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By: Sumaiba

How Odoo helps in Marketing Automation?


What is marketing automation? It is the process of managing some tasks which are repetitive in nature automatically. The automation process is managed with the help of different tools. The computer or internet-based tools help a person to avoid the repetition of tasks manually. With the help of marketing automation, a person effectively utilizes the time spent on repeatedly doing the same task.

The automation tool helps a person to design a particular project or work. It also helps to automatically execute a task. The project aims to complete the workflow in an effective manner. The work can be completed within stipulated time if we use an automation tool. 

We can also refer to the platform where we perform all the automation processes as an automation platform. Odoo has introduced a marketing automation tool aiming to organize sales and marketing sections of an organization. The tool can be beneficial for the marketing wings of different industries and other business enterprises. 

Service consultancies and others who engage in marketing ventures can make use of the Marketing Automation ERP. The ERP can reduce errors as it is an internet-enabled application. What is more, it provides us with an e-solution where minimal installation and training are required. 


Why Odoo?

Odoo open source software is the best suited Marketing Automation ERP. With special features to meet the requirements of different industries, Odoo Marketing Automation ERP replaces the time consuming manual process with feather touch automated activity. The e-platform provides us with automated plan preparation, coordination of activities, and management of all marketing-related tasks. Another key feature of Odoo Marketing Automation ERP is the efficiency of the system to work online and offline.

What makes Odoo Marketing Automation for small businesses an essential tool for investors? 

Odoo Marketing automation can be easily integrated with all other Odoo Modules. It can be linked to Odoo purchase, Sales, and PLM modules for the effective operation of the business. Odoo being Open source software also supports continuous updating and security enhancement.

In this blog, let us look at the key benefits of Odoo Marketing Automation ERP. 

Automates Marketing

Odoo ERP for marketing automation enables automation of all marketing activities. The management of marketing leads after prioritizing the leads is also possible if you are using Odoo support. The automation process helps to improve business to business activities with frequent follow-ups and regular contact with the clients.


Automated generation of campaign emails and documentation makes the ERP a successful part of any business. Besides, it also supports the business to customer mode. The marketing activities of a business enterprise with the clients can be easily managed with Odoo. What is more? Odoo even helps you improve your relationship with the government bodies and ensure easy business management with government departments and institutions. Marketing automation eases the use of technology for business purposes. 


Automate Workflow management

The success of a business is decided by the way the works and different processes are coordinated. Odoo Marketing automation helps an investor to integrate all internal and external marketing activities.

Odoo ERP helps to automatically prepare the budget and plan all operations. The workflow including request raising and quotation generation can also be done with Odoo. What makes Odoo helpful is the way it helps to prepare a marketing calendar for operation. 

The Marketing and Automation module of Odoo can be integrated with asset management and marketing.


Improve Customer Relationship Management

Automated feature for contact updation and email marketing feature helps an investor to improve his business. Template management using templates for quotations and letters also makes operations easy. Customer relation can be improved by assigning salespersons for interacting with different clients. The timely delivery of campaign contents also turns useful.


Marketing intelligence

Odoo ERP for MArketing Automation helps with marketing intelligence features. It helps to automatically review the marketing strategies of the firm in social media and web pages. The success rate of email alerts and social media campaigns can be reviewed with a click. 

The marketing intelligence helps to improve the campaigns and generate more attractive mails. This also helps the investor to set the target in an effective manner.


Campaign Management

Marketing Automation ERP can ensure the efficacy of various marketing campaigns. The campaigns through social media platforms, websites, e-mail and other modes can be operated with the help of Odoo ERP. The campaign feature helps to set the target, add documents and review the success rate of the campaign.


Besides, it enables the investor to get the document of the rejected campaigns. The mails bounced can also be reviewed with a click. The number of mails clicked open by the customers and the number replies can also be reviewed with ease. The analysis can be done for a particular period of time. 


Messages for salespersons

The campaign features also help to auto-generate messages for salespersons. The message details, expiry duration, and activity filter can be enabled. 


Campaign Status review

Odoo ERP for marketing automation helps an investor to get a clear view of various marketing campaigns. The fresh campaigns, running campaigns, and completed campaigns can be reviewed with a click. The ERP also enables to create fresh campaigns easily with a click.


Link Statistics

Odoo supports a user to quickly identify the link statistics. The number of clicks on each link and other details can be collected automatically. This will help the user to improve the link form and improve business.


Report Generation

Odoo ERP for marketing automation helps to generate graphical reports on traces of different activities. The activities including the success rate of the catalog, the activity of salesperson, and the performance for a particular time can be managed with ease.  Besides, it provides a graphic analysis of the total campaigns, completed, and running campaigns.


Odoo provides a total solution for your marketing-related worries with Odoo Marketing Automation. Don’t waste your time. Improve your business by improving workflow. Cybrosys, the Gold partner of Odoo is here to provide you with all-round support for the Odoo ERP Implementation. We also provide support for training and management.

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If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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