Top 7 Odoo 17 Purchase Apps in 2024

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Purchase History Of Products

Track the purchase history of your products effortlessly. Gain insights into past transactions and make informed purchasing decisions.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

2. All In One Hide Print Button

Enhance your Odoo experience with the All In One Hide Print Button. Simplify your interface and focus on what matters most.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

3. Merge RFQ

Streamline your request for quotation process by merging RFQs. Consolidate multiple requests into one, saving time and effort.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

4. Employee Purchase Requisition

Empower your employees to submit purchase requisitions seamlessly. Improve efficiency and ensure timely procurement.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

5. Previous Sale/Purchase Product Rates

Access previous sale and purchase rates to make informed pricing decisions. Stay competitive in the market with accurate pricing information.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

6. Product Multi Attachment

Attach multiple files to your products with ease. Keep all relevant documents organized and accessible within Odoo.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps

7. Purchase Order Line Images

Enhance your purchase orders with line images. Visualize products and streamline communication with suppliers.

Odoo 17 Purchase Apps