Odoo Partners

We help you to be a successful Odoo partner. Be an official Odoo partner and provide quality service on Odoo.

Odoo Resources

With an experienced functional and technical team, we will provide you with a devoted team to work on your projects and help you deliver them on time.

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Odoo Support

Provide support to clients on all sorts of queries at any time irrespective of location. Any questions and queries regarding the odoo modules can be properly guided.

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We provide help to make you and your sales efforts more effective, bring in front of the right people, create customised softwares and increase the business rate.

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Blog Writing

Helps to increase traffic to your blogs by providing most useful and relevant contents. Increased traffic to your blog content will keep you familiar to the world. This will make you a more discussable factor among clients.

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Odoo Version

We support our partners to provide the right Odoo version and customisation of the application required for clients that may be upon functionalities or upon country.

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Odoo Positioning

considering all factors like providing better resources, blog, services, customised apps and introducing those to the odoo community, will brand you in odoo market space. This will help to reach you in the right space among odoo partners.

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Odoo Resources

For implementing odoo ERP ,installing and configuring the modules required for your project in its most appropriate way is a challenging task. So there comes the need for the right skilled and qualified partners to help you on this.Odoo ERP is easily customisable, even though organisations may be hooked with the workflow. Thus we provide both functional and technical experts to keep everything right and help to achieve your business goal.

Odoo Support

Odoo is designed using a wide range of open source software and tools. Support can analyze that the industry works and notify users that take full advantage of the Odoo Database and manage all configurations and coach on how to use Odoo.They can support you with all sorts of related tasks such as framework development, backend, front-end, on website, or any 3rd party Odoo integrations or Odoo migration,free consultancy, functional support and project handling training etc.


You may lose your business deal, if you are moving without an accurate and precise marketing strategy. Sometimes you may deserve them but lack of proper sales methodology, you may fail. We help our partners what steps partners can take to improve their marketing efforts and how they can find the right audience, make good deals and improve business growth. The strategy should differ from client to client, based on industry or based on country. We assist you with creating strategic, data-driven, multi-faceted campaigns to deliver the right thing, at the right time which accelerates business operations and creates a responsive workplace. It would certainly boost the overall consumer experience.

Blog writing

Blogs with helpful and relevant contents on Odoo technical and functional data is surely an identity for the enterprise. Cybrosys technology has a lot of experts in the functional and technical side and will help our partners with exact content for those modules and development. Thus we can guide you to learn and write contents for blogs that partners require. The blogs with precise information on the Odoo modules or technical side will be followed and reviewed by the public. If they found that your blogs are beneficial, there comes your success and fame on Odoo platform.

Odoo version

Sometimes the entrepreneurs require additional functionalities over the default odoo functions. Even though every Odoo app has majority of the functionalities that suit for any business application, some require their own concepts to be in adding additional features. Maybe that additional feature makes them different from others. So adding such features as per the client's expectation to the existing application or by providing custom apps, will be an added advantage to gain the business deal rather than providing the default one. We will have 25500 custom apps in the Odoo App store ( paid and free apps). We can impart knowledge to our partners and customise the apps for their clients.

Odoo positioning

Mere odoo service is not enough to make you reach around the globe. We hold up our partners to let them be an unique and identifiable partner among the Odoo community. Their identity can be branded through apps developed, services provided and several activities can be done to brand the partners. Odoo normally categorises its partners as ready, silver partner and gold partner based on certain criteria and thus they can enjoy additional privileges from Odoo. So once the partner is noticeable among the community because of their dedicated service to odoo will position you in odoo space.


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