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By: Sanjith

Hospital Management System in Odoo

Functional Human Resource

Healthcare industries are facing the major effect of the COVID 19 pandemic situations. Managing the patients, doctors, nurses, and another staff has been extremely difficult at the time of the pandemic. The need for social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene, and need vitamins and supplements have made the prevailing situations dreadful to be managed not only by the hospital administrations but also by people. Since the hospitals and healthcare centers are the primary arrears of treatment the management should be cautious of the spread of the diseases to their staff and employees. The hospital administrations should be able to manage the inflow of patients and the employees not only at the time of the pandemic and during other normal periods.

Due to the establishment of the digitalization world, the use of automated systems to manage the operations of any business organization has been helpful. The user Enter price and resource planning software(ERPs) at the various aspects of business management in organizations have proven to us with promising results. Various ERPs operated with multiple platforms only able to control the aspects of certain parts of the business of the company. Full automation of the management aspects cannot be achieved by various ERPs and adaptability factors lacking in all those applications.

Whereas Odoo software considered the one-stop solution for business operations, can be an apt option for the desk with the hospital administration. Since the software works from a single platform all the operations of running the hospital from the admitting of patients, to allocating staff members to managing the ambulance services can be performed and automated in Odoo. Due to the cutoizabilitity factor available to the users of the Odoo the software can be programmed to operate in the user's terminologies. Additionally, the interface ability function to allocate existing systems with the Odoo platform can also come in handy. Since the hospitality sector is a business that needs to maintain proper facility hygiene the Odoo platform can also help the users to ensure the disinfecting operations, cleansing works, and the various hospitality operations within the facility.

This blog will describe how Odoo will help the users to run a hospital administration effectively in various aspects such as

a) HR management,

b)  Patients and appointments management,

c) Hospitality management,

d) Ambulance service management.

e)  Sales and purchases and

f) Accounting and invoicing

HR management

Managing the doctors, nurses and the associated staff of the hospital can be easily done in Odoo with the help of HR management. The platform allows the user to post the job vacancies on the hospital website and various social media platforms allowing the people to apply for the vacancies. On hiring they can be categorized based on their skill sets, experience, and educational qualifications, from which the Odoo platform will allow the users to allocate them to various departments and aspects of the hospital operation. The employees can be hired based on the contract on which they have agreed with the help of the Odoo platform.

The attendance and the time off can be monitored and accepted upon request respectively. The platform also allows its user to manage the vacation provided to the employees without making it collide with the other staff. The payroll functionality in Odoo allows the users to manage and monitor the salary delivery operations based on the attendance and the time off for each employee. The below image depicts the employee window where the user can provide all the details considering their work experience, education, and the department and position to which they are assigned to.


Patients and appointments management

The patients brought in at emergency and for longer treatment can be managed based on the availability of rooms and beds at various departments considering the health condition of the patient by Odoo platform. The platform also allows the users to assign various staff for the patients such as specialized doctors and nurses considering the case of each patient. The rooms and wards of each patient can be allocated and the treatment protocol can be registered on Odoo platform which can be used as a checklist while performing the treatments on the patient.

The appointment services can also be activated in Odoo for non-emergency cases such as ENT checkups, MRI scans, X Rays, etc. The appointments can be generated from the hospital website or via emails and normal phone calls. Token numbers can be provided to the respective patients based on the availability of the doctors. Fixed periodic appointments can also be established in the Odoo platform.

Hospitality management

Cleanliness and containment are both important aspects of a hospital administration. There should be regular Thurow cleaning to be performed on the floors, beds, wards, rooms, and equipment to make them clean and prevent the spread of contagious diseases if any. This can be managed and monitored in Odoo which can be performed based on scheduling operations. So is the case of the hospital waste which should be collected and disposed of properly. The hospital administration can always outsource the various activities by the subcontracting option available to Odoo.

Ambulance service management

The fleet management setup in Odoo will allow the users to manage the fleet of ambulance vehicles available. The platform allows the user to register vehicle information such as maintenance details, insurance coverage, accident history, various permits available and their dates, etc. The platform also allows the user to assign a driver and a nurse to each vehicle upon duty. The Platform will also notify about the deadline of various documentation regarding the vehicle and permits allocated with it. A fuel log and the coverage kilometers can be recorded and the maintenance activities performed can be recorded for each vehicle to keep track of the activities. The below image shows the window of Odoo fleet management where the vehicle descriptions are being provided.


Sales and purchases

Every hospital or clinic will availed the pharmacy services for certain instances only for the patients or also for outsiders. The Odoo platform allows the user to manage the quotations and orders of the purchase of various medicines and equipment from vendors available. The inventory management module allows the user to manage the stock and keep records of the flow of the products. The sales of the medicines can be allocated to the patient and the room numbers or else to outsiders based on the doctor's descriptions.

Accounting and invoicing

All the accounting operations of the Organization can be managed with ease such as tax reports and calculation, the fiscal year set up and management, preparation of charts of accounts, and monitoring them. All accounting functions such as payment, liabilities, equity, etc of the administration can be managed with the help of the accounting module of Odoo. The invoicing fiction of the sales can allow the hospital management to add the service charges, room rent, medical bills, etc with respect to the patient. The payment options can also be set up based on down payments or regular payments. The payment gateway can be based on various online platforms available or via bank transfer or direct cash payments.

The Odoo platform helps the users to manage the hospital operations with ease by automating the bookings, appointments, management of staff and ambulance vehicles, accounting operation, etc with ease.

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