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Car Workshop Management

Car Workshop Management is mainly used to manage automobile workshop with great ease. Keep track of everything, like vehicle owner details, Works assigned, Bill details of service provided, etc.



   User-Friendly Interface.
   Effective Time management.
   Separate Journal Configuration.
   Integrated with Accounting.
   High Scalability.

User-Friendly Interface
        A user can organize all the works according to their Status.
        Works/Tasks assigned works using the kanban view and control deadlines in the calendar view.
        Each Work may have its own stages.

Effective Time management
       In time sheet, Planned work is the sub works related to main Work. By ticking 'Completed' that work will be automatically updated to Work done.
       Work done is the details of completed works.
       The hour spent is time taken for completed work(Work Done).
       Remaining Hour is total time left.