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By: Evin Davis

Odoo in Furniture Manufacturing Company

Functional Manufacturing

Furniture manufacturing units and companies should be managed and monitored in the stages of operation. The efficient plan and operation methodologies would drive this business to greater profits. Earlier in the days of operation, the management was basically done orally and the operations were monitored by supervisors and other production lanes in charge superiors. The orders were taken by the sales executives or are requested by quotations in the form of postal letters. As time changed the methodology of operation at the various stages of the companies also developed. From manual hand made products to automated manufacturing lanes, the use of telephones, websites, and emails came as a great advantage to make and take orders. The methodology of online payment has reduced the handling of liquid cash and the long lanes in the form of bank counters.

Same as in the case of management methodologies the need for automation rooted for the development of Enterprise resource planning software(ERPs) which in turn will automate the business operation at various stages. Initially developed ERPs were able to manage and monitor the operations at certain stages of the company by later this led to the development of ERPs which coil manage the entire operation of the firm. Odoo is one of them is leading the way as the solution of automated business management software. Odoo is considered as the one-stop solution for business management. The software became successful with the adaptability and customization features available to manage any sort of a business organization.

The main advantage of the Odoo platform to run as a business management tool is its reliability and the customization feature available. Additionally, the installation charges for the platform are cheap compared to its competitors. The ease of operation methodologies along with the reliability, factor makes Odoo one of the best ERP software which could run the business entirely.

This blog will describe how Odoo platform will be apt to run a furniture manufacturing business from all the aspects of the company operating such as

> Manufacturing and repairs

> Human resource management

> Purchases and sales

> Inventory management

> E-commerce website

Manufacturing and repairs

The Odoo platform allows the manager or the user to set up the manufacturing lane operations based on the designs and the work centers needed. The automated operating system can be fed with the designs of furniture from an external source. The machinery available can be integrated with the Odoo platform to monitor the working process. The employees can be allocated to each lane of operation or work centers at the manufacturing point. The use of a login register for the employees can be set up with the help of biometric sensors and barcode scanners for each machinery available at the facility. The byproducts for the process of manufacturing can be obtained from the inventory by creating the bill of materials for each product in Odoo. The finished products are numbered with a lot number or serial number for traceability and stocked in the inventory.

The repairs on the products delivered by the customers can be done at the various stages of manufacturing. The manager can initially analyze the damage on the products and assign the employee with the skill set to perform the repairs. Upon completion, the products can be sent out to delivery with the invoice or can be delivered to the person at the store.

Human resource management

The Odoo platform has the capability of performing the recruitment process management with the help of the recruiting module. The user can also post the job vacancies available on various social media platforms directly from the Odoo management tool. Upon recruitment, the employees can be categorized based on the skill sets available to them. The manager can also assign them to respective work centers and the departments based on these skill sets. The attendance of the employees can be verified using the biometric reports set from the biometric and the barcode scanner set at the entrance of the facility. The Odoo platform allows the integration of various IOT application gadgets for the automation of the facility. The payroll functionality in Odoo he;lps the users to determine the attendance of the employees and pay their salaries considering the time on duty and time off.

Purchases and sales

The sub-products for the Odoo manufacturing of the furniture equipment can be directly ordered from the Odoo platform from the vendors available. If the vendor list is integrated to the platform which will allow the user to select the respective vendor on to which the orders should be placed. E commerce platform of Odoo allows the users to conduct sales. Sales on bulk amounts are also applicable if the products are in stock . The sales module is directly integrated with the  inventory module to check for the product availability. The invoice for the sales and the services can be directly created from the sales quotations.

Inventory management

The inventory management is a hectic process in not only in a furniture manufacturing industry but also in all the business organizations. The Odoo platform allows the user to manage and monitor all the inventory operations effectively. With the help of push and pull rules available in the various routes of operation available the product movement is performed effectively. The use of serial numbers on lots and specific products makes the operation of traceability much easier in Odoo. The user can also set the reordering rules on the products and the raw materials so that the Odoo allows the user to order the products before the stock runs out and also prevent the over ordering of the products.

E-commerce website

The platform allows the company manager or the owner to design an attractive website for the furniture company with the help of a website module in Odoo. The user can design the website as per the company standards and enlist the products in the eCommerce tab of the company. The various furniture products and tools can be listed out with the cost price and the offers available. The user can also create a survey for the feedback on products and services offered by the company.

The Odoo platform allows the user to manage the furniture manufacturing company with ease than any other modern ERP solutions available. Additionally the investment spent on Odoo is much lower and can bring out huge profits for the organization in no time.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your business, kindly contact us at info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business for better profits and management with Odoo support.

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