with limited features. The second one being the enterprise edition which has the same platform as that of the community edition but with additional features.

Odoo Demo

Demo of software can provide you with further insight into the operational capabilities of it and you can further understand how it will be beneficial for you. Cybrosys Technologies offers you with one on one demo with our consultant to describe to you the various features and capabilities of the platform. Moreover, the demo can be pre-scheduled by contacting us.

In addition, we have created a collective playlist down below on the functional aspects of the Odoo platform in video format which will explain to you the various aspects of the operation of the platform.

Things to remember before taking up an Odoo demo:

  • faviconSet your priorities straight and request a demo on the field or aspects on which you require an Odoo demo on, therefore the consultant will be able priorly to configure the Odoo platform as per your request.
  • faviconSchedule the convenient date beforehand.
  • faviconList out your queries and ask the consultant about them at the appropriate time.
  • faviconEnsure that all the major resource peoples of your establishment attend the demo session to have a clear understanding about the operational aspects of the various modules of the Odoo platform.
Odoo demo
Odoo demo

Why Odoo

Today Odoo has become one of the prominent business management ERP solutions available in the market, with functional capabilities of entire business management. Here are certain aspects which describe to you why you should choose Odoo?:

  • faviconOpen source complete business management solution.
  • faviconCost-effective as well as efficient in operation.
  • faviconSuitable for different variety of industries.
  • faviconMore than 12 Million happy users and counting
  • faviconA huge collection of Odoo apps for application-specific operations.
  • faviconEasy as well as full customizable capability.

Business Industries in Odoo

Odoo can undergo full-fledged customization which makes it capable of operating in any form of industry. In addition, there are numerous modules of operations that can be installed to run in the platform of various application-specific operations which can be downloaded from the Odoo apps store. Here, is a list of industries which the Odoo platform will suit better in function which are not limited to also:

Odoo Enterprise vs Odoo Community

Why Cybrosys

Our team would help you in finding out the technical problem you facing.

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  • faviconRanks First in Odoo app downloads
  • favicon3400+ blogs exploring potentialities of Odoo
  • faviconExpert in all versions of Odoo
  • faviconTop contributor of industrial add-ons in Odoo apps
  • faviconHigh quality deliverables
  • faviconOdoo gold partner
  • favicon15+ years of experience
  • favicon3000+ satisfied customers across globe
  • faviconTechnical & Functional expertise in all Odoo modules
  • faviconService in both enterprise & community editions
  • favicon990+ Free modules contributions in Odoo apps
  • faviconEnriched with UI/UX expert developers
  • faviconAuthor of Open HRMS

Odoo Functional Videos

Odoo modules

Each module performs certain functions which are interlinked with each other.

odoo accounting


Our Odoo demo will ensure that you understand the various functional features of the accounting module along with the other supporting modules for knowing the financial management capabilities of the platform. In addition, the Odoo demo will describe the tax configuration, fiscal possession, chart of accounts, and all other accounting aspects for the localization of the Odoo ERP.

odoo invoicing


Generating customer invoices in the Odoo platform can be directly down from the sales order of the platform. Moreover, management of these invoices based on the various payment options, payment acquirers, and all other concerning aspects in Odoo will require certain expertise in operations of the platform which will be described in the Odoo demo.

odoo crm


Customer relationship management will be the tool in the operations of a company that helps you to create and generate business opportunities and further manage them. The Odoo CRM will be the apt tool for it with features such as lead generation, lead scoring, lead management, conducting activities with customers to pursue a lead, and many more which will be well described in the Odoo demo.

odoo sales


The sales module is an intrusive application in Odoo which will be well described on both features as well as capabilities to be operational in a live environment in our Odoo demo. The creation of sales orders, sending of invoices, downpayment and all other sales-related operations and capability in Odoo will be well described.

odoo website


The Odoo website module is an excellent application consisting of aspects such as Odoo website builder, e-commerce management, and integration with the sales, inventory, purchase, and all other supporting modules of the platform. All these features will be described to you from the operational side of the view in our scheduled Odoo demo by our consultant.

odoo ecommerce


E-commerce platforms have become one of the vital modes of business operations in this digitalized world. With the Odoo website builder, you can create an e-commerce platform for your company and the management of its functioning can be done with advanced tools of operations which will be described in the Odoo demo.

odoo pos


The Point Of Sales module in Odoo will be an excellent retail store sales application integrated directly with the sales and the inventory modules of Odoo. Our Odoo demo will describe to you the various features of the POS module and how you can configure it to run a store, restaurants or bar, and any other retail establishment with Odoo POS.

odoo project


The project modules of the Odoo platform will help you to describe new projects in the company operations. Moreover, our Odoo demo will describe to you how to create new projects to be operational in the company and how to manage them efficiently. Furthermore, the employees associated with each project in operations can also be done with Odoo.

