How Odoo helps you to manage your business effectively? Let’s have a look on benefits of odoo..!

1.  Open source.
2.  Low cost.
3.  User-friendly.
4. Proven product.
5.  Availability.
6. Updated technology.
Open Source:- 

Today, there are many different business enterprise solutions that are designed to streamline, automate and make the processes of day-to-day business less of a hassle. Enterprise resource management, often dubbed ERP is one such option. Modified and custom modules must be open-sourced under the AGPL license.Suppose if we use a closed system the module never grow up. Odoo/OpenERP is based on modern and up-to-date technologies. This platform keeps on modifying along with the updated technologies.

 Low cost:- 

So guys don't worry about the cost.Unlike other ERP platforms, you get the license for free, and so you can allow a bigger portion of your budget for implementation and customization wherever needed. Currently, Odoo has 2 million users because of the error free and proven quality, that’s why the quality of Odoo is always high.

A user can easily download the software free of cost and use it effectively. As compared to other ERP platforms, you can obtain an Odoo license for free. It helps you utilize a substantial portion of your budget in the implementation and personalization of the software as per the requirement.


 A smooth and friendly user experience that has been built to ensure the user seamless adoption. Flexibility and full integration cover the needs of complex companies. The flexibility of Odoo is such that module can be added according to the growth of your company.  The benefits of Odoo are Highly comprehensive, Simply modules, Advanced Technology, Free to cost, Easy to integrate and Easy to customize. Which means odoo is very much user-friendly. Thanks to the Odoo community, Odoo is actively maintained by a large base of developers to meet evolving customer needs and provide new, innovative applications.  Cybrosys Technologies is one of the major Odoo partner references in India.

Proven product:-

The Odoo is a proven product,there is no doubt on that.This is because of their good features and benefits. Two million peoples are using this because of the error free and proven quality.The major company references are   HYUNDAI, DANONE, EXKi, LAPOSTE etc. Hence we can say that it is proven product.


 Now let's see what are the availability of an Odoo. In Odoo we have 5000+ modules. As per the requirement, we can plug in the required module.In the case of load balancing when you do that for any service you need to take care of sessions handling in the number of servers that you may have, in the case of OpenERP the session management is done by werkzeug at the low level and OpenERP use the werkzeug.contrib.sessions. If all of your OpenERP servers are on the same server machine and they are started with the same user you should not have any trouble but if the OpenERP servers are distributed perhaps you will end having different sessions for the same user in all the OpenERP servers, for example, you ask to the load balancer for and that generate request for load js, css, and much more stuff like dblist, etc. if you have 2 servers you may be creating session in both of them, so when you login in the UI, you are login in one of the servers and in that server the session store the information related to who you are, but again others request will be sent to the rest of the servers and in those your session are not authenticated so you will be seen errors like "your session has expired" because you are trying to access a resource that needs to have been authenticated again a DB and in that server your session doesn't

Updated technology:-

Odoo / OpenERP is based on a technology stack that is modern and up-to-date. These technologies continue to be developed and adapted to the latest paradigms, and so is Odoo / OpenERP. From blogs to e-commerce, Odoo’s Website Building apps are built with a marketing approach in mind to reach out to a wider global audience of potential business clients or customers. It enables company owners to build their own websites that are usually search engine optimized. Additionally, Odoo facilitates the development of numerous effective business productivity increment tools and software such as business intelligence and instant online messaging to invoke generation of witty objectives and enhance problem-solving skills. Discussions and appropriate to-do notes also see to it that the company achieves its set production targets.