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From the majority of the earlier blogs, you are familiar with different ODOO modules and its features. Now we think that it’s time to explore the new features of Odoo 10. As you know, ODOO - a fully functional ERP system and was released under AGPL license. Odoo was previously known by the name Open ERP.



         Website Builder



         Odoo Studio



        Quality Management



        CRM & Sale

        Point of sale







        Mass Mailing



Odoo Studio   ENTERPRISE

         Application Builder

We can easily Create or customize applications without development and maintain your changes easily with upgrades.

       Reports Customization

We can easily customize reports with inline edition or using the integrated XML editor on Q Web report views.

       Translations Management

We can update translations easily to localize your application in different languages.

       Actions Editor

We can easily customize actions: create new views, set default values, document your customizations, etc.

       Screen designer

Customize forms and list views: Here we can add fields, customize properties fields, add widgets (chatter, notebook, button box, etc.).

        Automated Actions

Add business logic to your application; automate tasks with no development.

        Menu Editor

We can easily Create new menus or modify existing ones to build your tailored applications easily.

        Developer Mode

We can Use the developer mode to access advanced features: direct XML edition of views/reports, more options on fields, etc.




Better, split between Kits and regular BoMs. Removed start and end dates on lines; replaced by BoM versioning.

      Finite Capacity Scheduler         ENTERPRISE

We can Schedule work orders based on the capacity of the work centers (MRP II Scheduling).

      Manufacturing Orders

The Manufacturing orders appear in the inventory dashboard and have a picking type to organize multiple assembly lines.

      Push & Pull Rules

Use the new picking type to benefit from the push and pull rules automation on manufacturing orders.


The new feature in this MPS is the New Master Production Schedule to plan future manufacturing orders.


Track your Overall Equipment Effectiveness with performance losses, quality losses. Availability losses.

Work Center Tablets ENTERPRISE

Put a tablet on each work center to view worksheets, trigger alerts, answer quality checks, track production time, scan serial numbers.

       Reports  ENTERPRISE

New reports for costing (based on theoretical or real values), traceability, OEE, maintenance, and quality.

       New Dashboard  ENTERPRISE

Here is a New MRP dashboard to track performance and quickly access your main operations.




Here BoMs and Routing versioning integrated with ECOs, differences analysis.

Document management

We can easily Store documents directly on the bill of materials and routings, and manage versions of these documents within very few clicks.

Engineering changes

We can Use Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to track changes, manage versions, and define a validation process.


Quality Management   ENTERPRISE

 Control points

We can Automatically trigger quality checks at receptions, manufacturing operations or packing/delivery operations.

Quality Checks

Helps us to Deploy our statistical process control easily with quality checks.

Quality alerts

We can Organize the quality team's work using the Kanban of quality alerts, fully integrated with emails.

Auto-generated Statistics

We can Use statistics to get reports about your quality issues and checks.

Maintenance       ENTERPRISE

Preventive Maintenance

We can Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs: MTBF, MTTR, etc.

Corrective Maintenance

Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the work center control panel.


We can Schedule maintenance activities with a calendar for the maintenance team.


We can easily get all maintenance statistics computed for you: mean time before failure, mean time to repair, overall equipment effectiveness.

Helpdesk     ENTERPRISE

Multiple Channels

We can Create tickets by email, through live chat sessions, from a website form, or connect third party applications.

Knowledge Base

A link you helpdesk to a public FAQ/Forum or a knowledge base with presentations, documents and videos.

Easy Configuration

A new way to configure apps: enable features, configure and access them on the same screen.

Claim Module Removed

The "Claim" module is replaced by Helpdesk (tickets), Project Issues (bugs) or Quality (in a manufacturing context).


We can easily Configure service level agreements and automate related checks and actions.

 Tickets assignation

We can Configure the way you assign tickets: manually, randomly or balanced between team members.

Customer Satisfaction

We can easily Automate customer satisfaction surveys to track team performance and improve feedback.


Get a full overview of your activity, next actions, and performance.


CRM & Sale

               VOIP Improvements           ENTERPRISE

Integrated Numpad in the VOIP to compose numbers or answer to PBX menus.

Leads: Mark lost

New wizard to mark a selection of leads as lost in bulk and select a reason.

Cohort Analysis

Improved reports for recurring contracts, including a cohort analysis for churn and retention.

Pipeline Stages

The Opportunities stages are now shared amongst all sales teams by default to ease configuration (you can still create different stages per team, from the developer mode easily).

Reseller Portal

Portal for partners or resellers to access forwarded leads easily.



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