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By: Cirin C Baby

ERP Implementation and Application Statistics

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Enterprise and resource planning software is providing business management solutions for companies to run the operations reliably and efficiently possible with the allocation of best practices and strategies of functioning. Today there are numerous ERP solutions available that provide application-specific management as well as the entire company management operations. Although ERP solutions have been present here for a quite long time you may be worried about the capabilities and what extra profits can such an investment bring in?
One of the major questions which arise to a person who is palling to upgrade their business with ERP implementation is whether it be a successful one or a waste of money or resources? Although the ERP implementation success rate is quite above 50 percent and various factors determine a successful implementation. However, even if the chances of the ERP implementation have a lower success rate for the ones which are successfully implemented in a company they have provided them with more than 90 percent of the growth in all aspects of functioning. I am not getting into detail about the ERP implementation failures and other aspects regarding it. 
You can read the following blog which will describe to you why ERP implementations fail in companies: 
ERP software is advancing day by day as they can inherit and interconnect the recent advancements in technology helping them to improve the business management they use. Comparing the statistics data of the previous year and the one before it is evident that the ERP industry is thriving and has become more advanced. This year from the suggested reports and the historical background study on the ERP market and its allocated aspects depicted that the market is to grow even more by 47 billion USD in revenue. Making is one of the bigger technology markets among the software industries.
However, regarding you, one of the people looking at the statistical data on ERP to decide whether to go further with the implementation, the description of the ERP market and its allocation will not enlighten you. Therefore this blog will concentrate on the aspects and statistics concerning a person who needs to have an understanding of the ERP and its statistics.
This blog will provide you an insight into the status tics of ERP implementations and the applicational data analysis involved with it
Certain statistical data
ERP implementation is one of the bigger investments concerning a company. The management should plan, prepare, and draft the requirements for the implementation. Moreover, you will require technical expertise, financial aspects, and support from a certified service provider. Consequently, you should be able to analyze the risk involved and the chances of implementation failure at various stages of it and after it. Here are certain statistical data to point out to you on why you should go ahead with ERP implementation:
> Enhances business performance by more than 60 percentage
> Improving company growth by more the 50 percentage
> Proportionately reducing the capital investment to below 50 percentage
> Considering a manufacturing industry the features and capabilities of management are improved over 45 percent and the user-friendly aspects of operations are increased to over 50 percent.
> More than 95% of successful ERP implementations have been improving the company's operations and the functionality associated with them by improving the workflow and process of operations.
> The business which has completely adapted to ERP management has indicated that it has reduced processing time and improved the collaboration capabilities of the companies.
> The ERP service providers pointed out that the customer's satisfaction with the software and its allocated aspects have increased more than 65 percent in recent years.
> Establishments spending more on the ERP implementation that is over the budget range indicated that they are more than satisfied with the software and its worth the investment.
Fraudulent payment activity is another concern during business operation and around 755 percent of establishments have detected similar threats and theory are willing to establish ERP solutions to manage the payment as well as financial operations.
> Another aspect to be noted is that the implementation process may take longer and ist will disrupt the company functioning in certain cases. It was detected that more than half of the companies faced similar problems during the ERP implementation stage.
These are some of the statistical data available based on the ERP implementations and applications which will provide you with a description with statistics on the capabilities of the ERP software in a company's operations. Now let's move onto the statistics on new trends of operation in the ERP business.
New trends of ERP Softwares
The world is an ever-changing environment and the similarity can be felt in the aspects of technologies available. Newer technologies are being invented and developed in terms of communication as well as digitalization. There are major aspects of the ERP market. However, the core functionality of the ERP market has not changed in recent years and the operational standards have the same principle of operation throughout. Here are certain aspects regarding the new trends and development of operation in the ERP software business:
> The inventions of IoT and the machine learning aspect along with artificial intelligence have been widely used in ERP software. Which will be gradually increased and improved based on the application capabilities.
> Furthermore, the establishments are searching for ERP software with advanced capabilities of IoT integration, Artificial intelligence company functioning and management additionally the implementation of machine learning aspects with the help of ERP software to run thor company with more efficiency.
> 80 percent of developers in the ERP market believe that more than 75 percent of the development aspects will be concentrating on machine learning in ERP software operations.
These are certain information about the data which may prevail and is functioning in the operations of the ERP software all across the world. Nowadays there are various ERP business management solutions available among them Odoo ERP is considered as one of the best tools for business management. With advanced capabilities of business operations and the functioning of companies, Odoo ERP is the most advanced and reliable business management tool.

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