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Benefits of Odoo ERP Hospital Management System

Functional Accounting

All technical glitches from patient registration to follow-up treatment become a cakewalk with the ODOO ERP for Hospital management. Customized ODOO hospital management module is specialized ERP software that will help any hospital management to ease the coordination of different sections of a hospital with a click. 

With our specialized ODOO ERP for hospital management, it won’t be a tough task to monitor inpatient and outpatient data. The coordination of different specialized wings, human resources, public relations units, reception, and telemedicine facilities becomes simple with the tailor-made ODOO ERP.

Let us take a glance at the key benefits of Odoo in the hospital sector.

Patient detail management

Lab Test Request and Result Management

Effective Staff Management

Surgery management

Pharmacy Management

Inventory management

Accounts management

Invoice generation

Patient detail management

From the moment a patient books an appointment, the patient records will be ready for the reference of the doctor concerned. The moment he/ she enters the hospital and visits the reception, the ODOO ERP will enable the front desk to send all the required documents to the doctor and department concerned. 

At the consultation room, the doctor can examine the patient and record the health details in the application with the specially designed application. The data, on the entry of the hospital number of the patient, would be accessible at different wings including laboratory, pharmacy, and scanning rooms.


The medicament details and the lab tests prescribed by the doctor will be electronically transmitted to the wings concerned. Apart from ensuring speedy service to the patient, it also helps the hospital to store a soft copy of all the health documents and examination details of the patient.


Hospitalization detail management

When a patient is hospitalized, the document becomes updated the moment, the doctor or the staff at the causality enters the data. All essential information including the blood group of the patient, doctors whom he consulted in the past, and the patient's health history comes to the rescue of the doctor during emergency hospitalization. 

Even if the patient and his relatives fail to bring along the medical records, the hospital authorities would be able to take the records with a single click ensuring timely treatment to the patient.

The date and time of hospitalization, expected time of discharge, date, and time of any procedures including surgery can be updated by the staff just by typing the Hospital ID of the patient.


Lab Test Request and Result Management

The services offered by the hospital laboratory, the charges for each service, and the number of patients availing of different services per day become auto-recorded with every entry in the ODOO Hospital Management ERP. The customized ODOO ERP can also help the hospital management to identify the tests frequently required for different persons. The lab test result transmission from the laboratory to the doctor and the accounting section too become a quick process with ODOO ERP for Hospital management.


At the end of the day, the ERP application helps the laboratory wing to prepare a comprehensive report on the services provided on a specific day and submit a report to the accounting wing.

A receptionist can Create an Appointment

Hospital Management ERP benefits the hospital as well as the patients to complete the booking of consultations on a fast track basis. The moment a patient dials up the hospital and conveys the hospital ID number, the person at the reception would be able to get the booking history of the patient. The availability of the doctor on a specific date and the time of consultation could also be provided to the patient with ease.

 A patient benefits from the ODOO ERP assisted booking facility as he/she would not have to wait for a long period to consult the doctor. The ODOO ERP with tailored features can also enable the patient to pay the consultation charge. This would enable the patient to meet the doctor at the given time itself.


Booking through an ODOO-assisted application will also help the patient management wing of the hospital to contact the patient when any doctor fails to carry out a consultation on the given date. Allotment of an alternative date and time also becomes a simple task as ODOO ERP generates available slots automatically with the provided information.

Generation of Prescriptions

Embrace ODOO ERP for hospital management and vague prescriptions and lack of coordination between the doctors and pharmacy wing will no more be a problem for hospitals. Apart from the printed prescription handed over to the patients, the e-form of the prescription would be sent to the pharmacy wing with the use of ODOO ERP.

This would help the pharmacists to cross-check the prescription handed over to them by the patient with the e-form available to them to avoid mistakes.

The e-prescriptions also become part of the patient data book of the hospital. Even if the patient consults a new doctor or a doctor of any other department, he would be able to cross-check the prescription data bank. This will help the doctors to prescribe medicines avoiding chances of allergic reactions.

The prescriptions and doctor’s notes can be referred to while hospitalizing the patient for some emergency reasons. Treatment history, symptoms reported by the patients previously, and family history of diseases will also help the hospital authorities to offer better and prompt treatment to the patients.

Manage Newborn details

ODOO ERP for Hospitals helps to create the database of newborns and manage their records. Basic information on every newborn including the mother's name, newborn weight, family history, and other details can be managed easily. The APGAR score of the newborn and neonatal signs and symptoms also gets updated in the ODOO ERP.


Effective Staff Management

Managing the duty times of staff members including doctors, nursing staff, cleaning staff, and others will not be a troublesome task with ODOO Hospital Management ERP. The open-source software application will help the hospital management team to prepare a work schedule taking into account the flow of patients at different times.

This will help to deploy the maximum number of staff members when the number of patients is more. The patient flow chart could be generated easily with the ODOO ERP with the appointment and consultation details.

Besides, the number of staff required for each specialty wing could also be regulated with the help of the patient booking chart.  The staff arrangement on weekdays and weekends could also be managed with the help of the ODOO ERP.


The leave of the staff can be arranged in an easy way without affecting the functioning of the hospital with ODOO ERP. 

A major hurdle for hospital management is to effectively manage staff deployment without affecting the functioning of different wings. Re-deployment of nursing staff to different departments, working hour management at laboratory and pharmacy and everything related to staff management becomes simple with ODOO Module.


Room and Ward Allocation at the Reception

Every detail related to inpatients and the number of beds occupied in each department is just a click away with ODOO Hospital management ERP. The availability of the room can be accessed from the reception to the doctor’s consultation room helping the patients get an idea of the available facilities.

The patients will be able to choose the required facility from the ward and rooms belonging to different categories. Bed management including cleaning of the room, discharge of patients, and the re-allotment of rooms everything comes under a single system with the ODOO ERP.