odoo inventory


Our Odoo demo will focus on delivering all the information regarding the inventory module of the platform such as putaway rules, product delivery methodologies, product movement operations, advanced inventory operations such as drop shipping and cross-docking, and many more aspects of the inventory management operations of Odoo.

odoo manufacturing


The manufacturing operations of your company can be efficiently managed by the Odoo manufacturing module which will provide you with complete control over the manufacturing process. Moreover, you can define the manufacturing order, work centers, generate manufacturing orders automatically based on inventory stock, and many more operations can be performed which will be well described in our Odoo demo.

odoo purchase


The Odoo purchase management module is well equipped with functional features and is in direct integration with the inventory, sales, accounting, and all other supporting modules of the Odoo platform which will be well described in our scheduled Odoo demo. Furthermore, operations such as sending the request for quotations, describing various purchase agreements.

odoo timesheet


The timesheet module of the Odoo platform is available from the latest version of the software i.e the Odoo 14, which helps you to describe the employee operation in timesheets. The Odoo demo will describe how the timesheet operation will be helpful to you and the configuration aspects of it.

odoo email marketing

Email Marketing

Marketing by email has become one of the major modes of promotional operations being conducted, all thanks to the cost-effective approach of using email for marketing. The Odoo email marketing tool will help you to configure various marketing and promotion campaigns via email which will be well explained in the demo.

odoo expenses


The Odoo expense management module will help you to manage the employee expenses and all other company expenses effectively. The scheduled Odoo demo on expenses will describe to you the various functional aspects of it such as creation, approvals, and aligned key features of operations using the expense module.

odoo events


The event management module of the Odoo platform will be the intrusive tool for the creation of promotional, marketing, or corporate events for the company and managing them efficiently. The Odoo demo will be focusing on delivering the functional aspects of the module describing the various key features it.

odoo time off

Time Off

The time off module of the Odoo platform will provide you with a system to manage the time of the employees in an efficient and organized way without disrupting the steady workflow in the company operation. The Odoo demo will describe the configurations well as functional aspects of the time off module.

odoo recruitment


With the Odoo recruitment module, you will be able to configure the online recruitment as well as offline recruitment operation to be run efficiently. The demo on the platform will describe a real-time example of the recruitment process conducted by the Odoo platform.

odoo appraisal


If you have the Odoo recruitment module it will act as a medium for your employees to request for the appraisal and you to grant one based on the criteria being mentioned by you in an official and orthodox way. The Odoo demo will be focusing on describing the appraisal module functionalities of Odoo.

odoo subscription


Selling subscription-based products will be facing certain interruptions without effective management tools, with the Odoo subscription module you can manage the subscription products in operation. Our Odoo demo will describe how to sell subscription products efficiently and how to manage them.

odoo sign


The sigh module in Odoo will help you to describe digitalized signatures in the operations of the company which will be helpful if configured with the document modules. The Odoo demo will describe how the sign module will be effective in the digitalization aspects of the company and its documents.

odoo maintenance


Maintenance operations of a company are inevitable in the functioning, which ensures that the Odoo platform has a maintenance module attached to it to manage the operations. The scheduled Odoo demo will describe how the module functions and how to configure various maintenance operations for the company equipment and machinery in operation.

odoo quality


The quality module ofOdoo will ensure that the quality monitoring and maintenance operations of the platform are efficient as well as effectively conducted in the company functioning. You can ask for a detailed Odoo demo on the quality management module of the platform.

odoo studio


If you need to add modules or features in Odoo rather than the standardized operations aspects and behavior of the platform the studio module will be your friend in operations. The Odoo demo will be describing how to create the application, views, creation option, and features of operations using the Odoo studio application on the platform.

odoo helpdesk


Helpdesks have been one of the best customer service platforms today for any company. With the Odoo helpdesk module, you will be able to manage the operations of customer support, complaint registration, and various other functional models which will be well described in the demo.

odoo product lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management

With the Odoo PLM, the communications on the various aspects of company operations between departments are communicated with efficiency and reliability. The Odoo demo will describe the configuration aspects of the PLM module of the platform.

odoo appointments


Scheduled appointments will ensure that there is a smooth operation for the company and employees visiting the facility for a service-based establishment. The Odoo demo will describe the various aspects of scheduling online appointments and how the customer can book an appointment from the company website or via email or a call.

odoo marketing

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation module of the Odoo platform will be time-saving and a tool for hassle-free marketing operations of the platform. You can obtain detailed information on it by scheduling a demo with our consultant where we will describe the functional aspects of the module in a real-time environment.

odoo documents


The document module in Odoo will be one of the key elements in the operations of making your company go green in functioning with no waste paper generations. The demo will focus on the aspects of how the documents can be described and cred in Odoo, we will describe how the invoices, company related documents on sales, purchase, and inventory operations can be saved and created.

odoo Internet of things

Internet of Things

The Internet of things is the methodology that is revolutionizing the operations of various gadgets and machines today. The Odoo platform supports the operations of these systems with the IoT module present delivery direct integration to IoT devices with the IoT box available which will be described to you in our Odoo demo.

