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By: Pooja Raghunath

Odoo 14 Enterprise vs Community

Technical Odoo 14

Odoo is one of the most eminently functioning ERP software systems which helps to manage the entire operations within an organization like Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce, Billing, Accounting, Manufacturing management, Sales management, Inventory management, Human resource management, and so on. Odoo is a software suite with 15000+ ready-to-use modules that helps to better operate and run your business.

So Odoo is titled as a complete package of ERP solution that is continually switching to its newer version every year with more advanced features, similarly with a wide-ranging feature the latest version of Odoo ie. Odoo 14 is released which is much faster than its earlier versions.

As we know Odoo encompasses a well-structured module and is available in two versions.

Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Community is open-source ie. available free of cost there is no license fee however but with limited features but have attractive features from which one can bring on the benefits according to the business needs.

Whereas Odoo Enterprise is Odoo community plus additional functionalities that are paid that are benefiting the business objectives.

Odoo Enterprise unites Odoo Community along with some additional features and is paid whereas Community edition is available free of cost.

With a newer version of Odoo ie. Odoo 14 certain new features have been added upon in both community and enterprise editions.

Let see some of the major differences between Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise edition.

General Features

With the community edition the user does not get to perform certain features as mentioned below:

- No version upgrade 

- No hosting, no public or private cloud hosting.

- No functional support.

- But whereas in Odoo 14 Enterprise edition it supports all features mentioned above, has a better hosting option,  Unlimited bugfix guarantee, and much more.

Enterprise Community
Unlimited Functional support Yes No
Upgrades (including your database) Yes No
Public and Private cloud hosting Yes No

User Interface 

When it comes to the user interface with newer versions a lot of features have been brought upon in both Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise edition. Odoo 14 community edition is available only on desktop whereas the Enterprise edition is usable on both Desktop and Mobile.

Enterprise Community
Desktop - Web Browser Yes Yes
Mobile version - Android and Apple phones Yes No

Studio Access

With the studio module, one can easily customize the system directly within a few clicks. Now with Odoo 14, the Enterprise users are benefited from certain features like Screen Customization, Report Designer, Menus Editor, and Apps Creator. But on the other side, the Community users don't have access to all these features.

Enterprise Community
Screen Customization Yes No
Report Designer Yes No
Menus Editor Yes No
Apps Creator Yes No

Sales Management

With Odoo 14 Community and Enterprise edition the user gets access to the sales-related module and customer portal but with the enterprise edition, the users gets access to some additional added features like Subscription, digital products, helpdesk, VOIP integration, and so on.

Enterprise Community
Relationship Management (CRM) Yes Yes
Sales quotations and orders Yes Yes
Customer Portal and online payment Yes Yes
Digital Phone (VoIP) Integration Yes No
Document Management Yes No
eSignatures Yes No
Digital, Subscription and Rental Products Yes No
Helpdesk Yes No
Field services Yes No
Repair services Yes No

Cohort, Dashboard, and Map View

With Odoo 14 certain new views have been added to the Enterprise edition like a new cohort, dashboard, and Map view in certain modules like CRM, Inventory, Sales, and so on. It provides the end-users with a clear insight of the activities happening within the organization in a more efficient manner. But when we look into the Community edition we have only limited views like Kanban, list, calendar, and bar graph view.





Map View


Inventory Management

With Odoo 14 Enterprise edition the enterprise users get access to some additional features and modules in inventory management like the shipping connectors (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) and barcode scanner. But we don't have these features in the community edition.

Enterprise Community
Purchase Management Yes Yes
Barcode support Yes No
Shipping Connectors
DHL Express, UPS, USPS, FedEx, BPost, EasyPost
Yes No
Inter-company Automation Yes No

Accounting Management

With enterprise edition of Odoo 14 the accounting module supports a wide range of useful and dynamic report section like Balance sheet, Profit and loss, Executive summary, Tax report, Aged Receivables, Aged payable, and so on and also some additional features like sales receipt, Intrastat, Purchase receipt, Bill digitalization and so on. But all these functions is not supported for the Community edition.

Enterprise Community
Invoicing & Payments Yes No
Full Accounting
(Bank Statement Imports, Billing Digitalization, Budgets,
Checks, Consolidation, Localizations, Reports, ...) 
Yes No

Manufacturing Management

Both the Community and Enterprise edition support MRP features like work centers, BOM, and so on but Odoo Enterprise edition supports additional features like  PLM, Quality, MPS but these additional features we don't have in the Community edition.

