Odoo Enterprise Features

Odoo enterprise edition is the advanced version of Odoo ERP with the full-fledged functionality and advanced tools of operations to run the business of any form. The Odoo enterprise edition is advanced and capable of managing sophisticated business with a user-friendly approach to operations. This page described the advanced Odoo enterprise features and operational capabilities under each module of operation in the platform.


The sales module of the Odoo ERP is well equipped and packed with features to describe and contact the various salesperson of your company. Moreover, being an integrated module with direct integration with all the other sales-related operations such as E-commerce, Point Of Sale, subscription module and many more applications of the Odoo platform all the sales management operations of the company can be done with this module.

  • arrow Sales Order Management
  • arrowSales Quotation Management
  • arrowCustomer Management
  • arrowInvoice Management
  • arrowUpselling Techniques
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowProduct Variant Management
  • arrowPricelist Management
  • arrowPromotion and Coupon Programs
  • arrowManaging Discounts
  • arrowSales Analysis
  • arrowE-wallet and Gift card Management
  • arrowProduct Catalog Management
  • arrowMulti UoMs
  • arrowProduct Packages
  • arrowPercentage sales Margin
  • arrowSmart Date Input
  • arrowAutomated invoicing for online payments
  • arrowMargin Analysis
  • arrowPrice Management
  • arrowOnline Payment Facility
  • arrowOnline Sale Order Confirmation
  • arrowDiscount and Loyalty card Management
  • arrowRestrict Sale of Products
  • arrowLock Confirmed Sales
  • arrowInvoicing Policy Managing
  • arrowAutomatic Invoice & Down Payments
  • arrowShipping Management
  • arrowQuotation Template Management
  • arrowShipping Connectors
  • arrowSync Amazon Order Delivery
  • arroweBay Account Management
  • arrowPartner Referring


The Customer Relationship Management of the company plays a vital role in obtaining new customers and maintaining the existing ones happy. With the Odoo CRM module, you will be able to generate leads, pursue them, enrich the leads if required, and follow up on them with various schedulable activities. Moreover, the leads can be acquired from various marketing campaigns, website visitor tracking, and analyzing the customer activities in the company website and the E-commerce platform.

  • arrowPipeline Management
  • arrowPipeline Stage Management
  • arrowQuotation Management
  • arrowTeam Pipelines
  • arrowCustomer Management
  • arrowLead Generation
  • arrowWebsite Lead Generation
  • arrowLead Management
  • arrowMulti Sales team Management
  • arrowLead Scoring
  • arrowLead Mining
  • arrowLead Enrichment
  • arrowOdoo Spreadsheet
  • arrowRental Order Management
  • arrowRecurring Revenue Management
  • arrowOutlook CRM Extension
  • arrowRule-Based Assignment Management
  • arrowReseller Management
  • arrowPartners Commissions Management
  • arrowCommission Plans
  • arrowPredictive Lead Scoring
  • arrowSales Team Management
  • arrowActivity Scheduling
  • arrowReport


The purchase module of Odoo deals with all the purchase management aspects of your company regarding the products based on the inventory stock. In addition, you will be able to describe the various purchase agreements, configure automated purchase quotations to be generated based on the stock, and many more operational options which will be helpful in the real-time functioning of the company.

  • arrowPurchase Quotation Management
  • arrowPurchase Order Management
  • arrowPurchase Agreements
  • arrowVendor Management
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowProduct Variant Management
  • arrowPurchase Analysis
  • arrowPurchase Dashboard
  • arrowPurchase History
  • arrowPurchase Order Approval
  • arrowLock Confirmed Orders
  • arrowRestrict Product Purchase
  • arrowReceipt Remainder
  • arrowBill Control
  • arrow3-way matching technique
  • arrowVendor Pricelist Management
  • arrowProduct Categorising
  • arrowUoM Management
  • arrowDrop shipping
  • arrowOn-Time Delivery Analysis
  • arrowSmart Date Input
  • arrowRemaining Days Widget
  • arrowPriority Widget


The Odoo platform has centralized inventory management operations conducted from the inventory module of the platform. Moreover, with this module, you will be able to run all the e-commerce, retail, wholesale operations of the company efficiently and that too interconnected with each other. In addition, you will have the ability to define the product moves, reordering rules, track the product movement, and many more functional options available.