odoo approval


The approval module of Odoo acts as one of the major supporting modules of the platform providing systematic permission requests and grinding operations of the company to run efficiently and smoothly. The Odoo demo will be focusing on describing how an approval request can be requested by an employee and granted by the managers.

odoo consolidation


With the Odoo consolidation module, you can see the various company charts of accounts that can be consolidated based on the currency rate and percentage described. In the Odoo demo, we will describe to you how the consolidation operations can be done with the Odoo consolidation module.

odoo referral

Employee Referral

You can refer your close family members and friends for a position at your company through proper channels of operation with the Odoo employee referral module. You will be described on the referral operations which can be conducted by the Odoo referral module in the Odoo demo.

odoo field service

Field Service

The field service management of every company can get functioning in an unorthodox and non-effective way without any management solutions. The Odoo field service management module will be held to bring in coordination to operations and advanced functional capabilities which will be well described with our Odoo demo.

odoo planning


Considering an establishment they should plan on an operation based on their capabilities and requirements. The Odoo palling modules will help you to plan project and company operations with efficient management on them which will be described in the demo provided by us on Odoo.

odoo rental


Suppose your company offers renter service on certain equipment or machinery the Odoo rental management module will help you to configure the operation to run with reliability in operations. The Odoo demo will describe the various aspects of the operation of the Odoo rental module.

odoo social marketing

Social Marketing

The social media platform is an excellent medium to conduct marketing as well as promotional campaigns. The Odoo social marketing module will help you to create marketing operations directly from the platform which can be posted to the social media accounts of the companies. The demo on Odoo by us will cover all aspects of the Odoo social marketing module.

odoo eLearning


Learning methodologies have taken a severe turn with the introduction of telecommunication as well as internet facilities throughout the world. The Odoo e-learning module will help you to describe the various courses and conduct verification programs for the candidate which will be well described with the Odoo demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for using Odoo?

If you are using the Odoo community edition it's free of cost as it's an open-source platform. On the contrary, if you are using the Odoo enterprise edition there will be a subscription charge involved based on the number of users and the add-ons used.

How the pricing aspects of Odoo enterprise?

The pricing aspects of Odoo enterprise depend on the apps selected and the number of users. You can check the pricing from Odoo Pricing page, you can select the apps required and add the number of users.

Is Odoo community edition available free of charge?

Yes, the Odoo community is available free of charge, however, the only expenses are server charges or equipment involved, and the customization if required.

Which is the best server to host my Odoo ERP?

For hosting enterprise edition you have multiple options:

1. Odoo online, where server charges are free of cost however, customization is possible only via studio app.

2. Odoo. sh (provided by Odoo, customization is possible)

3. Local Instance( you can use your local server or host from any of the third-party servers.)

For community edition, you can host on your server or any third-party server such as Google, AWS, Alibaba, etc.

How much will it cost for an server?

You can find the Odoo sh server pricing from odoo sh pricing page. Here select the worker based on your user. For every 20-25 internal users add 1 worker and for every 4000 - 5000 website/portal users consider as 1 worker.

How is the Odoo community different from the enterprise edition?

Odoo Community is an open-source and free of cost edition, Whereas the enterprise is a licensed edition built based on the community edition.
For more details click here.

Are there any other hidden charges for the Odoo enterprise?

Apart from the subscription charges, there will be a server charge plus extra Integrations(other extra connectors such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, voip, etc) charges if you use any.

I cannot find payroll and certain HR modules on the Odoo pricing page. How does Odoo charge for this?

If you are an enterprise edition user the apps which are not listed on the pricing page are free of cost to use.

How is the Odoo subscription charged?

Odoo Subscription is charged yearly, if you are using Odoo online then you can go for a monthly subscription too.

Can we add new users and add ons to the Odoo platform?

Yes for sure, you can add more users and apps based on your needs whenever required. Moreover, to add the same in subscription, connect your implementation partner or Odoo account manager.

Is it possible to upgrade from Odoo community to enterprise?

Yes, you can upgrade from Odoo community to enterprise at any time.

What is Odoo Online?

Odoo online is SAAS project provided by Odoo based on Odoo enterprise edition. Here the user needs to pay only for the subscription cost and will not be charged for the server. Even though the user saves the cost on the server, Odoo limits the user from customization and the use of other third party apps.

Is Odoo suitable for trading companies?

Yes, Odoo is most suitable for your trading company. The suggested apps to manage your company are Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting.

Can I use Odoo for my manufacturing industry?

Yes, Odoo ERP is one of the most suitable solutions for your manufacturing unit. There are tons of features available in it. The suggested apps are Sale, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing, Accounting and Manufacturing. Other additional apps are Quality, Maintenance, PLM, Repair etc.

Is it possible to manage a restaurant using Odoo ERP?

Yes, it's possible to manage the restaurant using Odoo ERP. The recommended apps are PoS, Purchase, Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting.



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