Enterprise Community
Resource Planning (MRP) Yes Yes
Advanced Resource Planning (MRP II)
-Work center Control Panel and Scheduling
Yes No
Internet of Things (IoT)
- Cameras, Footswitches, Scales, Measurement Tools
Yes No
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Yes No
Maintenance Yes Yes
Quality Yes No
Shipping Connectors
- DHL Express, UPS, USPS, FedEx, BPost, EasyPost
Yes No

Project Management

With Project management, Odoo 14 Enterprise edition add upon some additional features of employee timesheet and planning which Plan resource allocation across projects and tasks, and estimate deadlines more accurately so these features are not available for the community users.

Enterprise Community
Projects and Tasks Yes Yes
Timesheets and task logs Yes Yes
Planning and Forecasting Yes No

Data Cleaning

With a newer version of Odoo, an additional module called Data cleaning is added in Odoo 14 Enterprise edition which makes sure to remove duplicate data in order to reduce data redundancy.



Document Management system

In Odoo 14 to manage the documents, an additional module is added in the Enterprise feature with which one can share documents publicly, download and upload documents but this feature is not available in Odoo 14 Community version.


IoT(Internet of Things)

Yet another feature of Odoo 14 Enterprise edition to connect the IoT devices to Odoo. This feature is not available in Odoo 14 Community version.


Rental Management System

Odoo 14 enterprise edition brings up a new module to manage the rental system by which one can rent the products for a certain period of time. Whereas we don't have this management system in the community edition.



Odoo 14 Enterprise edition brings up a new feature which allows the employee to create and request for approval. Whereas this feature is not available with the community edition. 



With the newer version of Odoo, its enterprise edition helps to easily share job position and needs to the workplace with the feature called Referral but this feature is not available in Odoo 14 Community Edition. 


Social Marketing

It is Odoo 14 Enterprise features, which helps you to manage your social media and website visitors but this feature is available in Odoo 14 Community version.


Field Service Management

Odoo 14 Enterprise edition brings up a new feature called Field service with which one can schedule and track onsite operation, time, and materials but this feature is not applicable for the community users


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the Odoo 14 Enterprise features with which one can easily create or build automated mailing campaigns, this feature is not available for Odoo 14 community users.


Lead Scoring

Odoo Lead Scoring module is an Enterprise feature that allows to effectively select the potential customers by giving scores to leads based on specific criteria which in turn brings up the best lead to the concerned person. But this feature is not available in the community edition. 


Loyalty Program in POS

Loyalty Program is Odoo 14 POS Enterprise feature which allows the retailers to provide attractive discounts and offers to their customers. This feature is not available in the Community Edition.


Human Resource Management

With HR management the below table shows the brief comparison between the Enterprise and Community edition.

Enterprise Community
Employee Directory Yes Yes
Expenses Yes Yes
Leaves Yes Yes
Recruitments Yes Yes
Expenses Yes Yes
Payroll Yes No
Appraisals Yes No
Approvals Yes No
Employee Referral Yes No
Departments Dashboard Yes No

Point of Sale Management

Enterprise Community
Retail Point of Sale Yes Yes
Restaurant Point of Sale Yes Yes
Loyalty Programs and Gift Cards Yes No

Website Builder

With Website management, the below table shows the comparison between Enterprise and Community edition

Enterprise Community
Website Builder Yes Yes
Blogs Yes Yes
Presentations Yes Yes
Themes Yes Yes
Form Builder Yes No
Call-to-Actions Blocks Yes No
Versioning Yes No
A/B Testing Yes No


Enterprise Community
Web Store and Shopping Cart Yes Yes
Shipping Connectors
DHL Express, UPS, USPS, FedEx, BPost, EasyPost
Yes No
Amazon Connector Yes No
Automatic Sales Tax Yes No

Marketing Management

The below table shows the comparison for the Marketing Management in Odoo.

Enterprise Community
Events Management Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Social media Marketing Yes No
SMS Marketing Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes No
Lead Scoring Yes No
Email Marketing Templates Yes No


Enterprise Community
E-Learning Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes
Google Integration
- Accounts, Calendar, Docs, Sheets
Yes Yes
Fleet Management Yes Yes
Web Services Integration (API) Yes Yes
Online Appointment Scheduling Yes No

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