  • arrowTransfer Orders
  • arrowStock Management
  • arrowScrap Management
  • arrowProduct Replenishment Techniques
  • arrowRun Scheduler Tool
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowProduct Variant Management
  • arrowProduct Tracking
  • arrowProduct Expiry Management
  • arrowProduct Packaging
  • arrowWarehouse Management
  • arrowInventory Adjustments
  • arrowReception Report
  • arrowBackorder Management
  • arrowLocation Management
  • arrowMulti Warehouse Environment
  • arrowStock Analysis
  • arrowWarehouse Analysis
  • arrowStock Valuation
  • arrowProduct Demand Forecasting
  • arrowProduct Movement Analysis
  • arrowRestrict Product Purchase
  • arrowPicking Policies
  • arrowBarcodes
  • arrowConsignment
  • arrowLanded Costs On Transfer
  • arrowBatch Transfer Management
  • arrowLocations Categorization
  • arrowReservation Method
  • arrowLanded Costs on MO
  • arrowMulti-Step Routing
  • arrowLead Time Allocations
  • arrowSecurity Lead Time Allocation
  • arrowPutaway Rules
  • arrowReordering Rules
  • arrowShipping Management
  • arrowShipment Connectors
  • arrowProduct Category Management
  • arrowReplenishment Rule Management
  • arrowWave Transfer Management
  • arrowAutomatic Batches Management


The financial management of the company can be done from the accounting module of the Odoo platform. Here all the accounting aspects such as describing the fiscal years, tax management, configuring the chart of accounts, describing the payment acquires, terms, and many more can be done with ease for the efficient management of the company's financial aspects.

  • arrowAccounting Dashboard
  • arrowCustomer Management
  • arrowInvoice Management
  • arrowCredit Note Issuing
  • arrowPayment Follow-ups
  • arrowBill Management
  • arrowPayment Terms
  • arrowSales receipt
  • arrowPurchase receipt
  • arrowAutomatic Cut Off for Journal Entries
  • arrowBill Digitalization (AI)
  • arrowRefund Processing
  • arrowDisallowed expense management
  • arrowLocalisation Specific CoA
  • arrowJournal Management
  • arrowGeneral Ledger
  • arrowPartner Ledger
  • arrowBank to Bank Transfers
  • arrowBank to Cash Transfers
  • arrowBudget management
  • arrowAsset Management
  • arrowAccounting Firms Mode
  • arrowRecurring Account Moves Management
  • arrowAdvance Payments Managing
  • arrowPayment Reconciliation
  • arrowBank Reconciliation
  • arrowLock dates
  • arrowProfit and Loss Statement
  • arrowBalance Sheet
  • arrowExecutive Summary
  • arrowCash Flow Statement
  • arrowPartner Reports
  • arrowAged Reports
  • arrowAudit Reports
  • arrowGeneral Ledger
  • arrowTrial Balance
  • arrowConsolidated Journals
  • arrowTax Reports
  • arrowAnalytic Reports
  • arrowTax Management
  • arrowTax Cloud
  • arrowCash Basis Tax Configuration
  • arrowMulti-Currency Support
  • arrowUnrealized Currency Gains/Losses
  • arrowAnglo Saxon Accounting
  • arrowStorno accounting Management
  • arrowContinental Accounting
  • arrowInter-Banks Transfers
  • arrowFiscal Period Setting
  • arrowMargin Analysis
  • arrowReconciliation Models
  • arrowIncoterms
  • arrowBank Account Management
  • arrowBank Account Synchronisation
  • arrowTax Mapping Techniques
  • arrowAccount Mapping Techniques
  • arrowPayment Acquirers
  • arrowSaved Payment Data
  • arrowAsset Model Creation
  • arrowProduct Category Management
  • arrowDeferred Revenue Model
  • arrowDeferred Expense Model
  • arrowFinancial Reports
  • arrowCash Rounding
  • arrowAnalytic Accounting
  • arrowCredit Limit by Partner


The manufacturing operations management of a company will have various constraints of operations to consider, which can be effectively described and dignified in the Odoo manufacturing module. Here, you can describe the manufacturing process, machinery, describe the work centers, configure the operations and manage them efficiently.

