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Key Features of Odoo 14 Rental Module

Functional Odoo 14

The rental business is flourishing across the world as the need for rented products for managing different business operations is on the rise. Many industries depend on rented products apart from their own machinery to avoid large-scale investment in machinery. Renting space for parties and events, renting furniture support for event organization, construction equipment rental, vehicle rental, clothing rental, and many other rental ventures are flourishing in different parts. The latest in the stores is office space for rent for individuals and freelance workers. All these business ventures can be efficiently managed with the support of a rental management software system as it will help the investor to assess the availability of the product and manage all other operations with a few clicks.
Odoo 14 Rental is the lone Rental business management software system that will meet all your needs. It is befitting to your requirements and can manage different tasks and orders easily. This will support us to manage all aspects of the rental business from rental quotation management, rental order creation, and invoice and payment management. Odoo Rental can be considered the finest tool that will bring all your rental operations to a single platform. Odoo Rental can be used to manage different types of rental operations including space renting and product renting. This tool can be your ultimate support system to manage different rental businesses in the most efficient way. 
This blog will guide you to learn the key features of the Odoo Rental Module.
We can check in all the features in a brief format so that you will get a comprehensive idea of the software tool.
Efficient Rental Management
Odoo Rental Module is a tool that has been designed in a user-friendly manner. With a modern and user-friendly interface, this tool will help the users to manage and organize all required information in the best way.
Quick Scheduling Support
Odoo Rental Module is supported by Gantt schedules. This will give us an overview of all the rental activities scheduled for a week/ a month etc. We can keep an eye on different types of rental activities which are expected in a particular period using this tool. The managers can track the activities and plan the activities accordingly. This will also show us the availability of the products for rent. As the return dates will also be scheduled we can plan further rental activities.
Minimal Data Entry Work
Data entry is a difficult task while managing a company. This becomes complicated if done manually and stored in black and white. But with Odoo Rental orders and invoices can also be created with the help of a few clicks.
With Odoo Rental we can manage all the operations with the help of a single platform and everything can be tracked simultaneously. As we can store and manage the details of the customers and the payment terms and methods, data entry work is minimal for completing the rental process.
Products Management Made Easy
Odoo Rental module has Product management support. We can create rental products and manage their stock. The availability of the product for rental activity can be checked and future actions planned based on it. We can also manage the rental products based on serial numbers.
Rental Price Management
When Rental operations are carried out the price is decided based on the product rented and the rental period. The rental business can offer discounts on renting more units of the same products and this can be auto-calculated with Odoo.
Besides, we can also manage the rental charges for a fixed period of time and for extended periods. Odoo Rental module also helps to add additional charges if the product returns are delayed. The amount is calculated based on extra hours or extra days.
Sales Orders Management
Odoo Rental Module supports the user to manage the sales orders easily. The sale order for a customer can be created easily by creating a quotation and confirming the quotation. The process can be completed by selecting the rented products, quantity, and prices. The price list and payment terms can also be selected and managed with this. The product can be configured and rented out by creating a sale order.
Online Approval and Payment
The rental module offers complete support for the online management of the activities. The sale orders can be sent for approval and use electronic signature for managing the orders online. The online signature can be managed with the Odoo e-sign application. We can also complete the payment process online and the payment can be made before rental confirmation.
Effective Tracking Support
We can track the product from the creation of the quotation. Odoo Rental allows us to ensure that the rental product is available even before allocating rental orders. We can also track the picked-up products, returned products, delayed returns, and other information.
Invoice Management
Generating invoice on orders is simpler with Odoo Rental. The payment terms and payment methods can be easily selected and managed. Online payment of invoices is also possible.
Report Management
Odoo Rental Module allows the users to generate Order Analysis. This will help us to assess daily order quantity based on different dates. We can also generate a graphical or pivot report of daily amount generation, pick up the quantity, and returned the quantity. The analysis can be made based on invoicing data, serial number, customer, rental period, and product.
Integration Support
Odoo Rental Module can be integrated easily with Odoo Inventory, Odoo Field Services, Odoo Helpdesk, Odoo Subscription, Odoo Repair, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Quality, etc
Major highlights of the Odoo Rental module are the ability to create and manage rental orders in the simplest way. It also supports us to schedule all our activities in a systematic manner and deliver the products to the customers on time. We also get support for return management so that the rented-out products are returned on time. The customers will get return alerts to ensure the timely return of the products. We can also generate invoices the perfect way. Rental orders generated by Odoo will contain all information required.
This tool also supports the management of all our activities in a systematic way with the help of scheduling.

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