Odoo ERP for Education Management

Smart schools are always advocated among mass and remain a preferred choice among new age parents. The quick communication, transparent operations and flawless administration together make the school perfect and make them stand ahead from rest. A School ERP can play a vital role in implementing a flawless administration that helps in achieving the best management one always sought for. An Educational ERP can act as a comprehensive, self-reliant platform to run the educational institutions like schools and colleges. The vital feature or the pivotal advantage of implementing a school management software is that it remains flexible and seamlessly tune to any organization size.

The Open Source School Management software is self-sufficient in handling the daily routines and functionalities of educational institutions. It helps in keeping all student information in one place for easy access and quick decision making. An Educational ERP also helps in easy management of faculty information like skills, degrees, courses and previous employment records. The simple and transparent registration process offered by the school ERP paves the way to quick and easy enrollment. Management of fees, transportation and examination become ease with a school management software.

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  • favicon Attendance Creation
  • favicon Attendance Table
  • favicon Attendance Report
  • favicon Fee Management
  • favicon Fee Types
  • favicon Dashboard
  • favicon Exam Valuation
  • favicon Exam Results
  • favicon Exam Reports
  • favicon Class Wise Timetable
  • favicon Faculty Login
  • favicon Academic Promotions
  • favicon Student History
  • favicon Transport Management
  • favicon Educational Announcements
  • favicon Hostel Management
  • favicon Exam Creation
  • favicon Weekly Timetable
  • favicon Faculty Timetable
  • favicon Student Login
  • favicon Parent Login
  • favicon Student Assignment
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  • favicon Multi-Warehouse
  • favicon Multi-Location
  • favicon Package managing
  • favicon Barcode support
  • favicon Batch picking
  • favicon Landed cost
  • favicon Advance Scheduling
  • favicon Inventory adjustment
  • favicon Preordering rules
  • favicon Inventory valuation
  • favicon Scrapping
  • favicon Shipping connectors
  • favicon Product variants
  • favicon Multiple units of measure
  • favicon Lot & Serial number tracking
  • favicon Expiry date
  • favicon Stock forecasting
  • favicon Product category
  • favicon Various product descriptions
  • favicon Run scheduler
  • favicon Stock removal strategy
  • favicon Product types
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manufacturing ERP software

Human resource

  • favicon Employee
  • favicon Employee contracts
  • favicon Departments
  • favicon Contract templates
  • favicon Organization charts
  • favicon Leave management
  • favicon Payroll
  • favicon Attendance
  • favicon Approval
  • favicon Appraisal
  • favicon Work schedule
  • favicon Recruitment
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  • favicon Purchase agreement
  • favicon Request for quotation
  • favicon Purchase order
  • favicon Order approval
  • favicon Vendor warning
  • favicon Drop shipping
  • favicon Billing
  • favicon Lock purchase order
  • favicon Enterpriser list
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manufacturing ERP software


  • favicon Customer invoicing
  • favicon Customer credit notes
  • favicon Payments
  • favicon Sales receipts
  • favicon Vendor bill
  • favicon Vendor credit notes
  • favicon Vendor Payment
  • favicon Journal entries
  • favicon Payment terms
  • favicon Fiscal position
  • favicon Payment matching
  • favicon Asset management
  • favicon Multi-currency
  • favicon Payment follow up
  • favicon Online payment
  • favicon Batch deposit
  • favicon Anglosaction/USS gap
  • favicon Budget management
  • favicon Cash rounding
  • favicon Analytical accounting
  • favicon Real-time / inventory valuation
  • favicon Costing method
  • favicon Auditor record locking
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  • favicon Sales Quotation
  • favicon Sales order
  • favicon Invoicing
  • favicon Order to upsell
  • favicon Sale price list
  • favicon Discount
  • favicon Margin
  • favicon Discount approval
  • favicon Coupons & Promotions
  • favicon Online signature
  • favicon Portals
  • favicon Tax included/excluded pricing
  • favicon Quotation template
  • favicon Lock confirmed orders
  • favicon Pro-forma invoice
  • favicon Section on sales order
  • favicon Multiple customer addresses
  • favicon Shipping cost
  • favicon Incoterm
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Features of Odoo Education ERP Software

As Odoo is one of the software solutions which can be flexed for the operational needs of any form of operations in an establishment, the platform can also be developed for the operations and management of an educational institution. The Odoo education ERP provides you with complete management capabilities for running the operations of the educational institution. Moreover, with the help of the dignified modules of operation, you will have dedicated controlling tools and options for every operation. An Education ERP is the best solution for the effective management of an institution and its day-to-day activities.

The Odoo education ERP is equipped with various operational features as well as functional tools of operations. There is a complete student and faculty management operational tools and functional options. Furthermore, there are tools to run the classroom management operations along with the examination management options. The attendance management operations are vital and an educational management ERP will be capable of managing the faculty as well as student attendances.

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