  • arrowProduct Manufacturing
  • arrowWork Order Management
  • arrowScrap Management
  • arrowWorkcenter Management
  • arrowUnbuilding Orders
  • arrowWork Order Planning by Production
  • arrowWork Order Planning by Work Center
  • arrowManual MO Consumption
  • arrowKit Valuation
  • arrowBoM Management
  • arrowMaster Production Schedule
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowProduct Variant Management
  • arrowTracking Product Moves
  • arrowSubcontracting
  • arrowProduct Kit Management
  • arrowSplit and Merge MOs
  • arrowManufacture Order Analysis
  • arrowWork Order Analysis
  • arrowOverall Equipment Effectiveness
  • arrowQuality Management
  • arrowBy Product Management
  • arrowSecurity Lead Time
  • arrowTimer
  • arrowOperation Dependencies


In a company operations context, you have two types of maintenance operations which are preventive as well as periodic maintenance which can both be well defined in the Odoo platforms maintenance module. Moreover, each piece of equipment can be set and the maintenance intervals for the periodic maintenance can be described in the platform. Furthermore, the managers and the executives can have a complete insight on the maintenance operations and the task being conducted under the label.

  • arrowMaintenance Dashboard
  • arrowMaintenance Request Management
  • arrowCorrective Maintenance
  • arrowPreventive Maintenance
  • arrowEquipment Management
  • arrowMaintenance Team Management
  • arrowEquipment Category Management
  • arrowMaintenance Request Analysis

HR Module

The Odoo enterprise edition has designated Human resource operations management modules that will help you to run the functioning of the department with ease and efficiency. Moreover, with dedicated modules due to the modular approach of the platform, it will provide you with applications to perform the HR operations from the jobs posting, Recruitment, Onboarding, Custody of equipment, Attendance management, Payroll functionalities, and till the offboarding of the employee.

  • arrowEmployee Management
  • arrowEmployee Contract Management
  • arrowEmployee Challenge Management
  • arrowDepartment Management
  • arrowEmployee Presence Control
  • arrowEmployee Presence Analysis
  • arrowEmployee Update Rights
  • arrowEmployee Recruitment
  • arrowJob Posting
  • arrowInterview Application Management
  • arrowInterview Form Designing
  • arrowDesigning Survey Forms
  • arrowEmployee Attendance Management
  • arrowEmployee Leave Management
  • arrowEmployee Leave Allocation Management
  • arrowPayroll structure and Rule Management
  • arrowStress Days by Department
  • arrowTime off Type Management
  • arrowEmployee Referrals
  • arrowPayroll Management
  • arrowPaid Time Off Allocation
  • arrowEmployee Appraisals
  • arrowEmployee Feedbacks
  • arrowEmployee Timesheet Management
  • arrowTimesheet Timer
  • arrowTimesheet Control
  • arrowTimesheet Grid View
  • arrowTracking Timesheet by Web/Mobile Apps
  • arrowTimesheet Billing
  • arrowTimesheet Validation
  • arrowExpense Management
  • arrowExpense Dashboard
  • arrowPayroll Batches Management
  • arrowExpense Approvals
  • arrowExpense Reimburse in Payslip
  • arrowExpense Product Management
  • arrowExpense Digitalization (OCR)
  • arrowExpense Analysis
  • arrowEmployee Lunch Management
  • arrowLunch Overdraft Allocation
  • arrowLunch Order Management
  • arrowAlert in App
  • arrowAlert in Chat Notification
  • arrowEmployee Account Management
  • arrowFleet Management
  • arrowFleet End Date Contract Alert
  • arrowCV Digitization


The Odoo projects module will let you describe various in-house as well as out-house projects of the company which will stand as depicted operations than the regular company functions. Additionally, you will be able to define various tasks and subtasks on the project, allocate employees on them and monitor the functioning at all levels.

  • arrowProject Management
  • arrowTask Management
  • arrowSub task Management
  • arrowRecurring Tasks Planning
  • arrowRecurring Tasks Management
  • arrowCustomer Rating
  • arrowProject Profitability Calculation
  • arrowServices Invoicing Policies: Milestones and Manual
  • arrowCollaborative Pads
  • arrowProject Planning
  • arrowTracking Time Spent
  • arrowSmart Task Scheduling

Website & Ecommerce

In this digitalized world the need for a company website and an e-commerce platform to run the sales operations is inevitable and you can define, configure and manage both using the website module of the Odoo platform. Moreover, with the website builder you will be able to define a website, style it and configure its appearance and all the related aspects to it.

