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By: Anju A.P

Should I go for Ready-made Software or Custom Software?


Every business soon or later witnesses the need for business software in order to excel their portfolio and growth. An extensive robust application is always looked in for streamlining the business operations and excelling the workstation efficiencies.

And once the need for a software application is adjudged, the following question that comes into any mind is,” readymade software or custom software for the business “?  

If you are planning for software implementation for your company, you have two options in front of you. Either you can go for a readymade software application or a custom software application. Both have its own merits and demerits. But readymade software is always advocated for the business for many reasons. 

You might be thinking how?

Well, this blog explains you why. 

It is often seen that people go for custom software s as it advocates for more of the flexibility and tailoring options. A major public thinks that in custom software s they can personally assist the developers in building or modifying the software s upon the current business need. The often cited disadvantage or the prevailing factor of choosing readymade software is the same is that it might not fit into the company’s unique needs.

To a large extent, this is true but partially acceptable. 

Readymade software often comes as package software with pre-built in features which cannot be changed easily. So you might be thinking then why I advocate going for readymade software for your business.

Well, here I enlist a few reasons why it’s wise choosing readymade software on custom software.

Readymade SoftwareCustom Software
Budget FriendlyYesNo
Future RiskNoYes
Access to supportYesYes
Maintenance FeesNoYes
Proven TechnologyYesNo
Immediate ImplementationYesNo
Saves Time
First and foremost, readymade software is easily available. All you need to do is buy the software and get it installed. One need not wait for the developers to get it customized according to your business needs. Readymade software’s are available off-the-shelf, saving much time of your business.

Unlike readymade software, if you opt for custom software, the development of software consumes considerable time both at the user end and software development end. The user will have to explain the entire business requirement to the software developer, who on the basis of his understanding will develop or customize the software, later test it with a dummy data and debug the software to the best of his understanding before handling to the client or the user. Finally, the desired quality and output you thronged for is guaranteed on the developer's skill and understanding of the functional needs.

On the other hand, readymade software comes incorporated with robust features fitting to particular cliché, demanding only the installation from your end. Soon you install the software; you are all set to work.

Still confused? Let me draw you more concludes. Here we go.

Assured Efficiency
Readymade software is a by-product of experts. Readymade software is developed by a group of experienced professionals. Hence it addresses the problems that may get overlooked if the user-specific software is developed. One need not have to waste the time in getting the applications built, tested or launched. The business can readily install the software after purchase. Readymade software s comes along with a track record of other users unless the software is new in the market. One can easily get collect the user testimonials, feedbacks and thereby check the credibility and functionality of the software application. There is no doubt that the readymade software will be a proven technology. Readymade software comes out of rigorous research, intuitive development procedures, prelaunch testing and more as it specifies to the need of large industry rather than a specific user or a business. A business, therefore, should not waste their time fixing the bugs and other pitfalls in the workflow.

On the other hand, the efficiency of custom software, solely dependent on the developer you hire for action. The business should take extra care in choosing the developer to work on software for your business. Because the developer you hire may or may not have worked in similar projects before. Therefore the quality or desired outcome is only assured after the software is put into work. One should keep in mind that only a good developer can deliver the best solution that can enhance the company performance and versatility. Finally, the quality of your software solely depends on the quality of the developer you hire. Make sense?

Here I go with more credible. 

Access to Support
Always make the wise decision for your business. Because of a software implementation act crucial in any business. Software plays the role of a catalyst in business. It can either enhance your business efficiency or deteriorate the entire workflow. Thus the choice of your software underlines the success and smooth functioning of your business. 
Third and pivotal element. Before apprehending to buy readymade software, one can easily check out the level of support offered by the companies offering the package software. Many companies of this kind offer with training materials for better usage of the application. Many companies make sure that they offer online help and troubleshooting services for their readymade software in order to assure the full usage of software and better customer support. 

Economy and profit are always thronged in any business. Every business dream drawing the maximum revenue from the least investment put forth. In that case, readymade software can be your best buddy. It costs less compared to custom software s. Do you want to know why? Here is the reason.  
Readymade software s are prepared not for any particular user, but for the user in general. It means the development cost of the software is not loaded on single software. Secondly, in custom software, you have to spend additional expenses upon future customizations. If you outsource your development to a third-party company, your business has to bear all the costs.

Often the hired developers charge a huge sum of money for their time and effort. If your software implementation or customization project prolongs or exceeds the estimated time period set for the project, the business will have to further bear additional expense in that case, which may amount to huge sum or burden for the company . Especially business which is in its inception or starting stage, they will not be able in a position to bear such a huge expense. Going for readymade software can be wise. In a single payment, you have your complete and guaranteed software in hand for use. 

Well, there comes a question in your mind then. If the ready-made software proposes a general solution to a particular niche market or specific function, what guarantee is that it matches the particular requirements of your business? 

It is indeed a relevant query.
Here also comes the solution for it. What if the readymade software comes along with source code? Sounds interesting????  

Yes, there are companies that do source code sale. Even if the readymade software you buy lack some features that you desired for or incorporate with irrelevant features you hardly need to use, you can easily resolve the matter. You have the source code with you and with the help of a developer you can easily fix the necessities. 

But hardly these situations arise. As we said earlier, readymade software comes incorporated with all necessary and essential features as it focuses users in general rather than specific. For example, if we take the case of a readymade accounting software it comes incorporated with all robust applications like an opportunity to write cheques, keeping in the queue the accounting records, drawing various financial reports, and many other functions. You will find the accounting software encompassing well-defined user interface, varied menus, screens and windows offering a different set of functions. Readymade software comes in unified pattern standard build. One can easily estimate which suits the best for your business. 

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