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By: Jafar Shareef C

Odoo OpenERP for Indian Small and Medium Enterprise(SME's)


How Odoo fits the Indian Small and Medium Enterprise (SME's)?

Technical innovations and robust entrepreneurship are changing the Indian IT market. Many small and medium businesses are adopting technology to fasten their work and boosting the productivity. Even a small business comprising of 3 to 5 employees run their company successful via implementing a single integrated software application such as ERP for managing all business communication and functions. 

4 important Reasons why Odoo is best for Indian Small & Medium Enterprises

1. One single Application: 
Every company performs a set of functions like accounting, human resource, customer relation, sales, purchase etc. and for managing this they implement multiple software applications such as Human resource software, customer relationship management software etc. for taking care of the functional departments. But this eventually turns out to be a huge investment for small businesses as multiple applications lead to dependence on multiple vendors & software management. Therefore an integrated ERP solution like Odoo helps in bringing every functional department under one single platform. 

Odoo can act as a comprehensive suite of business application software covering all small and medium business needs. Odoo ERP encompasses modules such as Inventory, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Human resources, and more. Odoo’s app store comprises more than 10,000 apps, catering to every industry demands.
2. Highly Cost Effective:
Investment/ Cost is the conventional phenomenon for any small and medium enterprises in India. Often due to a limited budget, SME’s ignore the need for ERP software implementation. Proprietary software like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle charge huge of implementation and later services. On the other hand, Odoo ERP software streamlines the business process fulfilling all major requirements at a very low cost. 

Odoo comes with low-cost implementation and less recurring costs. Odoo’s Community version doesn’t charge any license fees. Though it lacks some features it can be later complimented via customizations. One of the prime benefits of Odoo is its customizability. Odoo partners can customize Odoo in accordance with business needs and aspirations. Unlike, the proprietary software, the client’s specific request that goes beyond Odoo’s app store is developed by the Odoo partners for you. 
3. Easy Availability:

Odoo ERP software is freely available and downloadable on the Internet. This initiates market research for checking the suitability of ERP software for the organization. One can easily go for the requirement check on the features and functions of Odoo software in meeting your business requirements.
4. Easy implementation and integration:

Odoo is API-friendly and is therefore easy to integrate with. Odoo reduces the amount of behavioral change a company undergoes via adopting a new ERP because of its easy integration. In addition, Odoo has a modular structure and can be implemented quickly via one module at a time. Since there are different variants of modules it can be applied as per the business suitability making it suitable for Indian SME’s rather than opting for proprietary software of high costs.
If your business is interested in Odoo ERP implementation, kindly drop your ideas to info@cybrosys.com.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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