  • arrowWebsite Management
  • arrowWebsite Builders
  • arrowWebsite Customs Popups
  • arrowWide Snippets and Themes
  • arrowwebsite Order Management
  • arrowE-shop Management
  • arrowAbandoned Cart Management
  • arrowCoupon and Promotion Programs
  • arrowE-Commerce Product Category Management
  • arrowBuy Now Button
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowShared Customer Accounts Management
  • arrowBack in Stock Notification
  • arrowProduct V ariant Management
  • arrowPricelist and Discount Management
  • arrowTax Management
  • arrowDigital Product Management
  • arrowWebsite Theme Management
  • arrowWebsite Language Management
  • arrowUser Accounts Management
  • arrowCustomer Account Management
  • arrowOnline Product Comparison
  • arrowManage Product Availability
  • arrowPrice Management
  • arrowSign in/up at checkout Process
  • arrowPrevent Sale of Products
  • arrowMulti-Currency Support
  • arrowShipping Methods
  • arrowOrder Follow Ups
  • arrowInvoicing Policy Management
  • arrowE-Commerce Connectors(Ebay, Amazon)
  • arrowWeb Push Notifications (Social App)
  • arrowSEO Tools
  • arrowOnline Sale Analysis
  • arrowBlogs and Forum
  • arrowLive Chat Management
  • arrowCoupons, Loyalty Cards and eWallets

Point of Sale

The retail shop management operations of your establishment can be defined using the Point of Sales module which will act as the counter sales application too. Furthermore, you can define a restaurant or a bar to function efficiently with the module moreover, the module is in direct integration with the inventory, sales, and e-commerce operations so that the product list and the warehouse details are shared regulating false order generation on unavailable quantities of product.

  • arrowShop and Restaurant/Bar Management
  • arrowPOS Interface Management
  • arrowFloor Management
  • arrowTable Management
  • arrowOrder Management
  • arrowBill Splitting
  • arrowCash Control
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowProduct Variant Management
  • arrowPrice Control
  • arrowTax Management
  • arrowDiscount Management
  • arrowPayment Terminals
  • arrowIoT Boxes
  • arrowInventory Management
  • arrowPricelist Management
  • arrowLoyalty Programs
  • arrowCash Rounding
  • arrowOrder Analysis

Marketing Modules

Digital marketing has revolutionized the way we promote and conduct our PR operations. The Odoo enterprise editions have designated tools of marketing where you can define promotional campaigns and run them efficiently. Furthermore, with dedicated modules such as SMS marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing, and many more you can conduct all the promotion activities of your company.

  • arrowEmail Marketing
  • arrowMass Mailing List Management
  • arrowBlacklisting
  • arrowDedicated Server for Mailings
  • arrowLink Tracker
  • arrowSMS Marketing
  • arrowContact List Management
  • arrowBlacklisting Contacts
  • arrowSocial Media Marketing
  • arrowMarketing Campaign Management
  • arrowSocial Media Posts Scheduling
  • arrowMarketing Automation


E-learning is the new methodology of learning courses and attaining certification. With the Odoo e-learning module, you will be able to define a course, create a certification program that candidates can take up regarding the course, and run the evaluation operations on them. In addition with the help of the karma rule, the candidates can be rewarded for the various aspects of e-learning, forum postings, and other related aspects of Odoo e-learning operations.

  • arrowELearning Courses
  • arrowCertification
  • arrowExams and Evaluation
  • arrowSell On Ecommerce


The Odoo enterprise edition has a modular approach and therefore it has designated modules for all the business operations. Suppose if you require a unique module or application in Odoo to run a specific operation of your company you can create a new one with the help of the Studio module of the platform.

  • arrowModule Customisation
  • arrowCustom Module/App Creation


The calendar module of the Odoo platform will resolve all the scheduling aspects of the employees and the managers along with the various operations of the company. In addition, you can schedule the various in-house activities based on the date and time on the calendar module and mention the responsible people therefore, they will be automatically notified of the event or the activity.

  • arrowOnline Appointments
  • arrowDay to Day Activity Scheduling
  • arrowYearly Calendar View
  • arrowSchedule Meeting
  • arrowRecurrent Meeting Scheduling
  • arrowSynchronise Calendar with Google
  • arrowSynchronise Calendar with Outlook


Communications and information within the company are one of the key aspects which lead to the success of the establishment. With Odoo discuss module you will be provided with a platform to conduct discussions on the various in-house projects between the employees and the managers.

