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By: Joisey TJ

Features of Live Chat Module in Odoo 15 ERP

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One of the advanced ways to communicate with individuals when accessing the company website is the Live Chat tool. It is a productive way to link with customers, the sales team, and visitors to a website. A business perspective increases using the Live Chat feature, and it is an excellent system for proper communication. There is no limit to any time to chat, and many customers can be part of it. You can boost your business more live through the Odoo 15 Live Chat module. We can manage the report and channels with the Odoo 15 Live Chat module.

This blog assists you to know about salient features of the Odoo 15 Live Chat module for users.

Odoo 15 Live chat module improves customer satisfaction for a business and is a user-friendly application. The Live chat platform is linked with eCommerce websites, and it is an inexpensive process to engage with various people through communication. The reporting feature of Odoo Live Chat ensures the analysis of operations, statistics, and customer ratings. Let us look at the basic features of the Odoo 15 Live Chat module here.

Assist in Generate a New Live Chat Channel

Odoo 15 Live Chat module helps you develop a new live chat for your website. We can manage all operations related to Live Chat through the Channels tab in the Odoo Live Chat dashboard. The Create icon in the Live Chat dashboard ensures you generate a new channel, as shown in the screenshot below.


Users can develop Channel Rules for live support channels and add the URL per country. Before starting a conversation, it is possible to initiate a welcome message and set a background color for the live chat button. Automated messages are visible to customers at the time of visiting any website. The Options tab in a new Website Live Chat Channel window ensures to create of a message in this format. It is beneficial to attract customers, buyers, and a large audience quickly. Communication between a customer started through an automated message on the website. The operators and website live chat widget details are easy to develop inside a Live Chat channel. Another tool is Chat Input Placeholder which helps users to start a chat.


Helps to Contact Visitors on a Website

Visitors visiting the website are easily accessed through the Odoo Live Chat dashboard. You can view the Name, Pages, Language, Leads, Last Connection, and number of Visits through the Visitors window of the Live Chat dashboard. Here, we can contact the visitors through SMS or Email. It is possible to send an SMS after adding the recipient's name, phone number, and message. Another way to contact visitors is through Email. For that, enter the recipient's email address, subject, and message and click on Send icon. You can also attach any file related to the subject for the recipient. Users can analyze the count of all visitors to a website with the last date through graphical representation.

Increase the Conversation and easy Accessibility

A customer has several queries regarding the products and services when visiting a specific website. That customer did not get your email id, phone number, or address from the website in some situations. The Live Chat facility is more beneficial at that time, and a customer can easily chat with the person regarding any questions within less time. It raises the conversation level between customer and owner.

We can access the support easily through the Live Chat platform and can link with the support team within less time. Hence, the support team resolves visitors' issues and makes them more confident/comfortable in the business. Odoo Live Chat module is linked with the Helpdesk module, and the queries of customers are easily solved by raising the tickets from the Helpdesk module. It is possible through the Odoo Live Chat platform, and visitors get their results fastly.

Reporting Feature of Odoo 15 Live Chat

Users can analyze the operator, Session History, Customer Ratings, and Session Statistics through Odoo 15 Live Chat platform. For that, click on the Report tab in the Live Chat dashboard, and you can analyze all the above-given details. The Dashboard of Report tab shows the satisfaction of customers rate on your website. You can examine the count of sessions, operators, percentage of happy customers, and anonymous as shown in the screenshot below.


Session History and Statistics

Select the Session History menu in the Report tab, and you can see the history of all sessions with attendees. Here, information about Attendees, Ratings by a customer, Session Date, and Messages are visible to the user. You can download the details by clicking on the Export All icon, as depicted below.


Inside the Session Statistics window, you can analyze the count of all your Website Live Chat channels in a graphical representation. The total count of the Average duration of each message in the Website Live Chat Channel shows in the Pivot table of the Session Statistics window. Users can apply several measures such as Rating, Time to answer, Days of activity, Visitor is Happy and more details into the Pivot table as shown in the screenshot below.


Operator Analysis and Customer Ratings

The Live Chat platform assists users to analyze the operators based on the number of sessions, average duration, count and time to answer. We can view the total count of average durations and sessions in a pivot table in the Pivot view. The Operator Analysis window inside the Report tab depicts the rate of sessions and the operator in a graphical representation shown in the screenshot below.


Visitors can rate the website based on your response to their queries. You can access the Customers Ratings with the Odoo 15 Live Chat dashboard. In the Customer Rating window, we can know about information related to the customer, submitted date, time, rated operator, and ratings depicted in the screenshot below.


Low Service Cost and 24/7 Customer Support 

Live chat's cost is much lesser than other support channels for users. We can manage multiple customers using the Live Chat channel, and it is an added advantage. Moreover, you can provide 24/7 customer support with the support of Live Chat and resolve the queries within less time. The visitors can access the Live Chat at different time zones, and services are beneficial for customers.

Configuration Feature in Live Chat dashboard

Users can create Canned Responses with the Configuration feature of the Odoo 15 Live Chat module. It is helpful when chatting with customers, and the shortcut format gives easy access to a substitution of chat. Inside the Canned Responses window, you can view the Shortcut for every Substitution, as shown in the screenshot below.


Odoo 15 Live Chat lets you interact with customers and boost your business quickly. It manages the operations, raises sales deals, contacts visitors, helps in creating a new channel and analyzes the reports. The Live Chat channel creates a positive environment with your customers and solves their queries regarding services.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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