Top 8 New Features in Barcode App in Odoo 17

Cybrosys Technologies


1. Existing Quants in Inventory Adjustments

When a tracked product is scanned in an inventory adjustment, all lots/serials present in this location are loaded.

Barcode App

2. Manufacturing with Barcode

Process and create manufacturing orders from the barcode app.

Barcode App

3. Returns from Barcodes

Create returns in barcode format and conveniently scan barcodes to identify returns. Additionally, the visibility of returns in the portal has been improved, and the return default operation type has been removed for better handling of purchase returns.

Barcode App

4. Smooth Handling of Reserved Quantities

Better handling of reserved quantities with on-the-fly reservation changes when picking from a different location.

Barcode App

5. Manual Entry

Added the option to enter a barcode manually.

Barcode App

6. Product Picture

Display a picture of the product in the details to ensure the correct product is picked.

Barcode App

7. Scan Source

Users are now asked to scan the source location before the product if it is not supposed to be picked up in the last scanned source location.

Barcode App

8. Sound & Visual Effects

A sound is played when a barcode is not recognized or is wrong. The screen flashes as soon as a barcode is correctly recognized.

Barcode App