  • arrowDirect Messaging
  • arrowDiscussion History
  • arrowInbox Mail Management
  • arrowGroup/Channel Messaging
  • arrowLead Generation
  • arrowHelpdesk Ticket Raising


The Product Lifecycle Management module will act as the medium or the platform to communicate between various departments of a facility on the inhouse operations and the projects. Moreover, the employee and management will have a barrierless mode of communication with this platform.

  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowBoM Revising
  • arrowWorkcenter Management
  • arrowEngineering Order Change Management


The product and service quality management for every company is vital and can be efficiently done in Odoo with the Quality management model. In the module, you can describe the various quality parameters, assign testing points and parameters, and details to pass or fail the quality test conducted. Moreover, the managers, as well as the executives, will have a dignified management tool for quality inspection operations.

  • arrowQuality Control Management
  • arrowQuality Checks
  • arrowQuality Control Points
  • arrowQuality Alert Generation
  • arrowQuality Team Management
  • arrowQuality Analysis


The repair module of the Odoo platform will provide you with complete management operations for the product repair operations of the company. The customers can bring in the products or can request repairs on the company products that they have. Moreover, the manager can monitor the operation, assign the employees for the repairs to be conducted and then generate the invoices based on the service charge as well as the product or components used.

  • arrowRepair Order Management
  • arrowRepair Analysis


The customer support operations such as helpdesk and technical support should be well managed in the company as it can add up to the customer satisfaction aspects. With the Odoo helpdesk module, you will be able to configure the various helpdesk operations such as the request form customer, manage the employees, manage the toll-free number operation and provide ultimate customer support virtually.

  • arrowHelpdesk Ticket Management
  • arrowHelpdesk Team Management
  • arrowTicket Type Configuring
  • arrowStage Management
  • arrowSLA Policies

Field Service

The field service module of the Odoo platform will allow you to define the field service operations of the companies. You can assign the various tasks to employees, charge the customer based on the timesheet operations, invoice them based on the service charge and the products used directly from the field itself. Moreover, the module can be used in advanced smart gadgets for remote operations.

  • arrowField Service Management
  • arrowTask Scheduling
  • arrowGoogle Map Assistance
  • arrowWorksheet Management
  • arrowProduct Management
  • arrowQuotation Management
  • arrowTracking Time and Material


If your company runs a rental business it can be well defined in the rental module of the Odoo platform. Here the product can be rented out to the customer, charge them based on the number of days they have kept it or on a fixed charge. Moreover, the module will ensure that you rotate the product available at hand that can be rented out.

  • arrowRental Management
  • arrowRental Order Management
  • arrowRental Cost Management
  • arrowRental Product Management
  • arrowCustomer Management
  • arrowRental Agreement Management
  • arrowRental Padding Time


A module in Odoo will help your company to move towards the green initiative by reducing the use of paper and its allocated stationary. Here all the company documents such as invoices, purchase requests, vendor bills, sales quotations, sales orders, certifications, licenses, employee documents and many more can be stored and well managed in this module. Moreover, with the direct integration with the sign module, you can post digital signatures on the documents for approval.

  • arrowDocument Management
  • arrowDocument Sharing
  • arrowDocument Splitting
  • arrowAction from Document
  • arrowRequest Sign Document

Consolidation Module

The Consolidation module in Odoo will act as one of the applications which will help you to consolidate various financial and accounting reports of the integrated companies functioning in the platform. Furthermore, it will be based on the exchange rates which are preset on each account operation.

  • arrowConsolidation Periods Management
  • arrowConsolidation Rates
  • arrowConsolidation Account Management
  • arrowFinancial Consolidation
  • arrowCorrect and Adjust Income/Expenses
  • arrowConsolidation Reports

Data Cleaning Modules

One of the newest modules of the Odoo platform which was integrated to be operations only from the latest version of the software, will help you to remove the duplicate data and bring in an arrangement to the data and the contents available. Moreover, there will be a redundancy check on the data that we have entered and will provide you with suggestions to remove the duplicate data.

