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Who are we?

Cybrosys Technologies is the prominent Odoo gold partner operational for more than 14 years offering exceptional Odoo related services to its clients, especially in the UK. Today Cybrosys stands tall among Odoo service providers in the UK with its long list of clients on Odoo implementation and related services. We are the world's top Odoo app contributor along with one of the best contributors to the Odoo community. Our long list of applications caters to the various specific and application-level needs of its users in the Odoo platform. With Odoo's implementation in more than 160+ countries mainly in the UK, Cybrosys Technologies is a proud Odoo partner and service provider.

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We specialize in developing well-crafted Odoo platforms reducing the gap between the operations and management thereby providing you complete control of your business.

Importance of choosing an Odoo partner

A dedicated Odoo partner for your development and implementation of the platform will be beneficial for your business. Unlike other service providers of Odoo, the Odoo partners are certified professional companies that have the capability and expertise in the Odoo platform-related operations.


Knows the entire overview of Odoo

As they are certified partners of Odoo they have complete knowledge and experience in operations with Odoo which makes them stand first in Odoo service providers.


Insight on all apps

Upon understanding your business the Odoo partners will have insight on which all Odoo applications should be used for the operations of your company with Odoo.


Provide best hosting suggestions

They will describe which models of Odoo are best sustainable for your business upon analysis of your operational requirement and provide which hosting solution is best.

Process Mapping

Best business process mapping

Being well versed in Odoo development makes them do the business process mapping with the Odoo platform to be done with ease and by following the standardized procedures.

Access to all functions

Access to all functions

As Odoo partners are certified service providers they have access to all codes and development modules of the platform. Moreover, access to source codes and development aspects for Github will be an added advantage for your Odoo development.

Expert employee

Expert employees

The Odoo partners employ expert professionals who are well-qualified Odoo functional and technical consultants as well as developers who can craft well-versed Odoo for you.


Well versed on standardized development

Odoo being a customizable software the chance of reaching error while development is high, in the case of Odoo partners as they follow standardized procedures the chances of error are low.

Implementation & Migration

Experts in Odoo implementation & migration

Odoo partners follow the best practices on the implementation of the platform. Regarding the migration, they will be able to move the data as well as the applications that are used in the previous version to the newer version.

Pricing Consultant

Pricing consultant

A good Odoo partner will be able to describe the pricing aspects including the hidden prices of the platform and its implementation and provide suggestions on which form of Odoo to be used.

Why is Cybrosys your best choice?

Cybrosys Technologies is your best choice as your Odoo implementation partner as we are certified Odoo Gold Partners who have rightful experience with implementing Odoo for prominent institutions across 160+ countries and especially in the UK. We employ dedicated as well experts in Odoo developing platform based on your requirement adding up to ultimate satisfaction of your business operations with Odoo. Our vast clientele in the UK and experience showcase what we are capable of and what is our expertise.



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What do we offer?

Being a proud Odoo Gold Partner of the platform we offer you exceptional Odoo related service in top-notch quality and reliability.

Odoo Development

We analyze your business, consult and discuss with you and understand your business needs then develop an educated platform for your operations.

Odoo Customization

Customization is the best feature of Odoo and its effectiveness relies on the one who does it. We are experts in customizing the Odoo platform to suit your business needs.

Odoo Consulting

Our expert and well-versed Odoo functional consultants will provide you insight on the functional capabilities of the platform managing your business operations with the help of a scheduled demo of the platform.

Odoo Training

Our expert Odoo trainers can be expensed for training your employees in functioning with Odoo. The training can be conducted in groups providing insight into the required aspects of the platform.

Odoo Support

Our Odoo support team will be able to help you with the maintenance operations for your Odoo platform, rectifying your bugs and untangling your wound-up operations.

Other offerings from us



Our vast collections of blogs over 1500+ defined the functional as well as technical aspects of Odoo. These are well crafted to meet the operational requirements of Odoo users, developers, consultants, and other people who are interested in Odoo.


Odoo Books

We are regular publishers of Online Odoo books offering functional books on the latest version of Odoo. These books will explain all the functional aspects of the Odoo with the help of multiple examples to make the reader well versed on various aspects of the platform.


Odoo Development Tutorial

The Odoo development tutorial course is a collection of development videos of the Odoo platform that you can take up at any time of your preference free of charge explaining to you the various developmental aspects of the platform.



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