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Odoo Maintenance The Ultimate Operational Tool For You

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Do you find the maintenance of all machinery, computer systems, and other instruments a tough task? Don’t worry. A specially designed ERP for maintenance management can do a lot for you. ERP can coordinate all repair and maintenance activities without any struggle. A one-click management system is ensured with ERP support.

Every maintenance-related requirement including raising requests for maintenance work, managing the time schedule of the annual maintenance contract, and subcontracting of maintenance work to outside agencies can be done with the cloud-based e-maintenance platform. A well designed ERP platform can offer the best solution to flawlessly maintain the operations of all machines. The coordination of manpower for maintenance work and the installation of new parts, replacement of damaged equipment, and scrap listing can be controlled with ERP support.

What makes Odoo the best?

Odoo has an exclusive module for maintenance management. With its dedicated features and cloud-based control system, Odoo helps the managers to review the condition of the equipment and the performance of the maintenance team. The coordination of internal and external maintenance teams can also be done with the special feature.

Odoo, the best ERP model, offers you a lot more options. Maintaining all your office instruments, machinery, and other equipment can be made easy once you join hands with Odoo. Odoo with a separate module for maintenance work can easily enable the timely maintenance of all machinery.


The maintenance module comes to the rescue in all types of industry, service, and other sectors. Maintenance features can be made use even by the sale units and retail units. Farms, schools, factories, and every place where people work using different types of small and big machines need timely management and maintenance of instruments. Odoo ERP will be your best choice as Odoo can easily integrate everything with the maintenance module.

Here, in this blog, let us discuss the possibilities of Odoo ERP for maintenance activities.

Maintenance dashboard

A well-structured dashboard helps the user to get a clear picture of the status of the requests. The details of the teams engaged in the activity and other details could also be availed with a single click.

Here, Odoo offers a well-organized dashboard for its maintenance module. The integration of maintenance modules with employee management and time management is also possible with the open-source software.

The maintenance module of the Odoo helps to get a quick glance at the internal maintenance request, metrology, and subcontracted works just by clicking the dashboard. Besides, the dashboard feature helps to categorize the tasks to do, scheduled, completed, and others. The number of tasks that are unscheduled and the works blocked can also be understood just by opening the maintenance dashboard.


The dashboard can categorize the maintenance teams into different groups and get a clear picture of the works allotted to different groups. The maintenance team can be divided into an internal maintenance wing, metrology wing, and subcontractor wing. Apart from the person who raises a request, the maintenance team member and the reviewer can access all the details. This ensures proper and timely completion of the maintenance work. 

Create Maintenance Request

Not many will prefer to raise requests the e-way if the process is a time consuming one. But Odoo, the most user-friendly ERP solution makes it an easy task. Creating maintenance requests is the simplest task with Odoo ERP for maintenance. The request can be created just by clicking the maintenance request tab.  Create a request that introduces the user to a window where the maintenance request can be created. The type of maintenance and the team recommended can be included in the request along with the equipment details.


The person who raises maintenance requests can also follow up the activity with the support of the enterprise resource planning software. The status can be reviewed frequently and alerts can be generated.

Maintenance Request

Maintenance of all equipment is necessary in all sectors. The significance of a proper maintenance management system makes the annual maintenance contract management and other activities in an organized manner.

Manage maintenance requests with ease with Odoo ERP. The request for maintenance work of a machine or laptop or any other instrument can be raised by an employee. This request can be viewed by the manager and the maintenance team and the manager can review the request and at the same time the progress of the work. The details of the equipment with batch number, category. The feature also enables to include maintenance type, the requested date, and the maintenance team details.


Review the progress of maintenance request

The maintenance team tab of the Odoo module helps to get an idea of the progress of the work. The progress can be reviewed as the number of new requests, the maintenance works in progress and the works completed will be listed separately.

The progress of the request can be reviewed by the one who raised the request and the manager of the maintenance team. All those who are entrusted to coordinate the activities can review the work progress and identify the condition of the equipment. What makes Odoo special is the feature that enables it to add the equipment to the scrap list if the equipment cannot be replaced or maintained.


Maintenance Calendar

Manage maintenance calendar without any difficulty with Odoo ERP. Odoo's Maintenance module helps to sort all maintenance requests submitted by the employees for a particular period. This can help the members of the maintenance team to schedule their activities. Efficient time scheduling helps to ensure timely maintenance of all instruments.

Besides, preventive maintenance can be scheduled by the maintenance team voluntarily with the calendar feature.


The maintenance team can generate plans for offering annual maintenance or periodical maintenance. This enables the team to avoid major technical errors to the equipment.

The scheduling can be done based on days, weeks or months.

Equipment management

The equipment management feature of the Maintenance module of Odoo enables the company to list all equipment used in the company. The different types of equipment can be listed based on their company name, model and other specifications. This helps the users to access details about the maintenance request for different categories of equipment. What makes Odoo special is the easy way to get a comprehensive idea about the equipment and the working condition status. The request for maintenance in each category can be found easily under the equipment list.

The feature also enables the company employees and managers to update the details of new equipment.


A key feature of all Odoo software applications is the ability to generate reports after analysing the process. The report generation feature is useful in manufacturing, service, point of sale and other Odoo ERPs. In the maintenance module, Odoo generates reports by performance by the maintenance team. The graphic representation of the work progress helps the review team to analyse the work of the maintenance wing. It helps to give necessary guidance and improve the work pattern. 

The analysis for a given period will help to get a clear picture of the maintenance work in progress, the total number of repaired works, the equipment shifted to the scrap group. Fresh requests generated can also be traced with the help of the application.

Choose Odoo and get rid of all your maintenance related worries. We provide you support for all your concerns and help you integrate Odoo maintenance module with other modules to ensure you a comprehensive management system.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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