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Odoo V14

Odoo is an all-in-one business software that includes CRM, website / e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory. Odoo provides the service in community and enterprise versions. The Community version is an open source version, while the Enterprise version adds proprietary features and services to the Community edition. Odoo also provides 27300 plus addon modules including both paid and free apps, which provides additional features to the existing one and thus grow your business on step forward. We have a strong odoo community for customizing and creating more new apps. Most of the default apps are developed with the majority of the functionalities needed for the all sort of industries. Thus customization on apps requires minimal time for odoo developers. Thus the more and more customized apps can be developed in a short span of time in less cost and higher quality. The quality apps are always the best reason for our 5 million users.

Why choose Odoo ERP?

The answer is why not? With the ability to customize making it suitable for any business model Odoo tops the charts considering aspects such as reliability, productivity, profit generations. Odoo ERP operating as an open source platform could bring in various advancements and automation abilities to the business operations. With features like IoT and biometric device integration abilities, Odoo can be defined as advanced up to date software. Furthermore, the open source ERP aspects enhance the abilities of the Odoo ERP.

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Odoo modules

Every modules in the Odoo ERP serves specific functions and they are integrally works to achieve the business goal


The Accounting Module allows companies to keep track of financial activities, manage payments, audit reports and generate, send and reconcile invoices.


The Odoo Invoice Module can be designed to build invoices from sales orders, purchase order and invoice management, to handle payments, to generate full accounting reports such as automated tax reports, revenue reports, etc.


CRM enables the sales team to keep in touch with customers, schedule activities, analysing leads and its results and maintaining a good relationship to increase the business growth.


Sales module track all the sales activities from the sales quotation to sale order. Odoo sales module integrally works and thus the changes will be coordinated with other modules to get a complete sales process.


Website creation for any company made ease with the website module and they can extend the sales process through the website .


E Commerce is bounded with e-selling, easy to find the best customers, products , and increases the sales revenue under this platform.


Retailers gain a lot of orders and needs are handled efficiently, they require fast and easy ways to support a wide range of customers every day. Point of sale gives a responsive design for all your customer service.


Businesses will work on various and single projects at the same time. They can also run multi-project checks and analyzes. Odoo Project Management tool used to track deadlines, development and provide maps for visualization of success of different activities.


Maintain and manage warehouses, inventory activities, stock updates in on hand, tracking products and improving business transaction transperancy.


To effectively and efficiently manage the manufacturing process, helps to reduce the complexity of production, manage bill of materials, plan, schedule and forecast manufacturing order, managing work orders etc.


Manage all purchase activities from vendors,buying goods, services, billing and payment management.


Record the employee work time and work description.

Email Marketing

Email marketing automation allows business users to get accurate and real-time statistics on every email they send. Users can conveniently monitor their rate on bounce, click and open.


Expense module allows to configure and manage the expense products that the company has.


Plan and execute events needed for various purposes .

Time Off

Time off module that helps manage employees' leave. The module aims to assist Hr managers in handling staff leaves in the most professional way.


Process recruiting employees and track the job listing, applicants details, screening of applicants, short listing, interviewing and finalization of right candidate for the position


Used to create periodical review and evaluate employee performance .


Make it easy to manage subscriptions of your products and thereby analyse the product demand.


Documents can be signed and approved faster through online.


Helps to track equipments and manage their corrective and preventive maintenance, plan the maintenance on mean time between failure,mean time to repair etc


Allows to manage quality management, setting quality control points at different stages, quality alerts can be generated from manufacturing , inventory and other modules.


Create customised apps for your business, add new features to the existing odoo app as per requirement.


Help your customer for any queries or complaints they may encounter using any product / service and thus increase the trust in the vendor.

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM manages the engineering changes of a manufacturing process,generates multiple versions of Bill of materials etc.


This made the online appointments easier and managed the meetings through online etc.


Aid to automate workflow and can set actions to automate workflow, send emails etc.

Marketing Automation

Aid to automate workflow and can set actions to automate workflow, send emails etc.


Easily upload, send, classify and store documents and even produce company records such as vendor bills, tasks and manufacturing data sheets, etc.

Internet of Things

Enables you to improve your business by making effective use of IoT tools.


To manage and configure any request that the employee can need Manager's approval like leave approval, approval for business trip etc.


Integrate the business with far more accounting tools, integrate GL reports at different currency rates across multi-company setup .

Employee Referral

Share job openings and their links via email or social media to friends and earn points for each referral.

Field Service

Provide and manage field service to customers in their place


Allow to plan activities like plan employee shifts, meeting, assignments etc


Build rental service, manage the rental orders, rental charges, rental agreements, invoices and track the rental return.

Social Marketing

Handle your marketing ideas and push contents on social media , web push notifications in a simpler way.


E-learning allows to create online courses, encourage participants to access and complete their course

25500+ Customised Odoo Modules Extra

Business Industries in Odoo

Each module performs certain functions which are interlinked with each other.

Odoo App store

Odoo App store consists of free and paid apps that can be downloaded and installed to get more customized features. When Odoo launched the Odoo app store, it had 10,000 integrated apps with custom properties in its first two years and every day an average of 12 new apps were included. Every month large numbers of Odoo users download the application to customize their business workflow. Now the App Store has a total of 27300 plus apps, out of which 14600 plus apps are free apps. All the apps are customized according to the needs of customers.

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