ERP Software for Sales Management

ERP Software for Sales Management

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ERP Software for Sales Management

To be precise, every successful and established companies, either grow their revenue or brand their portfolio via carrying an effective sales management. The advent of sales management software, has brought in many revolutionary changes in sales management. The automation, smart workflows, extensive analytical capabilities offered by sales management applications helped in cultivating a strong, successful sales team for the business, no matter how big or small they constitute.

Necessitating the sales management requisites, it normally gets tied to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Cybrosys Technologies, the Odoo official partner, also believes that a strong sales CRM provides all the necessary tools for the businesses to close their deals faster and quicker. Keeping this into mind, we have created extension solutions in Sales for keeping your pipeline full and flowing. At Cybrosys, we craft modules that every business long for. Our independent, self-reliant extensions provide everything, right from a contact database to store every contact, their geographical location, buying history, industry, sales and basic contact information.We also provide apps on sales tactics like discounts, promotion offers and more for effective sales generations.

Cybrosys modules trigger marketing automation, where your sales team gets access to insight around contact’s touch points with marketing. Cybrosys modules help the salespeople manage their opportunities. Our knowledge base in Sales and Marketing also triggers us in provides reporting and metrics that allow sales managers the insight of their pipeline looks, encouraging the predictive analytics for predicting future revenue growth. Besides, Cybrosys also offers features like tasks alerts and reminders that help keep the sales team to remain on track and always perform at high levels.

Cybrosys Sales management modules helps the salespeople in reaching across more prospects in less time. We also help the sales force to personalize their approach so that they can close more deals. Our automation features in CRM solutions let the sales team call number of leads in less time, expanding the reach of their efforts.

Cybrosys help you to manage your entire buying cycle, from leads to deals, and from quotes to invoices. Cybrosys also facilitates the sales managers to check upon how deals are coming along. Our added features to Odoo Sales make your work seamless and perspective.

With Cybrosys extensions in Odoo sales, the business can ensure increased customer retention by boosting customer satisfaction. The personalized approach to communication we provide, helps you in keeping your customers feel valued. Our extension modules on tasks and reminders ensure that the sales team never neglect to contact their customers when they are committed to.

Cybrosys also offers extension modules that encompass a flexible mechanism for handling taxation. We offer multiple taxations that can be configured to meet the requirements of various tax jurisdictions. Our modules can also be used to handle other tax-like financial transactions, such as royalties to authors based on the value of transactions. Cybrosys modules also offer features like product upselling, suggesting pricier alternatives for maximizing your revenue. Reporting section of Odoo Sales is robust and helps with the better understanding of a company's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Cybrosys helps you with customized analytical reports, offering you insight on trends and forecasts for key metrics such as the number of opportunities, their expected revenue over time, close rate by a team or the length of the sales cycle for a product or service. Cybrosys apps also help the businesses in drafting automatic invoices and their future cancellations, helping the business in large.

If you don’t have a sales management tools for your business sales transactions, it is the time to start looking for. Cybrosys, the exponent of Odoo ERP has 10 years of service in Odoo Sales and other industry platforms. Being an exponent in Odoo allied service, we’ve come to the point of providing the finest qualitative solutions that no other vendors beat to provide with. Cybrosys strive to keep their customers happy and accomplished. With us, you can’t find any other best partner for your ERP implementation. If you are looking for the best ROI, Cybrosys can be your best buddy to accomplish your dream. We are robust in providing end-to- end CRM, sales, marketing, and customer support capabilities to maximize the value you receive.

Our sales applications in Odoo platform includes Sales Discount on Total Amount facilitating discount on total in sale and invoice with discount limit and approval, Improve Product Image for importing product image from CSV file, Barcode Scanning Support for sales and purchase forecasting, Sales Promotion for creating promotion offers for sales, Previous Sale/Purchase Product Rates providing sale and purchase history for partners, Customer Sequence Offering unique customer code for quick identification,Product Expiry Date Warning for generating real-time warning on expired products, Partner Location Map for viewing partner’s geolocation, Quotation Revised History for easy retrieval of revised quotation history, Merge Same Products in Sales order lines for merging order lines, Donut Diagram for Sales giving insight and better analysis of targets. We have number of apps in the sales sector and you can easily avail them from Odoo apps. The number of downloads for each Cybrosys app signifies our strength and reliability in Odoo ERP platform and Odoo sales.

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