The complaints booked by the patients of different rooms and the issues related to electrical and plumbing work in each room can also be updated to the ODOO module to speed up the rectification work.

Surgery Management

Fixing surgery and management of Operation theatre is very important for a hospital to ensure the best health care facility for the patients. The details of the surgery of a patient along with the availability of the operation theatres in a hospital can be managed easily with the feature.

The patient's history, prescription history, and other details get updated the moment a surgeon fixes the date for surgery. The number of possible surgeries per day will be updated in the application. The expected time to complete each surgery and the special arrangements required for the surgeries can be updated by the surgeons using the Odoo software

This would enable the management wing to finalize the number of surgeries on a particular day and make necessary arrangements. Pre-ponding and postponing a surgery after reviewing the condition of the patient could also be done with the support of ODOO ERP.

The Surgical instruments, staff support, and other requirements could be updated in the application and all persons involved in the process could get a clear picture of the procedure. The management of post-operative wards, Critical care units, and laboratory support during the surgical procedures can also be ensured with the help of the best ODOO ERP for hospital management.

Pharmacy Management

Full-fledged ODOO Hospital management software with tailored features will help you manage the efficient operation of a laboratory in an effective manner. The persons at the pharmacy can easily cross-check the details with the doctors’ prescription and avoid mistakes


Inventory management

Apart from the medicines, a hospital needs a decent stock of a lot of items including surgical instruments, cleaning items, bed sheets, laboratory items, and other items. The ODOO assisted Hospital Management ERP plays the lead in managing the inventory in the most effective way.

The inventory management facility helps to keep a tab on the running out of stock of different essential items. From cleaning lotions to surgical stents, inventory management can be coordinated easily with the help of specially designed ODOO ERP.


The stock of vaccines, syringes, masks, PPE kits, and other degradable medicines can be checked and audited with the help of ODOO ERP. The tailored application can also generate alert messages when the stock runs short.

An ODOO ERP for hospital management also helps to avoid mismanagement of pharmaceuticals, surgical instruments, and other items. The ODOO ERP also avoids overstocking of pharmaceuticals and surgical instruments apart from the shortage of items.

The creation of sales reports, annual, monthly, or periodical reports of purchases and stock could also be done with ease. The introduction of a proper ODOO ERP will also ease the sorting of items and prevention of the damage to items.

The sorting and storing of items take into account the manufactured date and expiry date of medicines. Costly but small implant devices including surgical clips and other items can be tracked with the help of ODOO ERP. This would avoid the misplacing of costly medical implants.


The purchase of pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, and all other items also becomes easier with ODOO ERP. Auto-updating of purchases manually and the comparison of stock and purchase documents also become easier with the ERP application.


Hospital management ERP helps to generate purchase alerts before the draining of stock of all items. Frequent alerts on dead stock and the alerts on the products that have crossed the expiry date help the hospital management to function effectively. 

Patient Data Management for Insurance Purpose

The majority of the persons depending on private hospitals for various services are relying on insurance facilities. All hospitals now have separate wings for managing insurance papers and processing insurance bills and invoices.

Some of the hospitals have different desks for private insurance projects and for government-run health insurance. The paperwork at the insurance desk could be a herculean task if the software application used for the process is not user-friendly.

ODOO ERP, which is the most user-friendly application, helps the insurance desk to collect all documents required for processing insurance claims by minimum data entry work. The hospital ID card number of the patient alone will help the persons at the insurance desk to access all prescription, pharmacy and laboratory-related reports and invoices at a single click.

The coordination between the billing section and the insurance section also becomes stronger with the support of ODOO ERP. What is more important is the efficiency of the ODOO ERP to sort out the documents and details in proper order. This would help the Insurance firm to go through the documents and approve the claim quickly.

The ODOO ERP also helps to prepare a file of all documents required by a patient to get their hospital bills reimbursed.  Apart from the hospital staff, the patients also benefit from the ERP support provided by ODOO as it is the best.

Accounts management

Management of finance is the most important step of any business venture, be it healthcare or any other sector. Without effective management of the accounts department, it is almost impossible to achieve success in any venture.

Proper documentation of all account details, including the registration of patients to discharge bill amounts, comes under the accounts wing. The expense management for the purchase of pharmaceuticals to gloves and masks also falls under the responsibility of the accounts department.

ODOO Hospital Management ERP, which primarily focuses on patient management and other health care aspects proves great support to the accounts wing also. With timely updating of figures and amounts at every step, the numbers automatically get updated at the account section.

The generation of daily account reports, management of purchase amounts, and pharmacy bills get easier with the support of ODOO. Payment of salary, expenses for maintenance work, and other activities too becomes a cakewalk with ODOO ERP.


Invoice generation

ODOO provides support for generating invoices for the including prescription invoice, and invoice for other purposes. Invoice generation is important at the laboratory, pharmacy, and at the billing section.

Consultation charge, charges for generating patient ID Card, charges for lab tests, and surgery process can be done with the Odoo ERP. The invoice generation in a systematic way will also help the clearance of insurance payment.


ODOO Hospital management ERP provides all-around support for hospital management by providing a single solution for different problems. With the ODOO Hospital management tool, one can control the operations of a hospital with a single click while on the road.

All complicated tasks become super easy and simple with our ERP solution.  Besides, the activity of different specialties, nursing staff, and other wings also becomes easy with the support of the ODOO hospital management module. ODOO being open software, we can assure you an application that suits your needs.

The overall management of a health care unit with special emphasis on patient safety and satisfaction can be assured with Hospital Management System in Odoo. This healthcare ERP can be used for different types of hospitals including clinics, specialized facilities, and multi-specialty hospitals.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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