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By: Evin Davis

How to Run Medical Laboratory in Odoo

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Laboratories are medical operational zones that are in need of clarity and precision. As the need for them is increasing day by day the manageability factor has to be developed. Approaching in this era of pandemic situations prevailing in laboratories has paved the way for the collection of blood and plasma samples effectively. Since these areas can be an important contaminated zone the inflow of the patients, as well as the management of staff, should be done based on intact rules of operation. 

Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) can be an apt solution for the effective automated management of a laboratory. Due to the advancement in technology various companies and business organizations are looking up to these types of operational software which could not only automate the management operations but also run the entire company.

ERPs can be classified into two types, open-source ERPs and non-open source ERPs. Open source ERPs are considered the most beneficial ones due to the factor that they have an information-sharing methodology on which the various updates and upgrades can be developed in the software.

Odoo being one of the best ERPs available in the market is advantageous to the other open-source ERPs due to the customizability factor of Odoo. The management software can be configured with any existing business or can be adaptable to any form of business. In addition, the integration of various third-party software and hardware can be easily integrated with the Odoo platform. Odoo operates from a single platform and all the data information is stored in a central database making the operations much smoother. Odoo is often mentioned as the one-stop solution for all the business needs as it can manage the entire operation of a company from a single system.

App link: Medical Lab Management

This blog will provide insight on how to effectively run a laboratory in Odoo at various aspects such as:


Laboratories can be a major source for the spread of contagious diseases, thus it's always better to limit the number of patients on the premises. Appointments functionality can be put into practice since, providing appointments at a specific time for each patient will limit the inflow at an instance. This appointment methodology is at most beneficial at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic being prevailing in the world. The Odoo platform allows the customers of the company or laboratory to book their appointments online via the company website. Emails and phone calls can also ensure that the appointments are being made. In addition, the platform allows its users to send out text messages or emails to the customers on the confirmation of the appointments.


Patient Information

Obtaining and caring for patient information will be effectively beneficial for the laboratory for future operations. This database could provide the users with the added advantage of knowing the patient's history and their diagnosis. Basic health information and personal details along with contact information could be saved in this database. The Odoo laboratory management module provides the users with the added advantage of a separate window to store and view all the patients.


Test Units and Results

Considering a laboratory the final product is the test results which should be calculated and generated based on various specifications and medical attributes. The Odoo platform allows the users to configure various testing units into the platform. This would help the users in providing accurate results of various measurements. This may be of the blood levels and other fluids, pressure levels, cholesterol, platelet count, etc. Configuring these units will help the users to configure them to the various specific tests in the laboratory which will detect the respective attributes of the patient.



The invoicing in a laboratory facility setup can be performed on the basis of the cost of each test conducted. The lab tests in Odoo can be specified in the lab test window allowing the attributes and the cost of the respective ones. The invoices can be directly generated including the laboratory cost and service charge if any along with the various taxes involved. These invoices can be sent to the customer along with the test results via email or can be handed over in hard copies.

The accounting module of Odoo allows the payments to be received in various methodologies such as direct payment, down payments with fixed charges, or a fixed percentage.

HR Management

Employee management is an important aspect in any company organization or a facility, the Odoo platform inculcated with an efficient HR management system. The platform allows the users to control and monitor all the operations of the HR management from recruitment to the payroll of each employee. The tool in Odoo allows the users to specify the skills, abilities, qualifications both educational and professional into the databases and accordingly allocate an employee to the respective departments or work centers. The Odoo software allows the effective management of shifts of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, and additional staff effectively in a laboratory setup.

Odoo can be an effective platform to run your laboratory with advancements of automated management systems which would control and monitor the entire operation of the facility.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your business, please contact us at info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business to attain better profits and effective management with Odoo's support. 

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Aires Silvestre

Hello dear I'm interested in this module and would like to evaluate it. I can't find it in Odoo App store. Is there any live demo for this module? Kind regards Aires Silvestre




reply REPLY


Hey Aires, The module you have been looking for is available in the Odoo App Store under the name- Medical Lab Management which will provide the complete management tools for the operations of a Laboratory in Odoo. The application is supported for Odoo V15, V14, V13, V12, V11, and V10 of the Odoo platform for both Community and Enterprise editions. Here is the direct link to access it from the Odoo App Store: https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/15.0/medical_lab_management/ You can contact us the info@cybrosys.com in need of any further assistance regarding the configuration of the application.

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