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By: Evin Davis

Odoo Tours and Travel Management


Tourism is an ever-growing industry, the management of the various tour operating companies and scheduling agents work day and night for the holiday of their customers to be extremely enjoyable and relaxing. This sector mainly revolves around customer support and satisfaction as ultimately the customers are taking a vacation to be away from their work and pressure life. The industry is mutually beneficial for the tourists as well as the locals of tourist sports. Since many of the tourists are unaware of the popular destinations of an area they mostly rely on tour operators and guides who would effectively plan their day and make sure they stick to it.

This management of the operations in the day-to-day activities of the company with their employees has always been a hectic task due to the fact that many customers will be prevailing the services at the same time and the company should meet all the demands at the instance. As the management strategies were not well established and the operation being ineffective the companies tend to look for softwares that would automate the operations. Enterprise and resource planning softwares(ERPs) have found the limelight and the process operation of the company can be automated to an extent. 

Odoo is one of the best ERPs available in the business market these days will be apt for the tour management company. The operation methodology of being working from a single platform makes the aspects of the company to be controlled from a single system. Furthermore, to the advantage, this platform is much more flexible and adaptable than the other ERPs available. Therefore making it to be customizable with any new and existing business. The integration features available in Odoo will help the users to integrate various third-party source applications and gadgets into the system.

Bookings and reservations

The company website of any tour operator company performs the operation of the bookings and reservation. Maintaining a user friendly and pleasing website design can be helpful in attaining greater business opportunities. The Odoo platform allows users to design and manage the company website effectively from the same platform. In case of reservations and bookings, the platform allows the users to sell out the tickets for the limited number of slots available for the respective days.

If the company has a tie-up with a hotel chain the room bookings for the reserved customers of the respective company can be performed from the same website with the help of external link operation. The various promotions and discounts for certain packages available can also be integrated into the websites using the Odoo platform.

The point of sales application of the Odoo platform allows the users to set up retail centers where the boomings can be done directly. These applications can be set up at the front desk of respective hotels or an apartment for the customers to book their rooms.

Employee management

A tour package company will be working around the clock with various customers being revived around the same packages or different ones. Therefore there is an extensive need for employee staffy to make the operations run smoother. The effective management of these employees will help in gaining profit and business. The Odoo platform allows the users to manage the operations of the employees from the recruitment process to hiring and finally providing wages to them. The tools such as payroll and time off functionality available in the Odoo platform allows the users to pay their employees based on their respective working hours.

The planning applications in Odoo provides users with the provision to create shifts of operation for the functioning of the company and allocate the employees to the respective ones based on their skills and abilities.

Fleet management

Every tour operating company will be having a transportation facility to transport all the customers to different tourist locations. These functionalities are provided as additional provisions to the customers on a compliment or as a paid service. The Odoo platform allows the users in Odoo to manage the fleet of vehicles, their operation, and the allocation of respective employees for the driving. The vehicle information such as distance covered, manufacturing details, engine description maintenance details, and driver information can be described in the Odoo platform. The operational trips can be allocated to the respective vehicles considering their availability and the description of the trip details. In addition, the platform also allows the users to describe the various credentials and certificates needed for the respective vehicles and the Odoo software will trigger warning alarms and messages at the instance of renewal.


Customer relationship management 

Maintaining a healthier customer relationship is essential for all business organizations to continue the business with existing customers and to attract new ones to the company. The Odoo platform is allocated with a customer relationship management(CRM) module which deals with all the operations from generating leads and accurig them to be potential customers. The module allows the users to schedule activities with potential clients and discuss various aspects of the business. In addition, the live chat functionality in Odoo allows the customers to chat with a technical salesperson of the company through the company website. This functionality allows the users to provide answers to the various queries on the respective field being asked by the customers thus ensuring a physical salesperson's existence in a virtual field.

Odoo is an ERP for the management of the operations of a tour operator company. All the aspects of the business rather than the ones mentioned above such as accounting, payments, marketing, and various other functionalities can be effectively managed and processed in the Odoo platform.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your tour operator company business, drop your message to info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your company business to attain better heights with Odoo support 

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