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Payment gateway integration in odoo

Payment Gateway Integration


Integrating the payment gateway with Odoo is an easy task if we have a basic knowledge in python. In this section let us look how to integration on a payment gateway with the Odoo. First of all, I am using the Paytab as the payment gateway provider here


Once we create an account in the Pay tab we will get a merchant email and secret key. Which is then used as the login credentials.


After creating the account in Pay tab, we now let us focus on the integration. The main steps in the integration is,


  1. Validating the secret key
  2. Creating the pay page
  3. Verifying the payment



Now let us look how to validate the secret key


Secret Key validation

The secret is validating to check the existence of the account and to know the details of the account to which the amount has to be remitted.

This method uses the merchant email and secret key to validate your credentials.


You can find the secret key from your Pay tab account like this.

Click on Merchant’s Dashboard >> Pay Tabs Services >> e-commerce

Plugins and API. Here you can find the merchant email and the secret key.


After getting the both, we have to send a request to validate secret key like this,



Method: POST


We have to pass the merchant email and the secret key along with this URL.

For the validation of the secret key.


Sample Code:


secret_key_validation_url = '{}'
merchant_email = ''
secret_key = 'BSWzZCWTrCgeKzCpS3rugWnhWNDgNFopykYxXVqpxGDiggI9kaDA61S2OviCbH1K1ZiZUJosp1LGhtPBDtcKu4MiA5UMMWxOVPNQ'
params = {'merchant_email': merchant_email, 'secret_key': secret_key}
r =, data=params)

This is how we will send the validation request, then we will get the response from the gateway in the variable r.


Let us look the different response that we are possible to get,



Response Description
4000 Vaid Seceret Key
4001 missing secret_key or merchant_email parameter
4002 Invalid Secret Key



If we get the response as 4000, we can process to next step, i.e., Pay Page creation.

To get the response code from the variable r, we can use the following code


r =, data=params)
d = ast.literal_eval(r.text)
print d['response_code']


Pay page creation


Pay page creation method will accept all the parameters required to create a Pay Page and then return the response as well as the link where all the parameters posted to the API will appear in the Pay Page customer can enter ONLY the credit card information such as account number and cvv to make the payment.


For the Pay Page creation, we have to pass the following values.


Value Description Type Example
cc_first_name First Name of the Customer String niyas
cc_last_name Last Name of the Customer String raphy
cc_phone_number Country code for Phone Number of the Customer String +91
phone_number Phone Number of the Customer String 7736******
email Email of the customer String
products_per_title Product title of the product. If multiple products then add “||” separator String E.g.: IPhone || Samsung S5 || Samsung S4
unit_price Unit price of the product. If multiple products then add “||” separator String E.g.: 21.09 || 22.12 || 12.01
quantity Quantity of products. If multiple Products then add “||” separator. String E.g.: 1 || 2 || 3
other_charges Additional charges. e.g.: shipping charges, taxes, VAT, etc String E.g.: 123.399
amount Amount of the products and other charges, it should be equal to: amount = (sum of all products’ (unit_price * quantity)) + other_charges This field will be displayed in the invoice as the sub total field String E.g.: 123.399
discount Discount of the transaction The Total amount of the invoice will be= amount - discount String E.g.: 123.399
currency Currency of the amount stated. 3 character ISO currency code String
reference_no Invoice reference number String E.g.: Abc-5566
ip_customer The client IP with which the order is placed. String E.g.:
ip_merchant Server IP where the order is coming from String E.g.:
billing_address Complete Address of the customer. Multiple address lines will be Merged into one single line. String
state Billing State (part of the address) entered by the customer String E.g.: Manama
city Name of the billing city selected by customer String E.g.: Manama
postal_code Billing Postal code provided by the customer String 12345
country Country of the customer String BHR
shipping_first_name First Name of the Customer in shipping address String niyas
shipping_last_name Last Name of the Customer in shipping address String raphy
address_shipping Shipping address of the customer String Flat abc road 123
city_shipping Shipping City of the customer String Manama
state_shipping Shipping State of the customer String Manama
postal_code_shipping Shipping postal code of the customer String 403129
country_shipping Shipping country of the customer String BHR
msg_lang Language of the Pay Page to be created. Invalid or blank entries will default to English String English / Arabic
cms_with_version CMS / Language that you are using with its version. This will help us to troubleshoot issues, if any. String Magento 0.1.9



The above listed fields are required to create a Pay Page, so that we have .to pass all these datas along with the url to create the Pay Page.



