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By: Evin Davis

Odoo 15 - The Best Management Tool for Business in 2022

Functional Odoo 15

Yes, a happy new year to all; we are in 2022, the third year of the Covid pandemic in effect. A lot has changed in the past three years firstly, time flew like a rocket, we have lost our loved ones, embraced the new normal, connected with our family and loved ones, had a significant percentage of our time spent on homes, a lot less of vacation to fancy destination and a lot more have changed. The entire business world has adapted to the situation and moved on to the digitalized aspects of sales such as eCommerce operations to sell out the products and services. This was of a more significant benefit for them to keep going in extreme pandemic situations such as Lockdowns, restrictions, and norms by the authorities. In addition, the turn to the online methodology of sales was also beneficial for the customers as the product and the services were made available at the doorsteps. 

As the business has shifted for the online methodology of operations the tire need for dedicated management tools and solutions to run the entire functioning of the business even remotely came up. Many of the companies adapted to solutions that were found cheaper initially, but as gradually progressed solutions themselves had distracted the business. Today there are multiple solutions and tools of operations available to bring in complete control of the business operations with the help of the digitalized tools. Moreover, the need for the business management solution was felt in every sector of the industries irrespective of the scale they function with. Odoo is one of such business management solutions suitable for the modernized era of business operations and its management.

In 2022, Odoo is the ERP-based solution that businesses need for complete and adequate control over business operations. This is because the new verse version of the Odoo platform, the Odoo 15 was released recently, delivering comprehensive and effective control over the business management operations. With advanced capabilities, operational control, and a dedicated menu of operations, the Odoo 15, will be the apt solution for the business in the year 2022 onto moving the company to a further step ahead. Moreover, the business will be provided with dedicated tools, menus, respective modules, and a community that supports all the aspects of the business operations with Odoo. 

This blog will provide you insight on how the Odoo 15 is the business management platform that businesses need in 2022 to keep up with the ongoing needs of business management.

Odoo is the modernized ERP-based business management tool brought in as TinyERP solutions suitable for small and medium-scale establishments. Later in 2014, the new version of Odoo the Odoo 8 was brought in with two editions, the Community Edition, which is limited with features and capabilities compared to the other edition. The Enterprise Edition is the advanced Odoo with full functional capabilities to manage any form of business operations. Today in the year 2022, we have Odoo 15 version, which is the most advanced and reliable Odoo, yet has been released. Moreover, with an advanced functional option based on the ongoing trends, market needs, and the aspects of business operations all the needed functionalities have been defined in the platform.

Let's now understand how the Odoo platform is defined as the best tool for the business in the year 2022.

What makes Odoo 15 the best tool for the business in 2022?

Odoo 15, the newest version of the platform, is power-packed with tools and functionalities that will help drive the business and its operations to be managed and controlled effectively to take the company's operations to the next level. The inbuilt capabilities of the Odoo platform, which are defined below, make it one of a kind tool that makes it the best tool for business.

- The modular structure of business operations and its management with the dedicated modules which are application-specific to the operations. 

- These modules are interconnected in operations which will provide complete autonomy in the aspects of business management.

- Complete and dedicated centralized inventory management module will ensure that the business will be capable of running any form of business such as retail, wholesale sale, and eCommerce operations unanimously from the same platform. 

- A dedicated database management system has been architectured as the central hub of operations in Odoo, making the communications and information-sharing aspects much more efficient and reliable.

- Can is hosted on the slide or cloud-based operations masking the operational control both available in remote and in the site. In addition, the Software is also known as a SaaS model.

To be usable in any region of the world, the Odoo platform supports localization elements to configure the various aspects of the business operations and its management based on the needs of the business as well as incompatibility to the authorities.

- Complete and reliable customization capabilities are one of the best features of the Odoo platform. This will help the users to craft and described the platform based on the needs and operational functionalities of the business.

- There is a dedicated Odoo community comprising Odoo partners, Developers, Consultants, Service providers, and all supporting members to help the business run the operations efficiently with Odoo.

- The operational cost is on the lower side and the subscription charge compared to other business management tools that are available.

The capability to integrate third-party devices and solutions will make the platform compatible with any form of business operations and its management.

IoT-based operations are supported with a dedicated IoT module and an IoT box of the Odoo, which still acts as a connector between multiple IoT-based devices and Odoo.

- Operational reliability, double-entry data-keeping, and the management and control of the complete financial aspects with a dedicated Accounting module make Odoo the savior for the business and its operations management.

These are all certain of the best features of the Odoo platform and that of Odoo 15, which makes it the best tool for the business in 2022 to run its operations more effectively.

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