By: Jesni

Odoo10 Community VS Enterprise


Odoo 10 Enterprise Provides Some Extra Features as shown Below

PLM & Quality Management (Enterprise)

1. Version Control on BOM and Route

2. Store Document on BOM and Route Directly

3. Use Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) to track changes, manage versions, and define a validation process

    quality checks at receptions, manufacturing operations or packing/delivery operations

4. Quality Checks and statistics to get reports about your quality issues

Odoo Studio (Enterprise)

1. Customize applications without development

2. Customize reports with inline edition or using the integrated XML editor on QWeb report view

    Update translations easily

3. Actions Editor, Screen designer, Menu Editor

4. Add business logic to your application, automate tasks with no development

Maintenance (Enterprise)

1. Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs: MTBF, MTTR, etc

2. Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the work center control panel

3. Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: mean time before failure, mean time to repair, overall equipment effectiveness

4. Schedule maintenance activities with a calendar for the maintenance team

Helpdesk (Enterprise)

1. Tickets management ,live chat sessions, integrated with website form, or connect third party applications

2. Ticket Assignation manually, randomly or balanced between team members

3. Link you helpdesk to a public FAQ/Forum or a knowledge base with presentations, documents and videos

4. Claim Management Removed and Replaced with Helpdesk

5. Customer satisfaction surveys

6. Overview Dashboard

7. Easy Configuration



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