  • arrowIdentifying Duplicate Data
  • arrowRemove Deduplication
  • arrowDeduplication Rules
  • arrowField Cleaning Rules

Contact Module

The contact module of the Odoo platform will help you to define all the contacts that are required for you in the functioning of your company. The contacts described here are in direct integration with all the modules functioning in the platform allowing you to access them from any of the modules. Moreover, the details of the customer, vendor, as well as all the people that you have once engaged within the functioning of the company, can be stored, classified, and managed.

  • arrowPartner Management
  • arrowMembership Management
  • arrowMultiple Address Management


With the subscription module in Odoo, you will be able to manage the sales on the subscription products and the operations in them. Moreover, you can also define subscription-based services in this module, describe and manage the customer. The module is directly integrated with the sales as well as the e-commerce modules for the sales aspects of the subscription-based products.

  • arrowSubscription Product Management
  • arrowSubscription Template Management
  • arrowSubscription Stages
  • arrowSubscription Renewal
  • arrowAlerts On Subscription
  • arrowSalesperson Dashboard
  • arrowSubscription Revenue Analysis


Managing both corporate, as well as in-house events of the companies, has a lot of constraints and factors to consider for a smooth operation. With the Odoo events module, you will be able to define all the company events both in-house as well as out-house and manage them efficiently. Moreover, the tickets of the events can be sold on e-commerce platforms or at the point of sale counters.

  • arrowManaging Events
  • arrowManaging Event Templates
  • arrowEvent Ticket Management
  • arrowOnline Ticketing
  • arrowAuto Confirmation
  • arrowCommunity Chatrooms
  • arrowLive Broadcast
  • arrowOnline Exhibitors
  • arrowEvent Gamification
  • arrowRegistration Desk
  • arrowEvent Analysis
  • arrowAttendee Analysis


If you want to provide your customers with a shopping experience and support them while purchasing the products you can avail of the Odoo live chat module. Here, you can assign employees, manage the support operations to be efficient and reliable for the customers. The Live Chat module can be also configured as one of the lead generation tools based on the customers that have contacted your company through it.

  • arrowManaging Live Chat Channels
  • arrowLive Chat Operator
  • arrowLeads from Live Chat
  • arrowVisitor Management
  • arrowCustomer Rating
  • arrowCanned Responses
  • arrowDesigning Live Chat Buttons and Windows
  • arrowLive Chat Welcome Message


The Dashboard of the Odoo platform is one of the configurable aspects of the software where you can add data, change the layout of it and configure a google spreadsheet for the description of the data and the allocated contents. Furthermore, the custom aspects of the dashboard of Odoo will help you to configure the appearance based on your requirement.

  • arrowAdd Data to Dashboard
  • arrowChange Dashboard Layout
  • arrowGoogle Spreadsheet


The Sign module of the Odoo platform will allow you to define digital signatures, use them in the documents and manage the various signatures available. Moreover, this module will add up to the paperless effort of your company and turn your operations based on the greener initiative.

  • arrowUpload Documents to Sign
  • arrowSave Sign Document Templates
  • arrowCustom Field to Sign Document
  • arrowSign Request


The Internet of Things is considered the technology of today and the future. With the use of it, you will be able to simplify the operation of your establishments and your homes. The Odoo IoT module will allow you to connect to the various IoT-based devices in operations at your facility using the IoT box which is available on-demand for the platform.

  • arrowConfiguring IoT Box
  • arrowDevice Information


Notes, as well as the to-do list for your company operation, can be defined in the Odoo notes module, which can be shared with the various other employees as well as the managers of the institution. Furthermore, there is chat functionality that can be enabled to discuss the notes created, and the employees having access to it will be able to contribute to the notes.

  • arrowManaging Notes
  • arrowManaging Activities


The membership operations of your company for the customers can be defined using the member's module of the Odoo platform. Here you can create and configure the membership products, add customers to the various products and invoice them accordingly. Furthermore, you can add the attachments and allocated products and define them.

  • arrowManaging Members
  • arrowMembership Product Management
  • arrowPartnership Assignment


The use of barcodes for the in-house and the sales operations of the products will help you in saving time and reducing the human error generated upon processing the products. The Odoo platform has a barcode model where you can define and assign the various product barcodes in operation. Moreover, the module is in direct integration with sales, inventory, purchase, and all other product-based operations and modules in Odoo.

  • arrowOperations Using Barcode
  • arrowInventory Adjustments Using Barcode
  • arrowBatch Transfers


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