Top 5 New Features in WhatsApp App in Odoo 17

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Chat in Discuss

Seamlessly discuss projects, ideas, and updates within the app, fostering collaboration and real-time communication.

WhatsApp App in Odoo 17

2. Dynamic Placeholders

Enjoy personalized messaging with dynamic placeholders, ensuring your messages feel tailor-made for every recipient.

WhatsApp App in Odoo 17

3. Marketing Automation

Effortlessly streamline your marketing efforts by automating tasks, enabling you to focus on creativity and strategy.

WhatsApp App in Odoo 17

4. Preset Answers (Buttons)

Save time with preset answers, transforming frequently used responses into convenient buttons for swift interaction.

WhatsApp App in Odoo 17

5. Send Documents, Maps, Contacts, etc

Share various file types, locations, and contacts directly through the app, enhancing your communication capabilities.

WhatsApp App in Odoo 17