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By: Sebreesha Sylvia

Benefits of Using Odoo 15 Approval Module

Functional Odoo 15

Every step in an organization taken by the employee for work purposes must be approved by his or her manager. This process of requesting the managers for validating the work demand is known as the Approval system. Every organization employs such a process for standardization of the procedures and to bring an organized workflow inside the business. Every sector of the company goes through the process in order to complete the tasks and projects assigned.
In order to increase the productivity of the business a systematic and organized method of carrying out work must be present in the organization. To get good results in projects it is necessary for the employees to have proper resources. Since every resource is validated to the employee through the approval process it is also very important to make the process quick.
Earlier the process of approval was a tedious and time-consuming process. The employee will have to take the necessary documents and submit it to responsible departments. Then he or she will have to wait till the request gets validated. Sometimes the approval might also get rejected and the time spent by the employee in waiting for the approval gets wasted. Following the traditional process can be frustrating therefore companies have started automating the process through the digitalization of approval of requests.
The digitalization of the approval process results in less time consumption and maintenance of the organizational structure. Odoo ERP is a complete solution for your organizational procedures. It is open-source software that helps in executing the business operations of your organization. The ERP ensures productivity and efficient use of labor hours through its dynamic tools. All employee-related activities are coordinated and tracked in Odoo ERP.
Odoo 15 Approval module is dedicated to looking over the approval requests and thus helping employees as well as companies to achieve maximum productivity in a small span of time. With the Approval module employees can easily place the requests to their managers and managers can review the requests and validate them.
Here in this blog let us view in detail the benefits of having an Odoo 15 Approval module in your business.
Time saver
One of the most important characteristics and benefits of the Approval module is that it saves a lot of time. Time is the most important resource of every business. By shifting to Odoo Approval module the time wasted in the traditional method of the approval process can be saved and can be used for production methods. Employees can submit the request with a few clicks and check the status of their request anytime they want. Employees don't have to visit different departments, in fact, the list of the approvers can be listed while submitting the request and the request will be notified to the managers. Managers can review the request along with the documents attached. The necessity for validating the approval can be examined briefly and the manager can take appropriate decisions after reviewing. Earlier while placing a request the employee should contact the inventory manager and department to know the details regarding the product or service he or she is demanding for approval. But through the Odoo 15 Approval module, you can look into the products, services, and product variants of the company. This will save a lot of time and by looking at the details of every product and service you can forehand prepare your approval request.
Storing data
It is necessary to store the details of the requests the employee has made in an organization. In the future when the project is being analyzed the approval requests and their validation is always taken into consideration. Odoo 15 Approval module stores all your approval request data and this can be examined later. The history of approvals helps the company in deciding the future projects and the companies capability in achieving the task with provided products and resources.
The Odoo 15 Approval module is transparent in nature. The request updates can be viewed by the employees anytime. As the products and services are listed in the module, this gives a complete insight for the employee about the available products and services. Odoo appraisal application keeps a log where all the activities taken under each task will be noted and displayed. This log is visible to the employees also which helps them to track the progress of the request. They can plan future steps required to complete the project according to the progress on their approval request.
The Approval module in Odoo 15 is integrated with other modules of the software. This enables easy workflow in the organization. Direct association can be maintained with other departments of the company through the Approval module. For example, an employee working in the Field Service department can request approval for the products or services to the Accounting department.
Easy decision making
With the Odoo Approval module, the managers can make quick decision-making by reviewing the requests submitted by the employees. While placing the request the employees must enter certain information into the fields which is mandatory and varies in different approval types. With this feature, managers while reviewing the request will have all the necessary information regarding the approval and can make decisions easily based on the data submitted. Managers can straightforwardly come to conclusions and also can withdraw the taken decision easily. Whether the request was approved or refused with the help of WITHDRAW option the reversal of the action taken can be done.
Odoo 15 Approval module is very user-friendly and neither the employee nor manager requires special skill in operating the module. Regardless of the size of the company, the Approval module can be used for the smooth functioning of the business. By making use of the approval application a lot of productive time of the organization can be saved and employees and management can utilize this time for executing other activities. The module is totally helpful in organizing and standardizing the management with its functions.

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