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Should you choose a freelancer over an Odoo partner?

Odoo development is the one aspect regarding the Odoo ERP that should be done with utmost precision, care, and by a well-versed expert. Today Odoo hosts around 2500+ partners all around the world offering their services in Odoo development and configuring it to your business. However, the concern will be to choose who for the development and implementation of the Odoo platform. You have various options such as choosing from certified Odoo partners who hold well-trained and expert developers in Odoo or you can opt for certified Odoo freelancers who are willing to offer their expert capabilities in developing your Odoo platform. This is another group of people who are not certified developers in Odoo whom you can approach in regards to your development needs.

odoo freelancers

How to Hire a Odoo developer?

Your aim in choosing the provider for the development process for your Odoo development whether it's a Odoo freelancer or a dedicated Odoo partner should be regarding the success in crafting the well-crafted platform as per the need of your business. In comparison to Odoo partners and certified professionals functioning under a firm, hiring a freelancer for your Odoo development process has numerous demerits.

Drawbacks of hiring a Odoo freelance developer

Although the pricing aspects by an Odoo freelancer are on the lower side the quality of the platform which is developed will also be on the lower side due to the incapability of a freelancer to craft sophisticated business processes in Odoo.

  • arrowNo backbone of organizational support
  • arrowSelf-managed without monitoring
  • arrowNot available 24/7
  • arrowPaycheck bound operations
  • arrowNo further assurances
  • arrowNon-dedicated approach
odoo freelancers

A comparison: Odoo Freelancer v/s Odoo partner(Or Service providers)

  • Key Factors
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Domain Experience
  • Individual Dependency
  • Scalability
  • Escalation Metrics
  • Reliability
  • Persistency
  • Confidentiality
  • After Support
  • Suitability
  • Main concern
  • Quick resolution of problems
  • Odoo Freelancer
  • Low Price Low
  • Low/Moderate Quality Low/Moderate
  • Domain Experience May/May not May/May not
  • Individual Dependency Yes Yes
  • Scalability No No
  • Escalation Metrics No No
  • Reliability No No
  • Persistency Less No
  • Confidentiality No assurance No assurance
  • After Support No No
  • Suitability Small task Small task
  • Main concern Money Money
  • Quick resolution of problems Depends Depends
  • Odoo Partners/Service Providers
  • Comparatively Higher Price Comparatively Higher
  • High Quality High
  • Domain Experience Yes Yes
  • Individual Dependency No No
  • Scalability Yes Yes
  • Escalation Metrics Yes Yes
  • Reliability Yes Yes
  • Persistency More More
  • Confidentiality Assured Standard Policies Assured Standard Policies
  • After Support Constant updates and supports Constant updates and supports
  • Suitability Big projects Big projects
  • Main concern Quality Service Quality Service
  • Quick resolution of problems Yes Yes

Price vs Cost

Implementing the low priced solutions will be a burden to run in the future adding up the cost. Cost efficient solutions will be pricier initials but will be durable low on cost in the long run.

odoo freelancers

Freelancer - Initial Price

Never get blindfolded with the lower cost

Odoo partner - Initial Price

Costlier but reliable and efficient in performance

Freelancer - Final Cost

Costlier in the long run

Odoo partner - Final Cost

Lower in cost and reliable in long run


In the long run, it's always best to go ahead with cost-efficient solutions and modules rather than getting stuck with a cheaper solution that will not be functioning as per your operational requirements. The same will be your situation in choosing a freelancer for your Odoo platforms development.

odoo freelancers

Freelancer - Efficiency

The quality level of the platform is low. Multiple chances of generations of bugs and errors in functioning.

Odoo partner - Efficiency

A dedicated team of developers. High operational efficiency and productivity in the long run.

Detailed Comparison report on Odoo Freelancers Vs Odoo Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an Odoo Freelance developer? And How do they work?

Odoo freelance developer is the one who is capable of developing the entire Odoo platform for you but has only specialties in the configurations of a certain number of modules. They work without any supervision and a non-time-bound bais delivering low efficient Odoo platforms for you.

What does an Odoo freelance developer do?

A major proportion of Odoo freelance developers publicizes as capable of developing the entire Odoo platform as per your operational needs but lacks in delivering one due to their inefficiency and incapability of covering the entire platform. Although the initial price of the Odoo platform development from a freelance developer will be low, however, you will incur numerous functional issues which will add up to the maintenance cost which is costlier than the solutions provided by certified Odoo partners.

What are the benefits of hiring an Odoo freelance developer?

In regards to hiring an Odoo freelancer for your development needs, there is one and only one advantage of the lower initial price as they might be capable of offering you solutions at a lower price initially. However, due to the lack of expertise and through monitoring throughout the development these solutions will wound out to be ineffective in operations and will meet with bugs and errors quite often adding up to your maintenance cost. Finally, the entire cost of hiring an Odoo freelance developer will add up to be even more than hiring an Odoo partner for your development needs.

What are the drawbacks of hiring an Odoo freelancer?

There are various drawbacks of hiring an Odoo freelance developer here are certain of them:

  • arrowLack of proper expertise will affect the platform developments
  • arrowNo monitoring of the operations
  • arrowA non-time-bound and lethargic operations
  • arrowCostlier in the long run
  • arrowMaintenance costs on the developed platform are high


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