Method: POST


Sample code

pay_page_url = ""
params2 = {'merchant_email': merchant_email, 'secret_key': secret_key, 'pay_page_url': pay_page_url,
           'site_url': site_url, 'return_url': return_url, 'title': title, 'currency': currency,
           'amount': amount, 'quantity': quantity, 'unit_price': unit_price, 'discount': discount,
           'other_charges': other_charges, 'cc_first_name': cc_first_name, 'cc_last_name': cc_last_name,
           'cc_phone_number': cc_phone_number, 'phone_number': phone_number, 'email': email,
           'products_per_title': products_per_title, 'msg_lang': msg_lang, 'country_shipping': country_shipping,
           'postal_code_shipping': postal_code_shipping, 'state_shipping': state_shipping,
           'city_shipping': city_shipping, 'address_shipping': address_shipping,
           'billing_address': billing_address, 'shipping_last_name': shipping_last_name,
           'shipping_first_name': shipping_first_name, 'country': country, 'postal_code': postal_code,
           'reference_no': reference_no, 'state': state, 'city': city, 'ip_merchant': ip_merchant,
           'ip_customer': ip_customer, 'cms_with_version': cms_with_version}
d =, data=params2)


After placing this request, we will get the response from the gateway.



Response message

Code Description
4012 Pay Page created successfully
4404 You don't have permissions to create an Invoice
4001 Variable not found
4002 Invalid Credentials
4007 'currency' code used is invalid. Only 3 character ISO currency codes are valid.
4008 Your SITE URL is not matching with your profile URL
4013 Your 'amount' post variable should be between 0.27 and 5000.00 USD
4014 Products titles, Prices, quantity are not matching
4094 Your total amount is not matching with the sum of unit price amounts per quantity



Once the pay page is created successfully (pay page is the page where which user can add his card details)

After entering the card details, a user can click the pay now button. On creating the Pay Page we have to pass one more value, i.e., return url, the url to which the page gets redirected after the payment.



Payment Verification


To verify the payment we will receive a p_id in the response message to the page.



Method: POST

 To verify the payment we have to pass the following parameters along with url


Element Description Format
merchant_email Merchant email that you use to sign up and/or login into Pay tabs Merchant Dashboard
secret_key SECRET Key generated by merchant dashboard EG :- BSWzZCWTrCgeKzCpS3rugWnhWNDg NFopykYxXVqpxGDiggI9kaDA61S2OviCbH1K1ZiZUJ osp1LGhtPBDtcKu4MiA5UMMWxOVPNQ
payment_reference This is the p_id that is returned in the response of create Pay Page when the page is created successfully. E.g.: t2938yh202tu0



Response codes that you will get after this,


Error Code Description
4001 Missing parameters
4002 Invalid Credentials
0404 You don't have permissions
0400 There are no transactions available
100 Payment is completed
481 482 This transaction may be suspicious. If this transaction is genuine, please contact Pay tabs customer service to inquire about the feasibility of processing this transaction.
Any response code other than 100, 481,482 Any other response than 100, 482, 481 means that the transaction has been rejected and the rejection reason is the description of the corresponding response code



Sample code

verify_payment = '{}'
merchant_email = ""
secret_key = "BSWzZCWTrCgeKzCpS3rugWnhWNDgNFopykYxXVqpxGDiggI9kaDA61S2OviCbH1K1ZiZUJosp1LGhtPBDtcKu4MiA5UMMWxOVPNQ"
p_id = "85533"
params = {'merchant_email': merchant_email, 'secret_key': secret_key, 'payment_reference': p_id}
g =, data=params)



This is how a payment integration with the pay tab is done



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