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By: Sruthi Sreenivasan

Everything You Need to Know About the Odoo Roadshow in Oakland, US


Are you a corporate owner or entrepreneur looking to assign structure and format to your business activities? Do you aim to organize these activities under a comprehensive framework? Then, Odoo might be the perfect software solution for you! Let us quickly go over some of the commendable functionalities of this ERP software.
a) Odoo is your perfect partner to devise a foolproof business plan for your commercial organization, regardless of its size. 
b) It provides professional management solutions exclusively in the form of two versions - Odoo Community and Enterprise
c) The Community version of Odoo is open-sourced, while the licensed Enterprise version is more advanced.
If you are a staunch follower of Odoo Events, you might already be familiar with its Roadshows. After a prolonged absence from the limelight, Odoo is back with a new series! So, buckle up and register for this Roadshow, to be held in Oakland, US.
Join this event to learn how Odoo provides a complete solution to declutter your company’s executive functioning. Moreover, strengthen your business management skills with the step-by-step analysis of our software solutions backed by expert assistance.
This blog will cover what to expect from the Roadshow in Oakland, US, and how you can use this platform to engage your managerial skills productively.
What are Odoo Roadshows? Who can partake in them?
The Odoo Roadshows primarily focus on interacting with entrepreneurs, visionaries, learners, business operators, etc., from around the world by familiarizing them with Odoo, which will help them navigate their business prospects. Odoo schedules these international events to promote the release of a new version or the launch of a new application.
Apart from a comprehensive study of Odoo’s features, you get an excellent platform for networking with various business experts. In this networking session, you can expand your professional contacts while sipping sparkling wine and digging into your favorite appetizers.
Any individual or organization genuinely interested in the technicalities and functionalities of Odoo can register for the event. It also benefits people looking to integrate Odoo into their business frameworks.
What Should You Expect at this Roadshow?
You can strengthen your networking skills at the Odoo Roadshow by interacting with various business executives and ERP enthusiasts. Various industry experts are equipped to answer your queries and work towards fostering a community for developing business management solutions. Besides, you can also learn about the trendsetters in the business world to cultivate a well-informed managerial skillset.
At the upcoming US Roadshow, watch our experts talk about Odoo's localization feature, specific to the United States. Additionally, get educated insights on how country-specific localization allows you to integrate your business activities efficiently.
Odoo’s international Roadshow in Oakland, USA, is absolutely free of cost! 
It is scheduled to be held on 19th July 2022, from 5;30 PM to 8 PM. To register for the event, click the following link and opt “Register” on the page that appears.
Please note that the medium of the entire presentation will be English.
To know more about this event, visit Odoo’s official website www.odoo.com
If you’re a US resident looking for fiscal and Payroll localization assistance in Odoo, connect with our experts at Best Odoo Partner In the US.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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